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Part 5: The Dark Hero - Fist vs Fist!

Chapter 4: The Dark Hero - Fist vs Fist!

Last time on Disgaea 2, we saw the tutorial levels. Today, we begin the hunt for Zenon.

Drama and Map- Reflection Pond

Absolutely. The path to an Overlord is laden with suitable trials to overcome. It is tradition.
If you do not face challenges along the way, you will not fully appreciate your goal.
Look, I'm not doing this for the satisfaction. I just want to fight the Overlord.
Bumpkin! Do you not appreciate beauty? Every course to an Overlord begins with the beautiful art of leveling up...
Oh please, you don't even know how to fight. Am I supposed to believe that you know all this random, trivial knowledge?
Of course. How can a noble better justify squandering time than with the pursuit of knowledge?
Ah, and being a demon and all, you must have a lot of time to squander...

This map is simplicity itself. It's covered in red Enemy Boost panels with a nearby Clear symbol providing the effect. Just throw over to it and either throw it or kill it.

Meanwhile, elsewhere...

...The princess has disappeared. And it has happened in front of many servants.
What...? Is this true?
...It appears someone has summoned her. Someone with decent summoning skill.
But, who...? How did they even know about the princess...?
...We do not know yet, but it is obviously someone who opposes you...
Find the princess... immediately. You must not allow her to be contaminated by the outside world.
...Yes, sir. We will be sure to keep the princess a secret from anyone else...
...What shall you have us do with the guards at her mansion...?
Wipe them out... All of them.

Map- Psycho's Hideout

The Psycho's Hideout is also a very easy map. It's mostly covered in blue Geo Panels, which we can add an EXP +50% effect to with a symbol. There's a Chest that, if we can kill it before the enemies do, will give us some HL or an item. We can just plow through the enemies, although the Mothman at the beginning can be hard for some characters to hit.

Drama- Psycho's Hideout Outro

Zenon's curse turned every human into a monster. He turned our beautiful world into some twisted netherworld...
When humans turn into monsters, they start to lose their conscience and memories, eventually becoming real monsters.
I grew up watching as my family slowly turned into monsters.
Can you even imagine... how painful that is...!?
If my family becomes something truly monstrous... I won't let that happen!!
I will defeat Zenon!! I'll do whatever it takes to protect my family!!
You may talk all you want, but do you honestly believe that? You won't even take any hostages, correct?
There's no doubt I'll defeat him!!
Yes, yes, you declared that many times... But, where does all your confidence come from? Tell me.
Look at me. I'm the only one in Veldime who hasn't turned into a monster. And, I still have all my memories and morals.
I'm the only human who hasn't been affected by Zenon's curse. That has to mean something.
That's it.

It is more than just a problem... Are you so stupid you do not see it?
Do you not have a better reason, such as being from a heroic lineage, or being level 100,000,000?
Normal people usually have, you know, real reasons to believe they can defeat their enemies.
Hmph. I don't care. Not having a good reason to fight is just an excuse for people who don't want to fight.
I suppose you may be correct, but...
What's really important is to never give up! To have an indomitable will!!
Even if your legs are broken and your arms fall off, you have to fight to the end! That's just my style!!

Count of things being Adell's style: 2. Adell pretty much constantly makes ridiculous statements like this he can't necessarily back up with power.

To be summoned by such an odd peasant... I must be cursed with the worst of luck.
(This... human is a complete fool. Such a cretin must not be allowed to disturb my father.)
(I shall have to kill him myself. Be prepared...)

It should be noted that she can't directly kill Adell. She's not allowed because of the summon. She can however convince him to go horribly dangerous places and get him killed by something there. Now let's get ready to meet someone who will be a persistant thorn in our side the whole game.

Drama- Dead Tree Forest Intro

Look out!! It's an invisible laser!
Hiyaaaaa! Did you see that!?

We don't need action scenes for this travel show! So, stop making up traps and enemies!!
But, I'm the host.
*Chuckle* Axel, Axel, Axel... No one expects anything from you anymore!
There was a time when you were lighting up the stage as the Dark Hero, but that time is long gone!!

That is him. That blonde man over there is Overlord Zenon. That is my father.
W-What!? Really!?
...But he looks so young. Can that guy really be your father?
Ah ha. Are you filled with terror now that he is standing before you?
N, no! That's not it at all! But I can't just attack him from behind. I must fight him head on!
Can you defeat him that way? He is known as the God of All Overlords.
I won't lose! I have to save my family!!
(This human... His family must be important to him.)
(But, if they are so important to him, he should stop fighting lost causes that will only get him killed...)
(Nothing ever comes from dying. What a fool...)
(Fighting is so sad...)
Hey Director, look!
Well, hello there.

Map- Dead Tree Forest

So, for this map we're fighting Axel, the Dark Hero. Let's check him out.

Axel is in many ways like Adell. He's good with the same weapons and has similar stats. He takes half damage from human characters, which makes him pretty durable. He doesn't hit very hard, though. Mid-Boss was much more of a threat in Disgaea.

Let's look at Rozalin and Adell's unique specials. Rozalin's is Rose Thorns, where she sprays a three square area with bullets. Adell's is Crimson Flame, which hits two squares in front of him and moves him past them.

If you've been diligent about leveling and creating characters this is a trivial map to complete.

Drama- Dead Tree Forest Outro

(Though he's just a human, he has the strength to defeat demons. He may be my enemy, but he fights well.)
(Hmhmhmhm... Killing him with be much more satisfying.)
I, I, I, I did it!! Oh yeah! The mighty Zenon goes down!!
Hmm? Oh no! It appears I had not looked closely enough. That is not my father. It is just some idiot.
You've gotta be kidding!!!!
Now now, calm down. Even princesses make mistakes. Let's go.
Do you doubt my sincerity? You believe I purposely confused myself? But, I'm bound by your summon.
You asked me to escort you to my father, and that is why I am out here with you. If you doubt my intentions, we should stop.
...Fine. For a moment, I thought I actually won. But, it's just been a big waste of time.

I hope I will find something to my liking among your shop. I have very picky taste when it comes to food.
I don't know what you like, but Hanako's cooking is way better than most chefs.
Then I shall look forward to that. I am ready to feast now.
I need to find Overlord Zenon before his curse gets worse...
I don't like asking that girl for help, but I have to depend on her... for now...

And now the first Episode is over, and it's time for the first Episode switch.

Episode 1 Ending

Episode 1: The Overlord's Daughter End.

Next time on Disgaea 2: Rozalin the Liar.