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Part 6: Rozalin the Liar

Chapter 5: Rozalin the Liar

Last time on Disgaea 2 we battled the Dark Hero, Axel. Today, we continue our search for Zenon.

We begin with a dream...

Drama- Episode 2 Intro


Of course I can't trust her. She's a demon after all. That's why we have summoning rituals.
So, Adell. What do you think?
I promised her I'd take her back to her father...
It's as simple as that... I always keep my promises. That's just my style.
Stop pretending to be cool, or I'm gonna tell Mom. You're just gonna get hurt.
...I don't care. I can't help it if I was born this cool.
Adell! I woke the lady up for you.
Oh. Thanks, Hanako.
Hey, Adell. I think she was crying.
Her? Crying? You must've been seeing things.
Maybe he did something naughty to her... Sexual harassment! Adell's going to jail!
How do you even know what sexual harassment is? Besides, I don't do that sort of thing.

Now now, she is the daughter of Overlord Zenon. Compared to her gorgeous mansion, our house must look like a dog house. Hahaha.
OK, Adell. You'd better go defeat Overlord Zenon today.
Or else, we're going to turn into REAL monsters.
What kind of monster threatens her own son?
Oh, hohoho. With this third eye, I can threaten anyone I want and not even care. If you don't like it, change us back.
Don't forget to bring back souvenirs, Adell!
Ugh, these are the people I'm fighting for...?

Drama- Palace

Oh ye of little faith, hmph. My father and I are bound by strong family ties.
When we listen to our hearts, we can feel where each other are.
Listen to your hearts...
OK, fine. Listen, I do trust you.
...Y, you... You are really going to trust me?
I am the daughter of Overlord Zenon. I am a demon, and you intend to kill my father.
What part of that equation gives you the notion that you can trust me!? Are you mocking me?
No, no. I'm not. It's just that... I promised myself that I would trust you. And you know how I am with promises...
You... are very odd. Humans do not normally trust demons, do they?
My text books never mentioned that humans like you exist.

Count of things being Adell's style: 3

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