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Part 8: The Ironer Fists of the Darker Hero!

Chapter 7: The Ironer Fists of the Darker Hero!

Last time on Disgaea 2 we clashed with Rozalin's old friend Tink, who joined our team. Today we finish up Episode 2.

Drama- Room of Despair Intro

That tribesman just got lucky. If I wasn't distracted by the crew, my Superfly Death Rush...
Oh, oh, oh my god, Axel darling! I just heard a rumor that we were killed by mountain men. Everyone thinks we're dead!

Axel's sprite here in the next shot really is the best, so I had to show it to you guys.

I think the network execs are trying to get rid of us...
No! No way!! I'm the Dark Hero! I'm crazy famous!
Axel darling, listen to me. You're living in the past!
They can't do this! This episode of Tripping with Axel is gonna be a historical event!
The Dark Hero will live forever! When everyone hears that I'm still alive, I'll make my triumphant return!!

Meanwhile, elsewhere...

(Princess, princess. Zis human is a top level buffoon. Is it wise to stay so close to him?)
(He is a rather dangerous fool. We should keep our eyes on him.)
(I shall never allow him to confront my father. Never...)
(Ah, tres magnifique, Princess. You really are evil. Oh ho ho ho ho...!)

This is a very boring map. There's no Geo Effects, just 4 Thieves with guns, 3 with bows, and 3 Lady Warriors with axes. Fight the gun users on the flanks, advance to the Lady Warriors and try to take as many out as you can before they get to attack, then finish off the bow Thieves. This is probably the hardest map so far, and is good for leveling up as well as acting as a metric for your party strength.

Drama- Room of Despair Outro

If anything should happen to her, even a little scratch, the two of you will suffer tenfold...
...Yes, master. We are well aware...
I don't care how you do it. Find the princess and isolate her from the outside world immediately!
...As you wish, my master...

Zenon sure is eager to get his daughter back. Anyway, as you can probably guess we're about to have to fight Axel again. Let's get to that.

Drama- Sealed Room Intro

Wh, what are you waiting for, Axel? Aren't you the Dark Hero!!?
Huh? Oh yeah! I am the Dark Hero! Feared by men! Loved by women!! ...But... I always used a stunt double.
Oh, I get it. You're just a stupid celebrity.
I'm not just a celebrity! I'm the Dark Hero! The amazingly talented Dark Hero!!
If you want to throw down with me, prepare for the consequences! You'll have screaming teenage girls calling you all day long!
Oh, hell no!
Hahaha... You stupid B-movie celebrity. You desecrate my father's palace with your insolent behavior. I will not forgive you.
Huh? Desecrate your father's palace...? What are you talking about, Lady?
Do not feign ignorance! My name is Rozalin! I am Overlord Zenon's only daughter!

O, Overlord Zenon's daughter, hehe!?
Hmhmhmhm. Not so exuberant anymore? If you wish to beg for mercy, now would be a good time.
Y... Y... Y...

Picture this. A beautiful demon, none other than Overlord Zenon's only daughter, Rozalin imprisoned in a deserted palace.
And the only man who can rescue her from the villains and pester Zenon for a hefty reward is the Dark Hero, Axel!!
Isn't that a great set-up!? It's perfect for launching my comeback!
This kind of story has to make the Universal News! And then everyone will know that I'm still alive!
B, but, Axel darling, hehe. Didn't you say you needed a stunt double?
Moron... I'm the Dark Hero. Now shut up and get ready to see the greatest action scene ever.
Oi, Axel darling. Mmm, you're so...
Oh ho. Zis is too bad. Demon buffoons like him will give us all a bad name.
Sometimes I wish that your other personality could hear you speak...
...Damn. While we're wasting time like this, Zenon's curse could be getting stronger...
I just hope my family doesn't turn into real monsters while I'm stuck fighting jerktowns like this guy.

Battle- Sealed Room, Boss Battle with Axel

This is one of the easiest maps in Disgaea 2 if you do it properly. Most of the map is covered with green panels with horrible Geo Effects. These are provided by three panels in the back.

If we throw someone back to kill the Red Symbol, that will clear all the Geo Panels on the map and kill every enemy but the Male Warrior and Axel. Axel's health will be so low at that point that we can defeat him with relative ease.

Drama- Sealed Room Outro

Hmph, that is what you get for vandalizing my father's palace.
You forgot the whole reason we're here, haven't you? You were supposed to guide me to Overlord Zenon.
Don't "Oh" me!!
Getting angry is bad for your health. We should be happy that we punished my father's enemies.
Ahem, Princess? Zey are not ze ones who attacked ze palace.
Aheh. Did I not tell you?
What do you mean!? Who did this, then?
Well, it was... someone I've never seen before. B-But, zey were really, really strong...
Zey were atrocious. Zey turned poor, innocent moi into a hideous frog.
They're strong, huh? It might be fun to fight people like that for a change.
Hmph... You're a barbarian. You are even more violent than a monster.
Hey, don't compare me to monsters! I'm fighting for my family!
Perhaps for now. But, was that a glimmer of interest I spied in your eyes?
You must not fight with zem. You cannot win. Zat is for sure.
We don't know that until we try.

So a couple of things before we get to the Netherworld News. Rozalin calling Adell out for being incredibly violent is another running thing throughout the game. You might have noticed Rozalin is strongly opposed to violence in general. There's a good reason for this that won't make sense for a very long time indeed.

Tink has just suggested that the palace was destroyed by Demon Lord Etna. Disgaea fans of course will be immediately familiar with the character in question, although she had the slightly less prestigious title of 'Vassal' in that game. If she's a Demon Lord now, she must have become quite rough in the interim. Now let's get to the Netherworld News.

Episode 2- Ending

Next Time on Disgaea 2: Rise of the Beauty Queen