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Part 9: Rise of the Beauty Queen

Chapter 8- Rise of the Beauty Queen

Last time on Disgaea 2 we beat the hell out of Axel again. Today we start on Episode 3.

Drama- Episode 3 Intro

But you haven't done anything for us to respect you for.
I, I don't mind calling you that. I kinda like saying it. Princess.
Hey, stop trying to brainwash my little brother and sister with your propaganda.
Foolish human, I am not brainwashing them. I am providing them with a rudimentary education for when they become my servants.

As you are possibly but not likely aware there's a couple editions of a Disgaea 2 manga. Rozalin's line at this point in said publication has always been sort of funny to me. She says that "I'm not brainwashing them. I'm simply educating them so they will follow me blindly."

Oh my. You shouldn't go around teasing old ladies.
Eh, do not say such zings! When I gaze into zose zree beautiful, innocent eyes of yours, you set my heart ablaze...
Ohh, hoho... You've got guts. Seducing a wife in front of her husband, hmm...
Eh...? What was I doing...?
Ah, quit fooling around. Let's go. You better take me to Zenon today.
You are much too impatient. Do you wish to die so soon?

I'm glad he's made some friends, though.
Me, too. No matter how strong he gets, he shouldn't fight alone... The battlefield is no place to be lonely.
Why don't we fight with him?
Adell isn't alone! Hanako is here for him!
That's right. But, the only thing we can do is believe in him and remain safely at home.
Is that really all we can do?
Mmmmm... Waiting here is boring.

Drama- Murderer's Vault

I have to do something about Zenon's curse before it gets any worse.
Don't you wanna be back with your father? Then take this seriously.
Monsier Adell, do you not zink you are being a bit too harsh? Especially since she was summoned here against her will.
Argh... I can't believe I'm being lectured by a talking frog...
If you are determined to meet Overlord Zenon, I will take you to him.
But, only if you have ze courage to face him. Just let me know when ze terror sinks in and you change your mind, OK?
Ha! I won't change my mind! I will defeat Zenon!!
(Tink. Can you handle this?)
(I will be fine. You brought me along to help you end his life, yes?)
(Yes. I need your cunning.)
(Zen, leave it to Tink. I shall surpass your expectations.)

So, we're being set up. Wherever Tink's going to take us is intended to be our grave. The next episode is slightly harder than the previous two, so I'm going to take some time to level up and unlock classes before it.

Next Time on Disgaea 2: Second Thoughts