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Part 2: Getting Schooled

In our last chapter we were introduced to Mao, the protagonist of our story. We will now continue his search for a legendary hero.

On his way to the Overlord's Castle, Mao passes through a Nether Academy Classroom.

Drama and Map- Tutorial One

It's been 10 years since I've been home…
But having your home on campus is quite strange. I don't know if it's convenient or the exact opposite.
Why is there a classroom in the way?
Huh!? Who's there!?

Enter a pathetic looking demon.

Trying to ambush me on the way home… You go to Evil Academy, I presume.
The name's Chewie. I'm a freshman. You been getting a lotta 'tention for yer first day, so I gotta beat you up.
Hahahahahaha! So, there's at least one spirited freshman honor student.
Excellent! I've been looking for someone to test my experimental electrolysis machine on.
Whoa there, slow down, ese. You're not fighting me. Odelay muchachos!
I leave 'em to you. I'll go watch from a safe distance and cheer you on.
And when you're about to win, I'll come back for the killing blow.

However, I can't lose here!
I must obtain the hero's power, and beat Dad with my own hands!

Tutorial: Battle Basics:

This tutorial is on the basics of battle in Disgaea 3. The flow of battle in Absence of Justice is very similar to that of Hour of Darkness or Cursed Memories. We deploy characters from the base panel, move, and take actions while it's our turn, then the enemy takes a turn. The game's tutorials are most excellent so I'll let them explain and throw my own notes in as I go if there's something to add.

Indeed. I was wondering what would be the most effective way to turn this room into a blood bath.
Ah, I suggest you follow the basics of battle very closely.
First, bring your cursor to the Base Panel, and press the 'x' button.
We're starting this basic!?
Yes. Basics are always important. …Next, select a character and press the 'x' button to summon them into battle.
If you mistakenly pick the wrong person, move the cursor to that character and press the circle button to cancel.
No need to worry. I never make mistakes.
Now, let's give commands to the characters you summon.
Hmm, I'm good at ordering people around.

When you are done moving, select the Attack command.
And now, you are done commanding. However, you will not immediately begin your attack.
Why's that?
To execute the actions you've commanded, access the Menu with the triangle button and select Execute or End Turn.
Here, we will select Execute.
And thus the flow of action is complete. Command -> triangle button -> Execute. Remember this carefully.
Quite sluggish… Why don't we just attack immediately?

Here, let me show you an example of how to give orders.

Team attacks are in general flashier in Disgaea 3. The cut in images are higher quality and the attacks themselves are longer and more impressive.

Ah! So this is a Team Attack and Combo.
Yes. A Team Attack can activate if an ally is next to you when you attack. Up to 4 people can join the team.
Combos occur when you focus attacks on one character consecutively. The more combos, the stronger each attack gets.
Hmm. So by combining Team Attacks and Combos, I can gang up on and beat down my enemies.
When there are multiple ally characters, they will take their actions in the order you gave them the commands.
After executing Attack and Special actions, you will not be able to cancel them, so please be careful.
You said strategy is important, right? I will show you the perfect battle plan using my 1.8 million EQ.

Young Master! That's…!
If you carelessly select End Turn, you may bring this kind of abuse upon yourself.
Th, that was not a miscalculation. I purposely took those attacks to raise my anger.
I won't argue with you. Lowly scum who are KO'ed can be reviewed at the Nurse's Office.
However, if all summoned characters are KO'ed, it will be Game Over. Please keep this in mind.
Hahaha, as long as I'm in command, Game Overs are impossible. So there's no need to worry.
If there is anything you are unsure of, please read the Tutorial under the Main Menu.
Well then, my role here is done… Best of luck to you, Young Master.

After the first tutorial we get access to the shops. Just as in Disgaea 2 we have a weapon shop, armor shop, and consumable shop. In order to unlock better items we need to purchase from the shops, and equipment makes up a substantial portion of our stats so keeping up to date is pretty clutch. Anyway, let's move on to the second tutorial, where we'll see one of the little wrinkles to the Disgaea system added in three.

Drama and Map- Tutorial Two

Before we start, Geoffrey has a little reminder for us.

I clearly understand that already. Stop treating me like a child.
Also remember to save before entering a battle, as well…
Yes, I know, I know! I'll be sure to do so, don't worry.
Seriously, you're a demon, yet you meddle in my business all the time.
Just like… someone else.

Mao continues on through the classrooms towards his home.

You're the same guy from earlier… Chewie, right?
No, my name is Cholo. I'm gonna wreck you for what you did to my little bro.
I see. You're Chewie's older brother. My evil analysis suspects that you're a higher level honor student.
Of course, homes. If you think I'm like my little bro, you got another thing coming.
Andale muchachos!
Hey, you're exactly the same! Relying on others, too?
But that's not all.

Sure, I guess your cheap and cowardly tactics are those of a higher level honor student, but…
You can't move either, can you?
Y, you're right, homes!
You're so slow!
Hmph. I don't need any more of these random punks. Hurry up and let me go meet that legendary hero…

Tutorial: Lift and Throw:

Lifting and throwing behaves basically just like any of the previous games in the series. Disgaea 3 adds in boxes: stackable, liftable, and sometimes destroyable objects that can form steps or barriers. Elevation features much more prominently in maps in Disgaea 3 than previously in the series. Now let's let Geoffrey explain lifting and throwing for those not in the know.

Indeed. I wish to squash these little pieces of trash over there, but they've retreated to a difficult location.
Oh ho, that is indeed troublesome. Then I shall give you some very interesting advice.
You can use Lift and Throw to reach enemies in high, or far away places.
As you can see, when the enemy is too far away, your attacks cannot reach. You must throw and ally to clear the gap.
First we will use the Lift command to lift you up…
Wha, hey! I thought I was going to throw!
No. First, you must know what it's like to be thrown yourself, Young Master.

Then don't throw me!
But see this…

And now we throw the boxes into a step up to the upper level, allowing us to walk up to Cholo and punch his clock.

Yes. Lifting, Throwing, and Stacking are very important tactics.
You can apply this in many ways, such as lifting multiple allies and throwing them to reach farther distances.
There are many other strategies, so please experiment, utilizing your 1.8 million EQ.
Sure. Leave it to me. (Why doesn't he just tell me?)
Oh and one more thing, if you select End Turn while still lifting an enemy you will take damage, so be careful.

There's one more change that they don't mention. If you throw a character or stack onto a friendly monster, that monster will 'throw' them some distance in the direction they're facing. Monster characters being able to assist in moving across the map is one of the things that makes them much more useful in Disgaea 3.

After this tutorial the Evility Labs open up. This is where we really see Disgaea 3's new features. At the Evility Labs we can purchase skills, spells, and Evilities using Mana accrued in battle by killing enemies. Evilities are passive bonuses that characters receive. All characters have one set Evility and one empty slot for a second. Each character class has access to its own set of Evilities, skills, and spells. However, when we reincarnate we retain everything learned so far, which can allow characters easy access to abilities that would be a pain to get in earlier games. We can also boost the effectiveness of our skills and spells here, which makes them radically more powerful but also more expensive. It's the only way to increase the range and area of effect of spells, though, so it's pretty vital.

Drama and Map- Tutorial 3

In another of an endless series of classrooms Mao once again encounters a foe.

Another one? How many siblings have you got?
Even superheroes join teams these days. Why didn't you just come as an honor student demon trio?
So chiquito… You ideas are far too small on the evilness scale…
What did you say!?
Okay! I, Churro, oldest of the Vato Bros. will show you badness on a grand scale, weddo!
Ha! What could you possibly do!?
It's the same thing! Is that the only thing you brothers can do!?!?
Heh, you got some huevos on you. No way the oldest of the Vato Bros. would end with just this, weddo.

Wha, what's so funny!?
Hahahaha! You challenge me, with a 1.8 million EQ, to an evil puzzle? Don't make me laugh!
A trap of your own design is mere child's play before me!
This is too straightforward compared to all the games I've spent month playing! You shall see a true honor student here!

Tutorial: Geo Panels and Blocks:

At first it seems as though Geo Effects are pretty much unchanged from previous Disgaea games. Panels on the ground take effects from symbols that apply to all of that color. There's a lot of new effects, but that's not the big change. Geo Symbols have been replaced by Geo Blocks. These can be lifted, thrown, and more importantly stood on. They provide their effect if stood on even if we're not on a Geo Panel. There's going to be maps later that will cover the floor in Geo Blocks to provide a Geo Effect that can be destroyed partially or in just areas. There's a few other properties of Geo Blocks as well but there's a later tutorial on them so I'll leave it at this for now.

Indeed. Geoffrey, how do I get rid of these Blocks that are in my way?
Young Master? Did you not just boast how this was "mere child's play" and "too straightforward" a few seconds ago?
Hm. Oh, don't read too much into it. I just wanted to ask for reference.
Oh, is that so? Then I shall explain… for reference.
These Geo Panels are land formed from the spiritual elements that structure the Netherworld.
And these cube-like blocks are crystals made from these spiritual elements, called Geo Blocks.
You must think more strategically during battles with Geo Effects.
Take a look at the colored panels on the map. These are called Geo Panels.

This means that when an enemy is on this blue panel, enemy's attack and defense increases by 50%.
What!? Only enemies get more powerful? That's not fair!
Yes, it is quite unfair. It is quite disadvantageous like this, which is why you must strain your wits.
Leave this to my superior intelligence.
…I get it! I'm supposed to destroy all the blocks, right!?
That is one way to do this, but…
That was a joke. I'm supposed to lure them away from the colored panels that boost their power, right?
Yes indeed, Young Master. That's why you're a Netherworld honor student.

Of course I knew that!
Ahem, I'll assume that you don't know, so let me explain.
First, please pay attention to this Geo Block.
It says… Geo Block: Change Green.
Change Green means that when this Geo Block is destroyed, the Geo Panels will change to a green color.
For example, if you destroy this Change Green Block on this Blue Panel, all blue panels will turn green.
All of them change?
Yes, all of them. And in addition, when the color changes, it damages all enemies, allies, and Geo Blocks on them.
I see, so it deals damage, huh? But what does this have to do with destroying all Geo Panels.
Yes well, in the end, to destroy all Geo Panels, color changing Geo Blocks aren't enough. You must have a Null Block.

Yes, and it is currently on a Red Panel. If you destroy that Null Geo Block, all Red Panels will disappear.
So instead of changing color, it'll disappear. Which means…
I can make use of the color changes to make all the panels the same color, and then destroy that Null Block!
That is correct. You are indeed a genius of a 1.8 million EQ.
Haha, it's only normal.
On this map, the Blocks and Panels are positioned for a perfect clear in an incredibly easy way… for some reason.
Try putting the Green Geo Block on the Blue Panel first, and then destroy it.
So I lift the green Geo Block and throw it on a Blue Panel, and then destroy it for complete devastation.
Well then, please experience the pleasant joy of a perfect clear by your very own hand.
The more color changes and nulling you do, the more you gain on the Bonus Gaugue.

This is the end of the tutorials for a while. The game does have more new things to tell us about, but it doesn't throw them all out at once.

If people like you pass for honor students around here, I can only imagine how bad the regulars must be.
Heh, go ahead and live it up now, but there's many dangerously scary students here at Evil Academy. You'll see.
Oh? A worthy honor student? How exciting. Why don't you bring a "muchacho" like that next time?
They're not all honor students, weddo. There's a freshman delinquent who'll get your naranjas in a twist…
Heh. Good luck out there!
…A freshman delinquent?
…No, that doesn't matter to me. I must concentrate my every evil sense into finding the legendary hero for now.

When we get back another school facility, the homeroom, has opened. The homeroom is where we go to recruit new characters, pass proposals, and join school clubs. I'll go into detail on these subjects in a mini-update, they're a bit much to include here. Meanwhile it's time to get ready because the game is about to throw us right into the fire, as we'll see next time.

Next Time on Disgaea 3: The Delinquent and the Hero.