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Part 3: The Delinquent and the Hero

Last time on Disgaea 3 we battled our way through the tutorials. Today, we meet some 'friends', old and new.

Scene- The Castle Gates. Enter Mao, followed by Geoffrey.

Drama- Strongest Entrance Intro

Young Master. The Herodar is going off. The hero must be hiding somewhere around here.
I see. Then I shall find this hero using my evil reasoning and mystery solving skills.

Enter a Mysterious Girl, followed soon after by her Lackies.

You! You're…!
Raspberyl's my name. But please call me Beryl. I'm a freshman at Evil Academy just like you.
I'm also your childhood friend, and we've been rivals from day one… I'm the heroine of this game.
Oh, amazing, my Lady. To introduce yourself first, what a model delinquent…
And how much exposition was in it… You're awfully kind to the customers who are playing this for the first time.
…Miss Raspberyl, the Young Master must not be bothered by a delinquent like you. Please leave.
Heh. Seems like I'm outta place around here.
Beryl… what do you want?

You think I'm gonna stray from being an honor student?
Don't act dumb. I heard you're after the powers of a hero. Gonna defeat the Overlord, huh?
That's something we delinquents do. It's not a trick for an honor student like you to have up your sleeve.
Ya see, heroes are super rare spawns, even for us rule breakers.
It is exactly as our lady mentioned. To become a hero, in other words, means you will be the No. 1 Delinquent.
Honor students should stay the goody little two-shoes they are and stick to their evil deeds.
I see. For a demon to become a hero to defeat the Overlord may seem, from some angles, to be an act of delinquency…

Shut up! I do not act for such petty concerns!
I'm the No. 1 Honor Student! I think and act on a higher plane, far beyond your meager comprehension!
Know that it is impossible to measure me with the same yardstick as you!
Well spoken, Young Master. I am filled with such joy from hearing such words.

Enter a young human.

Hmm!? That's…! An argument between demons!?
Hey…!! There's a little boy and girl, too!
Even though they're demons, I can't just ignore such small children being assaulted…
But I'm all alone…! Ah, what am I supposed to do at a time like this…!?
…That's right. Now is when I remind myself of Sir Aurum's words, the oath of a hero!
"No matter what trouble awaits, a hero must stand, face forward, against it!"
That's right. Running away is easy… But I'm the only one who can rescue those children right now… Only me!
Alright! I'm going to do this! I'll show you!
Demons, stand aside! If you even lay one finger on those children, I, I, I'll never forgive you!

I, I am Almaz von Almandine Adamant!
I, I am… a heeerrrooo!!!
D, uh um, did you just say… hero!?
…Th, that's right! I'm a hero! I'm going to rescue you right now, so hold on!
He's a… real hero?
Yes. The Herodar is reacting. There's no mistaking it: he is the legendary hero.
Hmm, he claims to be one himself, and his name sounds pretty dignified and hero-like, but…
Young master… Please take a look at his status.

Ahh! What's with the drool and those big, glaring, predator eyes? I have a bad feeling about this…
Whoa! Awesome! A real hero! What a super rare spawn!
Oh, oh, my lady! Please calm down!
Ah, oh, right! Badasses like us gotta keep our cool!
But to meet a real hero is like a dream come true!
Hey, Mao! I don't know what you're up to, but I'm gonna protect this guy!
Damn you, Beryl! You plan to stand in my way, no matter what!?
Heh, of course! Back off, hero! I'll protect you! But in return… You owe me an autograph later!
Wha? Uh, um, what's going on? Why are you looking at me? Am I… the target!?
Muhahahahaha! There's no need to be afraid… Just simply obey me!

Map- Strongest Entrance

This map pits us up against Raspberyl and her lackies, Kyoko Needleworker the kunoichi and Asuka Cranekick the ronin. Almaz is here as well, but he's on neither side and won't really play a meaningful part. Let's look at the opposition.

As you can see Almaz is yellow, which means he doesn't count towards victory on the map. Almaz is good with lots of weapons, but his low level makes him pretty much a non-entity as far as this fight is concerned.

Here's Beryl. She's a monster type character, and her specialty is fire magic. She's more effective against higher level opponents, and her magic could pose a serious threat.

This is Kyoko Needleworker. She's armed with fist weapons, and her evility increases her SPD greatly when she's at full health. Until we at least nick her low HIT characters will have a great deal of trouble touching her.

And here's Asuka Cranekick. She's using a spear, and her evility increases her attack when she's uninjured. Again, we want to at least nick her to rob her of that stat boost because otherwise she's brutal.

We'll want to draw the cronies towards us then team up on them with the most brutal combos we can manage. They have weapon skills that can really mess us up, especially Asuka Cranekick if she's uninjured. Still, we outnumber them and can heal, so it's never really in doubt.

Drama- Strongest Entrance Outro

Hmph! You go class everyday, that's all you have? The No. 1 Delinquent at our school is no match for me!
Oh, not just yet! Our lady hasn't even used her true powers!
Heh… that's right! This was just a warm-up. Gotta stretch before a workout or you'll be sore the next day!
Err… such thorough delinquency! And for a true demon… You are quite formidable.
Now then, let me bring out my true strength! I hope you're ready!
You two! I don't really know what's going on, but don't fight!

Then a bell rang in the distance…

My lady, we must hurry! Next up is English class!
Damn it, we gotta get going! That bell just saved your life! Kyoko, Asuka, let's go!
Attending class on time, no matter what… Fearful indeed…
No tardies, or absences to date. The teachers are quite worried, as this has never happened in school history.
Hmph, damn delinquent…
Uh, um… I didn't quite understand, but I guess you're safe now.
What is a boy like you doing in such a dangerous place like this?
…Hero. I suggest you don't get too close to me.
Huh? Why?
…Alright. Dig out that earwax and listen closely.

Owww!? Wh… why…?
Huh!? I thought this guy was a legendary hero. Is he so weak he faints from that?
He must have let his guard down, thinking you were just a commoner. Hmhmhm.
…Well anyway, I've captured the hero. Now, how do I want to cook him? Hahaha. My evil brain is starting to spin.
…I can see it now! The sight of me becoming a hero and defeating my father in the end!
For my goals, I will use even him… Geoffrey, am I still and honor student?
Yes, Young Master. You are truly the No. 1 Honor Student of the Netherworld today, as well.
Ehh… Pr, princess…

And now for a word from our sponsors…

We now resume our regular broadcast.

The Netherworld Heart Bank to be exact.
This bank, which is normally used by the academy students, can keep money and treasures of course, but can also be entrusted with your truths and secrets, as well.
For a demon, having your true feelings sensed by another is as good as being bound.
Therefore, all demons store a part of their hearts in a safety-deposit box, and take great joy in their devious acts without restraint.
However, no one can compare to the great mass of secrets that Mao, son of the Overlord, has locked away.
Whosoever has most of their heart kept at the bank is the highest honor student in the Netherworld, and lives an indulgent life of daily evil deeds.

But what does the son of evil deeds want with me?
Okay, hear me now and believe me later. I must defeat the Overlord. For that, I require the power of a hero.
The power of a hero? But the Overlord… Isn't he your dad…?
That's right.
Uh, right, okay. That was simple…

(If this boy is the son of the Overlord, he might stand a chance to defeat him. …Could this be my big chance?)
(Right! I'll have to scrounge up my courage and jump into the fire… for the princess' sake, too!)
Umm, if you want to become a hero, I can be like, your tutor…
There's no need.
…Huh? Why not?
I've already become a hero.
…Huh? No way.
Look closely at my title!
Oh, you're right! It says Hero! But, how?

As much as I hate this disgraceful title, defeating Dad is top priority. It's an unavoidable step.
Wha, hey but wait a minute! You took it without permission. That's horrible!
"To fulfill one's curiosity, a demon must do an evil turn daily!"
It's an oath for a demon that I came up with.
As an honor student, I have to do these "horrible" deeds willingly.
By the way, I am the No. 1 Honor Student in the Netherworld. I lose to no one when it comes to villainy and impudence.
No way! Give me back my title! What's gonna happen to me!?
Relax, I took care of your employment needs already.
Oh, really? What a relief…

What!? Now that you mention it, my fangs are a little longer! And my nails feel a lot sharper…!
A- and my title is Demon-in-Training!?
Hmhmhm. Changing careers from hero to demon?
Th, this is worse than everrr!!!
Wonderful!! The hero's power is finally in my grasp! Now I can beat Dad!
Having Chapter 1 as the final chapter… What an economical game! Muhahahahaha…!
System Message: Almaz has been forced to become Mao's slave!
Almaz's title has become Demon-in-Training!

So Almaz has joined the team. He's a pretty well balanced character and we'll get a lot of use out of him. Anyway, next time we'll keep going on Episode 1.

Next Time on Disgaea 3: Castle Tour