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Part 4: The Hand of Destruction

Last time on Disgaea 3 we battled the dire delinquent Raspberyl. Today, we battle the Overlord! Man, this game's going to be over quickly.

Drama- Strongest Hallway Intro

…Huh!? Did I just blurt, "I'm home"!?
How could I!? That'll make me a well-mannered delinquent!
It is most likely an effect of your title as hero.
It seems the rumor is true, that when a demon carries the title of hero, terrible things begin to happen…
Without proper treatment, you might drop dead. Hmhmhm.
What!? The title of hero is that dangerous!?
…So it appears.
Don't speak as if you have nothing to do with this. Weren't you the one who said I needed hero powers to defeat Dad?
Uh, oh, was that me? I've been forgetting things recently.

Damn. Does this mean that all that love and justice crap will come naturally to me, too? Bleh…
I'm getting rid of this stupid title as soon as I defeat Dad!
Uh, umm…
It's Lord Mao.
Not "Huh?" You're now my slave. It's your duty to call me Lord Mao.
Uh, okay… Lord Mao, then. Why do you want to defeat the Overlord? Isn't he actually your father?
That's right, he's my real dad. However, I must defeat him.
Why is that?

Huh? What's the big deal about that?
What's the big deal!? I spent 4 million hours on it, and all that data was destroyed!
That's unforgivable! I mean what kind of parent does that!? He has no right to complain if I defeat him!
(This is bad… That's such a stupid reason to want to beat up your own dad…)
(These demon guys really are hopeless.)
(They can just beat each other up. They'll use any reason to fight.)
(And if he goes down with the Overlord, I can achieve my goals, and the Princess…)
(…Huh!? Oh no! I just thought of the evilest scheme!)

(No! I can't be tainted with such demonic thoughts! I'm a human! I'm a hero!)
(For the Princess' sake… I'll never let myself become a demon!)
Huh!? Dad's lackeys are here! He's sensed our intrusion!
Muhahaha! If they're directly under the Overlord's command, this'll be the perfect chance to test my hero powers!

Map- Strongest Hallway

This map is incredibly easy. All the Geo Panels are favorable to you and unfavorable to the enemy. Just slaughter everything.

Drama- Strongest Hallway Outro

As I expected, these hero powers work wonders against demons!
Are you sure? It felt like to me that the enemies were just really weak. Are you listening to me?
I, I can feel it! This power's coursing through my body! Dad is no longer even my enemy!
My hero title has that much power…? Could it be that he awakened a hidden ability of some sort?
You just wait, Dad! Today is the day I kick your butt al the way to Celestia!

Map- Strongest Garden

This map introduces us to a new concept, Magichange. The tutorial text for it isn't quite as interesting as Geoffrey's, so I'll just paraphrase. Magichange allows monster type characters to become weapons for human type characters. The stats of the weapon are based on the monster's stats, and the human character gets to share the monster's Evility. They also get access to special attacks that are only available while Magichanged. The downside is that it's only temporary, and afterwards the monster character goes away for the rest of the map. To Magichange both the monster and human need to be in the same club. I'll go over clubs in more detail later, but in short they are groups we set in Homeroom that give their members extra benefits.

The map provides us with a set of Treasure Panels, where defeated enemies turn into chests we can kill for loot. Fight as many of the enemy as possible on these panels. The Mothmen can prove hard to defeat, as they can be very evasive. This isn't a terribly challenging map, though.

Map- Strongest Crossroads

This map features a cross of red panels with ATK + 50% and DEF - 50%. Throw the blocks that provide these off the panels before the end of your turn and lift them back on but do not throw in subsequent turns so that you can get the benefits when it's your turn but have no negatives on theirs. Oh, and if you're wondering what Magichange looks like, here it is:

Drama- Strongest Overlord

(It's been a month since I came to defeat the Overlord. I wanted to quit, but I must protect the Princess…)
(But… I wonder if we can really win. That Mao kid sure is confident, but… Can we really do this?)
(I mean, we're facing the Overlord. I heard his supermove burns everything to ash. I mean, come on…)
(Not even Sir Aurum could beat him. I'll probably go out by a simple flick. I shouldn't be doing this…)
(No! That's not how I should act! No matter what, I have to do this! If not for myself, then for her!)
(I have to defeat the Overlord! Even if there's no way to win, I have to defeat him!)
(I, Almaz von Almandine Adamant, shall even die for the princess! …Though I'd prefer to live!)

…Huh? No! I have no intent to be shattered for your sake…
Oh yeah!?
…Okay, okay, I'll shatter for you.
Heh heh heh. Let's go.
Th, this place is…?
The Dean's office… My dad's room. …I think.
You think?
I've never seen my dad's face. …That is, until yesterday! Today I will make him kneel before me!
You've never seen your parent's face!? Is the Overlord a luchador?
Fool. Look around carefully.

Exactly. He's so far away. I can't even see what his face looks like.
Ah right, and then there's the fog. Even on a sunny day, I still don't think we'd be able to see it. Hahaha.
Wait, that's not fair! He's too huge! If he makes a fist, we'll all be dead, instantly!
Th, th, there's no way we can win! We have to run away…!
There's no need to run! Believe in my power! A hero's power!
…But it was originally my power. And that's more the reason why I can't believe in it.
It's been a while, hasn't it, Dad? I don't even know if you can hear me, but I'm gonna say this anyway.
I see through your moves. Dad, you're already dead.
Here I come! Take this! For those hardcore hours of data you've killed!

Map- Strongest Overlord

Our battle this time is against the five fingers of the Overlord. They're moderately nasty. Make sure you check the evilities, they vary from finger to finger. The most important thing is not to leave The Bird for last, its stats will double. While in the middle of the room you're vulnerable to a very powerful attack, Overlord Fire Palm. Try not to bunch up too much, as this can easily kill weak characters in one hit.

In this battle I also demonstrate another new feature to Disgaea 3, the Combo Skill. If we target two eligible skills consecutively on the same target the skills combine together, doing more damage and awarding both characters a share of EXP. This is an extremely useful tactic and can really help weaker characters level up. The Combo Skill will pop up a green name instead of gold, and the name will be the first half of one skill's name and the second half of the other's, like so. Mao's unique Blast Finger here is combining with Almaz's Blade Rush:

Higher level skills and magic can't combo, but in the early game especially this is an extremely useful option.

Drama- Strongest Overlord Outro

…That's strange. I didn't know my title could do that. Could I have been like, the chosen one?
Hmm!? What is this rumbling…?

D, Dad!? Can't you just rest in peace!?
…Somehow, I expected something like this.
Graaahhhh! You're gonna get my dry cleaning bill, Dad!
Now's not the time to worry about that!
Uhhhh… See? That's why I sais we should run…
It was impossible for me, after all…
Grrrr… damn it… Why!? I gained the power of a hero…!
Where did my calculations go wrong…? I won't accept… an ending like... this.

And that's episode 1. Now it's time for a preview of exciting coming attractions.

Preview- Episode 1 Ending

Please hold, we seem to be experiencing some technical diff…i…

…culties. Seems we lost the feed for a second. Should be no problems now. Anyway, stay tuned next time for the start of the exciting second Episode of Disgaea 3!

Next time on Disgaea 3: Why didn't you tell me that in the first place?