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Part 9: Crouching Chefs, Hidden Eggs

Last time on Disgaea 3 we went into Mao's heart. Today, we go find a dragon's egg.

Drama- Into the Old Building

That's fast. Were you spying on us?
Hmhmhm. Rumor has it that the forbidden building is very dangerous. I've made a direct connection to the dragon's nest.
Hmm, just as I expected, Geoffrey. So unnaturally efficient, as always. Come, Fake Hero.
Wait a minute! We can't just go jumping into the dragon's lair. You always have to grind a few levels first…
Fool! I don't even know the meaning of the word "level grinding"!
I must eat that dragon egg and open my heart as soon as I can. I have no time to waste on repetitive battles!
(Uh, first of all, I don't really believe any of this egg eating business…)
(…But, if they can walk around inside their hearts, I guess it could work for demons… somehow.)

Enter Raspberyl.

…Oh, it's you again.
So you're really going, huh? For honor students like you, the forbidden land is like a convenient graveyard.
Hmph, if your words could scare me, I wouldn't be reckless enough to attempt opening my heart to begin with.
I am fully prepared for my journey. And I won't let you stand in my way.
(…It doesn't seem like he wants to open his heart, so why is he so determined to do this?)
(It's impossible. There's not even the slightest ray of hope…)
(I guess he really hates my title. Though, that is what he said, so maybe I should pay more attention…)
…You really do look prepared, Mao. I won't try to stop you. But in return, we're coming with you.
What!? Why? This has nothing to do with you. Go to class like you always do.
Lucky for us, it's the weekend.
Yes, we've finished our homework and have already read up for next class.

Oh Mr. Geoffrey, you've got the wrong idea. I don't want to join him.
I just want to see for myself whether or not the legend is true.
And I wanna see if the great honor student, Mao, can actually pull off this outrageous stunt.
Don't worry. I'll take care of Mao for you.

This is quite disturbing. Even I didn't expect this to happen…
It's alright, Geoffrey. They're just afraid of me.
If an honor student like me can open my heart, the No. 1 Delinquent won't have much to brag about anymore.
Relax. I believe in me.
…If you insist, Young Master. I pray for the worst of luck.
Mr. Geoffrey really does care for you a lot, huh Lord Mao?
You just realized that now? Of course. He's my hand-picked, personal butler. He's the best in the business.

Drama- Dragon's Rest Intro

It is located in the deepest center, but its gates have been closed tight, and one can only see its interior by traveling across dimension gates.
But since its closuer, the situation inside still remains a mystery since no one who enters has ever returned.
The interior of this ancient building is full of danger, unbeknownst from its abandoned appearance. It remains unexplored, where even daredevils hesitate to enter.

Scene- The Forbidden Building. Enter a Strange Man.

I've gotten rid of the dragons, so I better get on with the rebuilding.
Huh!? I sense others nearby! Great, I'm uber shy!

Exit Strange Man. Enter Mao et al.

And turned into a legendary delinquent. Aren't you curious, being an honor student and all?
Fine, let's hear it.
But only if it tells whether he ate it with salt and pepper or hot sauce.
…You're really hung up on that, huh?
It's my greatest concern at this point. One of my goals is to make hot sauce the official condiment for eggs.
You still hate salt and pepper?
Disliking things is key to being an honor student. Who wants to eat all their vegetables?
We eat everything on the plate, food group be damned! No honor student can say that.
Our lady eats all the school lunches for our absent classmates.
And since everyone is always absent, that's like 30 lunches a day…
…How is that even possible?

Hmph, more of your useless meddling…
Huh? So, you've never gone to a Home Economics class, Miss Beryl!? But I thought you had perfect attendance…?
I do, but Home Ec.'s a special case at this school.
No one knows where the Kitchen Room is, and none of the teachers have ever seen the Home Ec. teacher.
None of the fearless badasses who went looking for the cooking class have ever been seen again.
…This school is full of stories about never being seen again.

There it is! That's the dragon egg, right!?
That was pretty easy…
We didn't even see the shadow from this legendary dragon. Shouldn't there be more action and adventure than this?
Fool, stop daydreaming! Reality is never that romantic.

Hm!? Who dares to tell me what to do!?

Sei! Yah! Hah! Cooking is power!
Sei! Yah! Hah! Cooking is serenity!
* sigh* More weirdoes… I wonder if they're comedians?
Hoatah! We are chefs! Under orders from our master, we will take the dragon egg!
Heh heh heh… You plan to steal from an honor student?
Hahaha! I'll slice you up and serve you smoked with my dragon egg breakfast!

Map- Dragon's Rest

This map is quite easy. The opposition consists of male martial artists up top, female ones below, and a ghost that will Magichange into a staff for a red mage. There's Yellow geo panels with Heal 20% protection. Making this map even easier, we are assisted by Raspberyl, Kyoko, and Asuka. They're neutrally controlled and will go after the female martial artists. They can pretty much handle the lower approach by themselves if you don't want to deal with it. If you really want you can kill them for the exp, they're worth more than any enemy on the map by a long margin. That's just not how I roll, though.

Drama- Dragon's Rest Outro

If… if only… I eat this egg…
That would make you the No. 1 Delinquent of All Time.
Indeed. In all of our long history, no demon has ever successfully opened up their heart.
…So if I eat it, I'll stop Mao from becoming a badass, and I'll snag the title of No. 1 Delinquent forever.
But even though that'll solve all my problems, I just can't do it. Stealing is for honor students.
Even if I did open my heart like that, I wouldn't be following the Badass Way.
It would be so uncool, I couldn't stand to face the light of day.
My Lady…
If by any chance Mao does open his heart, I'll just have to find a way to be a bigger badass that him.
That's why we're such good enemies, and friends. And ultimately… rivals.
Amazing, my Lady! I'm glad you think so!

Really? You can't even crack a defenseless egg, and you call yourself an honor student?
Grh… Are you saying that a delinquent can?
With what I do on a daily basis, I can crack it in one shot.
Heh heh… It's impossible. You can't crack that egg.
You guys are still here?
The only one in the entire Netherworld who can cook that dragon egg is our master.
If I had more time, I would've found its harmonic seam, where it's more vulnerable.
But seeing as how there's a quicker way, tell me where your master is.
He's in the Home Ec. cooking lab. However, it is virtually impossible to find. You could spend a lifetime trying.

…For my butler!
You're not going to find it yourself?
We're going back for now. Fake Hero, roll that egg behind us!

On the way out…

Maybe I should just give up on getting my title back and become a demon. It'll sure be easier.
What's wrong, Fake Hero. Do you want us to help you?
Huh? Oh, thanks, but I'm alright. I'll carry it myself, don't worry.
Are you sure? You look kinda pale. If you need anything, I'll always be there to listen. Just come to see me.
(A demon worrying about me? How could I even consider giving up on my title!?)
(It's all that demonic title's fault! I have to do something about it quick, or I'll be a demon before I know it!)
(I have to get Mao to open up his heart with that sunny side up egg and return to my real body!)

And so Mao and company return, hoping to employ Geoffrey's help to find the Ho..bzzt…

…me Economics class. Sorry, seemed like we lost the carrier there for a second. Anyway, back at school…

This is where students are forced to endure hard training to develop a strong mind, and learn to cook on par with a professional chef.
Speaking of legendary chefs, it is assumed that they bathe in boiling water or oil, and sleep on the blades of their knives to understand their ingredients' ordeal.
This fierce training is conducted by one of these legendary chefs, the home economics teacher.
The regiment is harsh, with such drills as Fasting for a Month and Living with Violent Ingredients. Everyone tries to drop out at least once.
But it is completely isolated from the outside world, making escape impossible.
If you wish to return alive, you have no choice but to finish the training and become a professional chef…

What took so long? You're usually much more efficient than that.
…I sincerely apologize. I had a bit of trouble with his amount of secrecy.
He slipped through my vast network. You should not underestimate him. He is no ordinary Home Ec. teacher.
To be able to give you a hard time, he must be a skilled professional.
At least the whole mystery surrounding the Home Ec. class will finally be revealed.
Looks like I'll actually be able to go to all my classes, surprisingly. And all thanks to my healthy work ethic.
…Shouldn't all the credit go to Mr. Geoffrey?
Hmhmhmhmhm. Oh, nonsense. It was all in the service of our Young Master. Hmhm.
Say, Lord Mao - instead of complaining about how long it took, shouldn't you at least thank him?

* gasp*
A true demon is always evil and cruel! And strong! Strong! Strong! The path to Overlord is paved in blood!
Sorry, I didn't know…
Ah, excuse me… Ahem. Giving thanks is a mild-mannered act of delinquency.
I would like for our Young Master to become the top demon of the Netherworld as soon as possible. That is all I wish.
Well, aside from whatever that'll take, you really do cherish Lord Mao, don't you Mr. Geoffrey?
Well, duh. That's what a butler's for. Isn't that right? I will continue to use you to your full capacity.
Yes, of course. Please request anything of me, Young Master.

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