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Part 10: A Spicy Battle: Mr. Champlo's Challenge!

Last time on Disgaea 3 we got the Dragon's Egg we need to open Mao's heart. Today, we track down the guy we need to cook it. I strongly suggest you watch the drama scenes for this one because there's a new character you really have to hear to understand.

Map- Cooking Corridor

We are teamed up with Raspberyl and company again this map. The opposition come in three groups. The Alraunes and Eringas aren't terribly threatening, but the Catsabers can dish out some serious damage with their skill. Try to get the first attack on them if at all possible. You're separated from the enemy by walls of Geo Blocks, you can either clear the Blocks or bombard them with long-range magic. There's nothing much to it.

Drama- Home Ec. Kitchen

Is this really the right classroom? It looks more like a tiger's den to me…
Nah. This is the kitchen, no doubt. See? Instead of the smell of blood and sweat, it smells like roasted meat.
Oh, you're right. It smells good. I'm starting to drool. Lord Mao, you're drooling too?
* slurp* Hmph. My interest lies only with the sunny side up dragon egg. All other food might as well be trash.

Suddenly, a mysterious voice rang out!

????: To denigrate sacred food as trash!? Those are words that will hurt me!
In place of ingredients that can't talk back, I am damned to represent them, boom!
That voice! You must be the Home Ec. teacher. Where are you? Show yourself!
????: Hyahyahya! Where are you looking? I'm right here!

Whaaa!? Someone's inside the food!?
Fire Chaos Style, Kitchen Fist Master! Evil Academy, Home Economics Teacher! I appear by the name of Champloo!!
…You're dripping with sauce.
To harness the taste of food, you must understand the ingredient's mind. Therefore, I had to become one.
Hm? What's with that look? It's as if you just saw something strange?
Oh, no, I'm just a bystander. Don't mind me, please continue.
Indeed I shall. Judging by the looks of it… I don't think you came for class.
Master! It's him! These're the guys who stole our dragon egg an-
That proves your heart was unable to come into contact with the ingredient! Do not blame this on others!
To make up the credits, slice 10,000 potatoes… into julienne fries!
Y, yes, master!

Yeah, seems pretty tough. I can already feel tremors of excitement in my chest.
So… You've got the dragon egg? Let me guess, couldn't crack it?
That's right. No matter what it takes, I must eat this dragon egg sunny side up.
Heh heh heh…
What's so funny!?
Hyahyahya! Someone who knows nothing about the heart of cooking wants to crack a dragon egg? Don't make me laugh!
Cooking comes from the heart! Cooking means always risking your life! Don't underestimate cooking, kid!
Bah! It's only cooking! Nothing is impossible when you have a 1.8 million EQ!
Huh!? Only cooking, you say!? Well then, I challenge you to a cooking battle!
A cooking battle!?
Indeed! To cook is to fight! A clash of passionate burning souls!
A strong, intense heart is the only spice that can sway your ingredients' souls!

The first to break this dragon egg will win this cooking battle!
Heh… My heart is on fire. Didn't think Home Ec. could be this deep.
Umm. Is everyone crazy here but me?
Let's see your true desires! Show me that you can crack this egg before I can, boom!
Alright! I accept your challenge!
Then let us begin! Cooking Battle! Allez Cuisine!!

Map- Home Ec. Kitchen

On this edition of Iron Chef Netherworld, we're going to take part in a spicy hot showdown with Mr. Champloo. Let's take a brief look at the champion.

This is the most substantial opposition we've faced so far. There's six martial artists, three female with fists and three male with swords. There's two Cockatrices, which silence us while we're in contact with them. There's two Eringas, which weaken females they're in contact with. Then there's Mr. Champloo and the Catsaber. Champloo is a master of fists and the Catsaber will Magichange into a powerful fist weapon for him if you let it. Killing it is top priority. Try to kill as many of the martial artists as you can with whoever didn't join the tower to throw someone over to kill the Catsaber. Luckily Beryl and Co. are here again, and this time they'll be hugely helpful. Not only will they help kill the enemies, they'll also soak up attacks so you don't have to. Mr. Champloo has a lot of health and can dish out some serious hits. Try to only hit him with specials, his evility makes his counters brutal. Once they're all down, cross the bridge and kill the Dragon Egg to end the map.

Drama- Home Ec. Kitchen Outro

It was spending, indeed! I saw you true heart for cooking!
Your whole-hearted preparation! Lending a hand to a friend! For this battle, victory truly is yours!
Hmph, you acknowledge your defeat almost too easily. Did you lose on purpose to teach me the heart of cooking?
Heh, cooking is always a serious battle. There's no way I would go easy on you. It was your spirit that was stronger.
…Then let's cook this sunny side up. Fake Hero, it's your job to cook it.
Hyahyahya. There's no need for that, boom!

Huh? What!? When did this- There's a big plate on my head!?
It's sunny side up and worthy of its own dawn! You're no ordinary guy, cooking it before anyone noticed…
Hmph. So you did go easy on me.
But your special abilities seem worthy of analysis.
Hyahyahya! Don't get excited! I look forward to the day I get to cook with you once again! Boom!
Please wait, teacher!
What do you want?
By eating this egg sunny side up, can a demon really open his heart!?
…The fact that he was able to crack the egg is proof of having taken one step closer to the heart of cooking.
You guys may one day be able to reach the legendary Land of Open Hearts.

Uh, uh… That didn't answer my question.
Kyoko, Asuka… We should head back now.
Yes, my Lady.
…Why, Beryl!? Why did you lend me a hand? I assumed you would try to interfere.
Heh… Don't get the wrong idea. I always set Sundays aside for volunteer work. You just got lucky this week.
…Later. Thanks for the refreshing workout.
Have a nice day, everyone.
Hmph… Delinquents…

Back at school, Mao's room…

Yes, of course. It's right here.
Hmm! Then I'm going to eat it! Open, my heart!
…Ehh!? Th, this is…! This taste, it's…!

…Mwaaahhh! This is delicious! Never in my entire life have I ever had such a great tasting egg!
Huh? It's that good?
The yolk has such a golden shine, on the verge of bursting! Its thick yet mellow texture, threatening to melt my tongue!
I don't even know how to respond to that…
The underside is nicely crisped! Yet the surface is perfectly droopy, like the slimy cheeks of an awful thing!
That description doesn't paint a delicious picture.
A double whammy of white and gold happiness that bursts inside my mouth! This is the Armageddon of Egginess!
I don't quite understand, but it looks like it's working! Maybe Lord Mao's heart really is…

Huh? That's it? It's open?
What are you waiting for? Let's go to the Heart Bank!
Oh, right!

And now Mao's heart is open. Boy, this was ominously easy...

Next Time on Disgaea 3: You Again?