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Part 11: Let's Get Saucy

Last time on Disgaea 3 we battled the Home Ec. Teacher Mr. Champloo and ate an egg. Today we go back into Mao's heart.

Drama- Heart Redux

But now, I can finally say goodbye to it.
So, do you really think that you completely opened your heart?
Not just think, I know I did it. I may not be able to see it, but I can feel it.
…I hope so.
Why're you so skeptical? You're acting like a demon.
Shhhh! Don't jinx it.
Hmph… We're going in, servant boy.

Back inside Mao's Heart…

Drama- Grudgeful Memory Intro

(I may not be worthy now, but I, Almaz will take back my title as hero! And then I will defeat the Overlord!)
(Actually, I think I'll leave the Overlord beating on the side for now.)
(If I waste any more time, I may turn into a demon forever…)
(Yeah, I gotta stop that first. If anything, I'll have to find a way to steal my title back from Mao.)
What are you mumbling about?
Oh, no, nothing! Hmmm, doesn't this place look a little different than before?
Did you forget? The heart is always changing. So what it looks like changes as well.
I guess that makes sense.
Indeed! This is growth! Evolution! This is the proof that I continue to progress!

Enter the Vato Brothers!

Stop calling us losers! We're the Vato Bros., ese!
Hmph, so this time, it's all three of you at once, huh? But how did you get into my heart without permission!?
Odelay, a kind passerby gave us your address, homes.
What!? Who'd help you? Besides, you still shouldn't be able to enter my heart without permission!
And believe me, I'd remember giving you guys permission because it would never happen!
Well here we are now, weddo. Wattcha gonna do 'bout it?
(I wonder what's going on…)
(First Miss Beryl, and now these guys are here? Maybe his heart was always open to begin with.)
Don't mock me! This place should be off-limits to you losers! Go on, get out of here!

You haven't progressed at all! And you're not even using your own powers!
These guys are…
I throw your words right back at you. Your heart's been whining to us about how you haven't progressed.
Haha. We became friends with the residents inside your heart!
You sure are an honor student, homes. Even your own heart is fed up with you!
…So, are you prepared to fight your heart? It's your only true ally, weddo. I hope you're ready…
Heh heh heh… My only ally? Don't dare mock me with those words. You really don't know me, do you?
I've had no allies to begin with! Not a single one!
I've always just believed in myself! Your pathetic tactic won't work on me! Muuhahahahaha!

Map- Grudgeful Memory

This is an interesting map. It's covered in EXP + 50% Geo Blocks. Despite the intro we are not actually fighting the Vatos, instead we're fighting six mid-level marionettes. The first time you visit there's an easy to spot chain that will clear most of the blocks, filling the Bonus Meter to 9. It's worth it to lose some of the extra experience this time around for that. In future visits the chain is impossible, but you can easily set things up to allow large EXP bonuses with the blocks. This map will be a good leveling map for a decent amount of time.

Drama- Grudgeful Memory Outro

…But don't get too excited that you beat us this time. We've got your weakness figured out now!
While you were busy fighting, we lied, cheated, and stole your heart, homes.
Next time we meet, you're goin' down… Go choke on that, weddo.
My weakness… They stole my heart? Who does that!?
Huh? I think they dropped something. I wonder if this is that weakness they were talking about?
Hey, isn't this… a game console?
Hey! Don't turn it on…!
Sorry. I already did.

The past…

Dad! What are you doing!?
Oh? Did I just step on something?
Don't "Oh?" me! You've destroyed everything! Not my SlayStation®Portable!?
Oh, sorry. I didn't see it. Calm down, I'll buy you a new one.
Do you have any idea what you've done?
Look, even when you buy me another one, I'll never get my save data back! Give back my 4 million hours of playing time!
Oh hoh. That must've been a really fun game to play.
It was! The Super Hero was really crazy. He dies, but then he gets revived with everyone's prayers or something.
I want to beat a hero like that someday. But before that, I'll beat you. Dad! No matter what it takes!
Oh? Beat me, you say? Hahaha, you sure can talk now. I feel confident for you.
No signs of regret… You are indeed the boss of the Netherworld! Anyway, how many times have you stepped on my stuff?
Hmm, I think it has been… Maybe 2 or 3 times?
Try 19!
…Listen, I'm serious. Don't come crying and apologizing to me later!
One day, I shall get revenge for my hardcore save data!

I mean, I sympathize with you for losing 4 million hours of play time, but you don't have to defeat him over it.
I have no need to defeat him? Didn't you come here for the exact same reason?
Well, yeah, but… My motivation is completely different.
Hmph. I'm telling you now, I'm the one who's going to defeat the Overlord.

Resting in peace…?
Yes! For the data that was killed!
The ultimate hidden boss, Level 9999 Tyrant Baal, was within reach. But without a fight, there is no closure!
They must be bitterly disappointed! They'll never settle it, even in death!
Oh, you're so right… (Talking is useless now…)

At the Heart Vault…

Drama- Heart Vault Redux Intro

Never use salt and pepper!
Huh? Who are these guys!? They have my face…
What!? How many of them are there!?
Ah hah! You prefer salt and pepper, don't you!? Warning! Warning! Salt and Pepper Lover found!
Kill all Salt and Pepper Lovers!
Annihilate all Salt and Pepper Lovers!
Hmm, now what? Looks like they're all after you.
But… why me?
You're a Salt and Pepper Lover. Those who don't immediately praise hot sauce must be killed.

Map- Heart Vault Redux

We're back in the Heart Vault, faced with seven Saucy Maos. Two have axes, two spears, two staves, and one a sword. The Saucy Mao with a sword has much more health than the others. The two with staves have Ice magic, just like Mao. They also share his Evility, giving them 5% more stats per unit you deploy. There is one difference, though. Instead of being resistant to Ice, they are weak against it. The map provides a set of Geo Panels each of which has a different beneficial effect in choke point between the Base Panel and the rest of the map. Try to camp out on the best ones with your toughest characters. Watch out for the axe Maos trashing people with Big Swing Slicer and the spear Maos hitting anyone directly behind your front line. If you're having trouble, go back to Grudgeful Memory and play it a few more times over.

Drama- Heart Vault Redux

What was that just now?
Those were the Saucy Maos.
You again…
I am the guardian of your heart. So I'm always here.
No. Your role ends today. This vault has already been opened by my will!!
Now! Release your contents, my evil, evil heart!!
…What are you doing?
Well, um, he ate the legendary dragon egg, sunny side up, so… Will Lord Mao's heart open up?
…Are you two really that stupid?
…Well, I didn't really believe it. But I was stupid enough to have a hint of hope.
Why isn't my heart opening? I'm sure I poured enough hot sauce onto the egg-

Um, I don't think that's the problem…
Dammit! It was a mistake to have ever tasted the hot sauce in the first place! Why didn't I choose salt and pepper!?
I don't get it! Why was I so bent on using hot sauce? What's so good about that drippy, red, liquefied chili!?
What!? But you were so into hot sauce.
…Oh, right. I remember Mr. Geoffrey saying…

(Could it be that defeating those Saucy Maos made him hate hot sauce? I guess that makes sense…)
(Man! I shouldn't be wasting my time on this! I have to hurry or I'll turn into a demon!)
(What am I supposed to do? I just want this stupid nightmare to end…)

And that's Episode 2. Get ready for our exciting coming attractions, after these messages.

Episode 2 Ending

Next Time on Disgaea 3: Well That's No Surprise.