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Part 18: Ice Princess

Last time on Disgaea 3 we battled against our teachers. Today, we meet a new friend and finally get to class!

Map- Chaotic Chill

This map has the potential to be quite difficult. There are gunners waiting on Geo Panels that make them incredibly powerful. They will not move from them, so take advantage of the area they threaten. You'll need to tower throw over to one of the blocks providing the Geo Effects and destroy it on the first turn. Make sure everyone you throw out is pretty robust, though, because there are Mystic Beasts on the map that tend to hit really hard.

Drama- Eternal Teardrop Intro

What was that? An enemy!?

Oh no, oh no! My first day at a new school and I've already cast a friend into the darkness!
Oh! I did it again! My second one today! At this rate, I won't have any friends! What am I doing!?

Huh? What's gotten a weakling like you aggressive for, all of a sudden…?
Wait right there! I'm going to rescue you right now!
Huh!? A new enemy!
Oh no! My reflexes again! Err, why do I always…?
What do you think you're doing!? You just killed my servant!
Oh, I'm sorry… I'm such a terrifying killing machine by nature, I… Please forgive me.
Oh, ho ho. A killing machine? So, do you come here often?
Wa… Wait…! Lord Mao, we're still going to class, right? We better hurry…
Oh? You're still alive…
You sound disappointed…
You're going to class? I was on my way to class, too. Might we be classmates, perhaps?

I just moved here, so I barely know anything about this school. I hope you can help meout.
Of course! It'd be my pleasure, Princess!
Princess? …Your change in attitude, red face, sudden spike in body temp and heart rate… She must be the-
Wait, Lord Mao!

So she is your Princess… What a coincidence, running into her right now.
But, what is your need to fluster? Aren't you happy?
This situation is… As the saying goes, a moth to the flame.
…Well, I'm happy I got to meet her, but I can't face her in this condition…
Are you saying that becoming a demon is shameful to you? …Hmph. You humans care about such weird things.
Fine. I will stay quiet for you. But in return…
…In return!?
Fake Hero… You must forever be my servant.

Heh heh heh. Did you think asking a demon for a favor wouldn't cost you?
Live and learn. You have a lifetime to regret it.
(…Either way, I'm still his servant. Once I'm back to normal, everything should work out. Eh, I'll just lie!)
…Alright, I promise. I'll be your servant forever.
…That's what you say, but you plan on running away the moment you become human again, don't you?
Oh? Uh, um, no… Of course not!
…Hmph. It's not like I trust you anyway. I just wanted to test your loyalty.
(Uh… did I just make Mao's heart even more closed up? All because I'm not used to lying but did it anyway?)
You're wasting our time. Onward, to the classroom!

* gasp* P, Princess!?
Hmm, you're still here?
Come on now, classmates. We're gonna be late for class.
System Message: Sapphire somehow went ahead and joined your group of friends!
How did Princess-
Hey! I'll allow servants to join, but what's with this friend thing!?
Sapphire Don't you think it might be quite difficult for you to overcome this situation alone?

Hngh! That's what I thought. Now, let us fight them together!
(Oh no! I have to protect the Princess!)
(Almaz! You can do it! Now's the time to squeeze out every bit of courage! Protect the Princess with my life!)

Map- Eternal Teardrop

I'm going to be up front and say I sort of screw something up playing this map, although it was nothing bad enough to make me re-record. The map's covered in very unfavorable Geo Panels that will slow you down while the Warslugs, who are somewhat nasty casters, plow into you. You need to throw over to one of the symbols and take it out. I could have gotten a larger chain if I'd thrown to the other side of the map than I did.

Also, Sapphire's joined us. She starts with a gun, and she's good with guns, bows, axes, and staves, and naturally learns healing magic. Her evility raises the stats of adjacent male allies much like Rozalin's passive in Disgaea 2. I strongly suggest guns for her, axes are a solid weapon choice and all but her aptitudes are much more supportive of guns. She's a very versatile character and especially in the main game that makes her golden.

Drama- Eternal Teardrop Outro

Princesses have been kidnapped by the Overlord since ancient times. But waiting around isn't in my nature.
That's why I've decided to defeat the Overlord before I get kidnapped. Kill or be killed, right?
So to learn more about demons, I applied to Evil Academy. They say you've got to enter the tiger's den to steal her cub.
(Huh? That's a different story from the one I heard…)
And you plan to win against the Overlord? Huh, it's too impossible for a human princess, I would think.
Hehehe, just because I'm a princess doesn't mean I'm very ladylike. I'm a tad more robust than most princesses.
You're quite interesting, for a human. Alright, you'll make an excellent specimen. You may also be my servant.
Wait a sec! What's this about a specimen?
It's more convenient to keep her nearby to analyze your crush energy.

No! That's… I forbid it!
Heh heh, you think you have a choice? Hey Princess, let's go attend class.
Indeed, let us.
…By the way, Sir Mao was it? Are you really a demon? It seems your title says Hero.
Oh, don't mind that. I got it to beat the Overlord, but it turned out to be useless. I'm trying to get rid of it.
To beat the Overlord!? It seems we'll be getting along fine! As we both share the same goals, we should mingle more!
Lord Mao and the Princess… mingling!?
What? Is there a problem?
Hehehe, looks like I won't even have to plot a scheme to get this crush energy. How do you like them apples, Fake Hero?
Err… Demons are so tricky.

In class…

I was interested in "How to captivate people."
You're studying on your own, even when there's no teacher? What a terribly crazy delinquent you are…
My lady! This many students…? I didn't think anyone other than us attended class…
This is an unprecedented attendance rate. It's a miracle it ever exceeded 10%!
Huh, no teachers, not many students. This classroom breakdown is fairly what I had expected from demons.
Hm? Who're you? Haven't seen your face around here. Might you be the rumored transfer student?
But… you're with Mao. What are you and Mao-
Ohhh! Aren't you a cutesy little demon!? So small… you're like a little snow fairy!
I am not small! I just have a big heart!
So now what? What's with the sparkly eyes…? Don't come any closer to me!

Hey- wai- don't touch me! Don't hug me! I'm not a doll, you know? I can't breathe…! Mghhhhh…
My Lady!? Please be alright!
Ah!? Could this possibly be one of the 48 affection skills, "Embrace"?
That was a bit sudden… That princess girl is quite excited now.
You see, the princess loves cutesy things more than anything.
Anyway, whenever she sees something cutesy, her natural reflex is for her to act like that.
Hmm. Being the one receiving this sudden excitement must be horrible. It's downright bothersome.
…You're the one to talk.
…Phwahh! Transfer student! If you're gonna interfere with my studies, go outside, will ya!?
Oh. Excuse my actions. I won't bother you again, so can I stay in this class with you?
…You better not interfere any more. The good part's about to start.
Good part? "How to captivate someone," right? What kind of ability could this be?
Rasperyl: Just watch. It's about to start.

This is it, love! With my 1.8 million EQ, I shall chart this mechanism to completion!
Shh! Shut up and watch!
Now, thrust out your butt. And we're gonna move it smoothly.
One, two, one, two. Wiggle wiggle, twist twist.
Hmmmm…!? Watching this teacher is making my heart feel all fluttery…
* huff* * huff* What is this sense of euphoria!? I've never felt such twinkling in my chest! Krrh…!
So this is what a crush is like!? I didn't think it was this effective! The strength of love energy!
Well, actually, I think it's just a natural phenomenon for boys.
Now, everyone together! Kay! One, two, one, two.
Hmm, like this, right!? Like this!? One, two, one, two.
Heh, pretty good moves you've got there, Mao!
…So this is a demon class?

Right, I got it! Now the energy of the crush is mine!
This is perfect! My heart is open! Now let us go… to the Heart Bank! Muhahahahahaha!


The rest will be up to the lower ranked officers. I will begin investigating the sophomores with more severe resistance.
Yes. Understood. All for our leader…

That's the second time we've seen that strange woman, and this time was much more bzzt…

bzzt… sinister. You know these strange interruptions have all seemed somehow… connected. I'm sure they'll make sense later. Anyway, back at the Heart Bank…

Stop with that annoying, hopeful look in your eyes. I never said anything about taking you.
Princess! Please go back to the human world!
Ohh? You finally decided to make yourself useful. How rare.
Why are you telling me to go home all of a sudden?
The Netherworld is not the easygoing place you think it might be!
If you don't want to die, please go back to the human world! Stop following us!
Ah, I am impressed. Indeed, I feel the same way. You say some good things every once in a while.
Mr. Geoffrey!
It's such a nuisance to have more weirdoes flocking around the Young Master. Please go home, all of you.
You just casually included me in that, didn't you?
Anyway! We demons and you humans live in completely different worlds! To be honest, you're disturbi-

Don't argue with me. I am interested in a demon's heart. I am going with you.
Hmmhmhmhm. I didn't expect a human to be this forceful. Beyond calculations. Now what…?
Hey… you still alive?
(Princess! The Princess… She touched me! I can die without regrets now…)
(No, not yet! If I die here, who will protect her from danger? Well… me, that's who!)
(That's right! With her here, my courage is a million times stronger! I am the man who will fight for her honor!)
…Writhing in pain, yet smiling happily on the ground. That man's got skill. Anyway, I'm going ahead, too.
…Geez. Why can the Princess walk right into my heart without permission, too?
Ah!? It must be because my heart's opened up from the crush lesson!

Exit Mao, enter Raspberyl.

…I'm surprised he showed up to class, and that's what this is all about.
A crush, huh? Mao's got his eyes on a terrible thing.
The greatest admiration us badasses can give! The ultimate heart rush!
So, Fake Hero… Do you think Mao's heart is open?
*cough * *cough * Prob… ably …n… not sure… it's open.
Probably? It didn't even open with a dragon egg. It can't be that easy for him.
I… need to bring back the Princess, quick.
All that aside, it looks like your title's changed.

Ahhh! Not again! And this time, it's Demon Lover!?
Oh no! I need to return to normal and take the Princess back to the human world! Time's running out!
With the Princess? You knew her from before?
Well that's, um…
Oh! Are you blushing!? I saw that in an encyclopedia! Could it possibly be that you have a crush on the Princess!?
* gasp* Um, yes… But it's a secret, okay?
Whoa, cool! It's my first time seeing it for real! A live crush! Gimme an autograph later!
Okay, alright. But you gotta keep it a secret, okay?
I'm the No. 1 Badass of this school. Of course I'll keep it a secret. I would like to help you too, but I've got class.
Good luck, Fake Hero. I'll cheer you on from the shadows.
Okay! I'll be alright! With the Princess, I can be strong! That's the power of a crush!

Inside Mao's Heart…

…Fake Hero, I will begin programming the simulation for the love mechanism now.
I need to concentrate, so that leaves you to take care of the Princess.
Huh? Oh, okay! With pleasure!

Next Time on Disgaea 3: Dad