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Part 23: The Sophomore Leader, Master Big Star

Last time on Disgaea 3 we learned the seniors are up to no good. Today, we meet up with the last remnants of opposition to their plans!

We're going to start with more rumors.

Oh, I didn't know you wanted to die so young.
…Oh, no. You're number one, of course, Master.

Do you know where the senior classrooms are?
I only take care of the freshmen, dood. The sophomores might know.
Or maybe our savior, Prinny Mask might know everything, dood…
Prinny Mask…?

Catsaber: That's such a clash of styles from someone I know, meow.
Grhh… Want me to stick you in the microwave?

Sorceror: …Ah, on no. I'm not allowed to talk to bad boy honor students! I forgot. Tehe.
And finally… Almost all freshmen have become delinquents. It's not going to be easy clearing out the scum.

Stop it, you delinquent. Don't go cleaning other people's rooms.
Why not? Is there something you don't want other people seeing?
No! There's nothing like that! I just don't like the idea of having it cleaned up!

Eringi: We're planning to repaint the legends you've created soon, gii.
Hehehe, try it. I won't lose to no fake badasses.

I'm going to go get brainwashed, too!
Whaaa!? What about the students!?
Saving the students earns me nothing, not even a single HL! I love yielding to power!

So if I ask a sophomore, I'll find out where the senior classrooms are.
I'm sure that the seniors are stronger, so you need to hurry or they'll all be gone.

So we need to go talk to the sophomores. Maybe Geoffrey can help us with that.

Drama- Chain Death Battle Intro

…Hmph. What's so great about that?
The gate to their classrooms is known for always being closed.
It is rumored that what lies beyond the gate is a vast and dangerous place. Please be careful.

And sure enough, we are thrust into the middle of a pitched battle between the Sophomores and Seniors as soon as we arrive.

A war of Sophomores vs. Seniors? Muhahaha, what a show! They look like trash!

What!? Did you just call me stupid!?
You don't protect what you must. You don't do what you must. Who, other than you, can I call a stupid leader?
Grr…! Those aren't even my subordinates!
Fool. You have no right to lead anyone. Blind to weakness, irresponsible… The Overlord's son? Tsk, tsk.
How dare you speak to me like that!? Who are you, anyway!?
Why, my name is-

…Very well. All sophomores are to head to the main battlefield.
But Master Big Star, there are still remnants of the enemy forces on that field.
The Overlord's son… I shall leave this place to you.
I hope you can show me a little potential for becoming the next Overlord. Hmhmhm.
…Such haughtiness! Who does he think he is?
Master Big Star, of course. He's like, amazing in many ways.
Master Big Star is the Sophomore Class Leader. It's my first time seeing him, but he lives up to his reputation.
Indeed. He has quite the caliber for being a leader, unlike Sir Mao.
Exactly! Master Big Star's power is what kept the sophomores from getting caught by the seniors' hypnosis attacks.
Like a fruit in season, the taste of his heart is strong!
Hmph! Enough of your lecturing! You guys are too cocky for being my servants!

Map- Chain Death Battle

Welcome to the hardest map so far in Disgaea 3 by a huge margin. We're up against absolute swarms of Kunoichi, Ninjas, Exorcists, and Samurai. What's worse, the whole 'fortress' area has the Evade effect, which is going to make the ninja type characters even harder to hit than they'd normally be. All the enemies are high level and all of them hit hard. This is where you seriously have to take some time and level up to match the power of the enemy, because it's easy to just end up not able to withstand their attacks. The only mercy is that these four classes tend to be very glassy, so at least you won't have to worry about it taking forever to kill them as well. One thing you can do is lift up the block that provides the Evade effect during your turn then replace it before their turn, letting you benefit from Evade while negating it for the enemy. Don't feel bad about returning to the Organized Corridor a time or ten before going for this map, it's a huge step up from the last one.

Drama- Chain Death Battle Outro

Let's go after that Master Big Star guy. I'll make him atone for looking down on my powers.
And after that, we'll make him cough up the location of the senior classrooms. I bet he knows where they are.
Uh, however, before that, Sir Mao…
What is it now, Princess? Are you going to stop me? I see how defeating the Overlord lines up with your goals.
Well that is true, but do you want to try opening up your heart soon?

Well, it seems pretty useless trying to stack up all these words, so I thought it best to take action.
Taking action is fine and all, but you were quick to give up and that might be a little forced.
It's a noble sacrifice to turn you back into a hero. It might hurt a little, but he's a big boy. He can take it.
Oh, don't worry. I read in a book that demons can't die from this.
That's a lie! What did you think demons are!? I could have infinite lives and it still wouldn't be enough!
Hey, wait, Sir Mao!
He's quick to run away.
…Um, Princess?
What is it, Almaz?
Why are you trying to hard to help me…?
To help a commoner like me who you've never even met before…?

I've known you for a long time. I never forgot you since the day of my mother's funeral.
The Queen's…?
You were a guard of the kingdom. Everyone made fun of you because you wanted to be a hero.
Wha? How do you know all that?
…I like you.
Like, like-like!?

Uh, can we get back to the liking business…?
Hmm, maybe the chainsaw was a little too painful… Then how about-
Wh, wha, uh, Sir Mao, wait for us! What about a sharp scalpel? It won't hurt… much!

(And how does she know me, anyway? I'm just a typical guard. How did she know who I am!?)
(She remembers me from the day of the Queen's funeral? Did I do something bad on that day…?)
(No, I don't think I did anything that would stick in the Princess' memory…)
(…Then, why? *sigh * I don't get any of this!)

Real quick let's throw out another map with absolutely no story just to get it out of the way.

Map- Rotten Grudge

After the last map this is refreshingly easy. A group of zombies will advance towards you across a long Geo Block bridge, but honestly the effects aren't terribly negative to you and can mostly be ignored. There's not much to the map and you should be able to destroy it if you beat the last one.

Next Time on Disgaea 3: Master Big Star- Friend or Foe?