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Part 26: The Reckoning

Last time on Disgaea 3 we got our clocks cleaned by the Diez Gentleman Salvatore the Magnificent, and this time we'll see exactly how poorly Mao took defeat.

Drama- Episode 6 Intro

You did barely win against an enemy that didn't wanna use her powers.
Mrrr… I want power…! Power that won't lose to anyone…!
It's either I fix up my body into an invincible cyborg or a superalloy robot. But both take too much time and effort.
Hmm… isn't there a way to simply level up instantly or something…
Why are you always cheating? Every game requires a diligent and gradual level up process.
But they also have cheat codes. Like max out our levels instantly… What was it? Up, up, down, down…
That's cheating!
I'm all for cheating! I don't have time! I must stop the seniors from defeating my dad before I get to, no matter what!
And I'm not the only one who has to worry about the time. You've got your own ticking clock to worry about.
…You're right. Let's cheat.
Well, cheating is fine and dandy, but this isn't a game, it's real life. So, how can we cheat?

Don't even pretend to be surprised by this.

Mr. Geoffrey, you're alive? I thought you died earlier…
Hmhmhm. I thought that might happen, so I wore a bulletproof vest. Haha.
Then why did you have to act like that?
You said I can beat the Diez Gentlemen. So, how do I do that?
Yes. You must enter your heart once again. There, you shall pull out your potential powers.
Potential powers, huh? That thing heroes and allies of justice always have hidden up their sleeves, right?
Directly tampering with a heart to find potential is the same as emphasizing the taste of using complimentary spices.
Indeed. Potential power is controlled by the subconscious heart. If we free them, Young Master's powers will be unleashed.
Is it kind of like how getting rid of Hot Sauce Loving Mao made him hate hot sauce?
That's how you drag our potential power? What about reviving from the brink of death or your best friend dying?

But isn't it pretty dangerous to be using force against his heart? I thought you were against that…
Well, it just means that situations have changed. I don't see a problem with it now.
You have flexible morals, don't you?
Though messing with the heart can be dangerous, it's not like you can take your sweet time leveling up.
And by fighting alongside all of you, the Young Master's heart has matured. He should be fine to a certain point.
What!? Don't say such horrifying things! What's gotten into you?
I see. I'm somewhat relieved. At least Sir Mao's heart has grown up a little bit.
Looks like I've got to watch out. Next up, we need to bring out my potential powers, too.
Stop talking already! We're going to the Heart Bank!
(Mao's heart is growing… I don't know if it's true or not, but it makes me happy.)
(If by being with us, Mao's trauma was even slightly relieved, that's meaningful enough for me.)

…Hmhmhm. It's a fickle thing, the subconscious.
Make sure to release every single potential power now. I'm counting on you.
Well then, I should be going. I must prepare for the great climax…

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