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Part 27: Potential

Last time on Disgaea 3 we set out to unlock Mao's hidden potential. Today we do just that!

Drama- Evil Mind Vortex Intro

Wh, what is it, Almaz?
Pardon my abruptness, but why did you remember me?
That really was abrupt!
I'm sorry. I've been curious since you told me.
Uh… I had never actually met you.
But you see, you still consoled me.
What do you mean?
I told you that I can't cry, right? I'm an ungrateful princess who can't even shed a tear. I heard the rumors.
"Not a single tear during the funeral." "She doesn't even cry in her own room." "She's not tough, just cold-blooded."
"The Princess has some nerve, not crying for her mother, the Queen!" "She's such an unlovable princess."
That's terrible! It's easy to judge by looking at the surface!
But it's not like they looked into your heart. How would they know you weren't really-
But that's it.

"A hero must answer the call of the voiceless voices!"
"Lady Sapphire is alone in her sadness. The Princess grieves in her own ways. Look at her hair." I heard.
That time…! You were listening? It was just a coincidence-
I just happened to notice that a lock of your beautiful hair had been cut short…
It's exactly as you said. I cut off a lock of hair and secretly placed it inside my mother's coffin.
She had always praised my hair. Though, afterwards, my grandmother scolded me for it…
The only ones who noticed the change in my hair were my father, grandmother, and you, Almaz.
That voice then… I've never forgotten.
* sniff* Princesssss…
Why are you crying? Are you going to cry for me?

You can ignore those heartless words! I'll make sure I erase them all!
I will protect you for life! I, Almaz von Almandine Adamant, will die for you, Lady Sapphire!
Almaz… No, you can't.
If you were to die, I would be greatly saddened.
Huh? Why's that?
Hmm, I wonder why. I'm not exactly sure. What do you think?
Don't ask me… I'm more confused about this than you are…
Ahh! My lady, watch this! It's a love scene like we read about in our study guides!
Could it be possible they might do the high-level skill from the 48 expressions of affection, the "Kiss"!?
Calm down! Don't get too panicky! Kyoko, you go get the camera! Asuka, you prepare for the interviews!
Um, do you mind not mocking us?

Subconscious: We are the subconscious! Defeat us and become very strong.
But don't forget about that one time. Oh, that one time…
I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm scared…
So these are my subconsciouses! If I get rid of them, I'll become stronger, right?
But they're acting strange! Afraid of something… It's as if they are milk bottles nearing expiration!
So what! It doesn't matter! It's my subconscious. I wouldn't know anyway!
Let the subconscious subside! There's no need to hesitate!
Muhahaha! I will become stronger! Stronger than anyone! Strongerrrrr!

Map- Evil Mind Vortex

This map represents another jump in difficulty. We're up against White Dragons, who are somewhat nasty casters specializing in Ice. The real problem comes from a combination of the size of the map and the Enemy Level + effect all the enemies are standing on. If you don't get to the enemies fast enough they will become insurmountably powerful. A combination of tower throws and ranged attacks are essential to clearing this map. To some extent you can 'power' through it, but all that really does is give you a larger window to reach the enemies.

Drama- Evil Mind Vortex Outro

Hmm… I feel slightly, somewhat, maybe a little stronger… But it's nowhere near close to what I need.
However, if I continue to beat them, I should become stronger, according to my calculations.
…Let me guess, Mr. Geoffrey told you.
Oh? Your subconscious seems to have dropped something. Is this… a book?
Oh, I have that comic, too. I remember seeing it in Mao's room…
Oh, let's see. What kind of comic is it?

How many times must he break my game! How will I exact vengeance for my blood, sweat, tears, and 4 million hours!?

Huh? Who are you…?
…Ah, that face! That look! I've seen you before!
…I see, so it's finally Dad's turn. I thought you might be coming to defeat him soon.
Mystery Man: Oh, so you're the son of the Overlord? But you knew me, just by looking at my face?
Muhahaha. Don't underestimate me. I will one day rule the Netherworld. I am devoted to various research.
Of course I did my research on you. I have everything that relates to you. Games, comics, you name it.
Mystery Man: Hahaha, well I'm honored.
Now listen carefully. My dream is to become a great Overlord who can one day fight a rival like you!
And I will defeat him after a deadly battle, and then the evil world will prosper forever!!
But before that…!
Mystery Man: Yes…?

Mystery Man: Haha… A simple request, my little friend.
…How's this?
Whoa! Do you always carry around paper and a marker!? You're well prepared!
Alright then, in return, I'll tell you where my Dad is.
Mystery Man: Thank you. I'm sure this will be my last adventure. I would love to bathe in the glory.
Mystery Man: As far as I know, your father is the strongest Overlord.
That's right. You've got a keen eye for power.
Mystery Man: Which means, my task is over after this. I can finally welcome some rest.
I see. So you're finally retiring… Alright, then I'll tell you my Dad's weak points.
I really wanna teach my dad a lesson. I'll help you out.
Mystery Man: Oh?
But in exchange, promise me… Here, come closer.

…Got it? Is it a promise?
Mystery Man: Alright, I promise. You are already a friend of mine. And friends never betray each other.
…Hmph, friends huh?
Mystery Man: Oh, do you like that?
Who'd like that, ever! "Demons must relish solitude."
Mystery Man: Oh, is that so…
They're "Oaths of a Demon" that I came up with. I will one day stand at the top of all demons.
Mystery Man: I see. Then good luck to you. You can do it. One day, you'll be a great Overlord…

…I don't know.
You don't know? But wasn't that your own memory?
Must've been a subconscious. I don't know.
Could that have been… Wait, but, could it be…
Could it be what? Don't tease us. Just say it.
Oh, sorry. That man, it might've been-
You don't have to say it! I said it was subconscious!
We're supposed to get rid of them! We don't have time to chat!

So it was he who cast this dark shadow into Mao's heart…

Drama- Howl of Agony Intro

Weakness, prejudice, disbelief, and pride…
Mao and his crew journeyed through the heart, and with some cooperation, cleared the subconscious obstacles, one by one.
But after a while, they came to a realization. Subconsciouses are cautious, and cowardly.
They live in hidden corners of the heart that even Mao himself cannot find. Once they realized this, they decided to head towards the remote frontier.
And thus, Mao and his crew finally arrived. The hidden village of the heart in the frontier, where the subconsciouses gather…

This is a convenient thing to have.
If we annihilate everyone in this hidden village, we can bring out more of Mao's potential powers, right?
It sucks to let Mao get ahead of me, but it's a badass' job to help her rival grow… So, let's do this!
If only this convenience can accompany Sir Mao's heart opening up, it'll kill two birds with one stone.

Subconscious: Nothing good will come from dragging out your potential powers.
I don't want to. I don't want to. I don't want to. I don't want to.
My subconsciouses disobey me!? I'm bringing my potential powers to their fullest glory!
It's only proper that you willingly cooperate with me! Now die! Perish for me!

Map- Howl of Agony

This map is even more of a pain than the last. We're up against reapers, who are powerful caster monsters. To make matters worse, they're all on top of tall towers of Geo Blocks that make them invulnerable. Scattered around the room are Geo Blocks that match the colors of the towers. You need to get the blocks and use them to clear the towers, at which point you can crush the reapers. Do your best to minimize how many characters need to spend time in range of the reapers, because they can and will cast wind spells down on you, and have as much healing capability between items and spells as possible. This is really going to set the tone for a lot of the maps to come, it's both a power contest and a Geo puzzle.

Drama- Howl of Agony Outro

Muhahaha! Wonderful! So this is what it feels like to release your potential! I feel every evil fiber of my being!
…I hope it's not just your imagination again. You are pretty quick to make assumptions, after all.
Are you blind? Look at this! The super moves I wasn't able to use before are all available to me now!
Oh, you're right. …Cool.
Now, it looks like you might be able to stand up against the Diez Gentlemen.
Indeed. It was time well spent and it produced a good broth, boom.
Hehe, pretty good, Mao. That's why you're my rival.
Hmph. Looks like I made you meddle in more of my work.
You don't need to thank me. It's just volunteer work. It's all a piece of cake to me.
Then it's a good thing I didn't thank you.

Huh? Mao?
Did you all hear that?
I heard it alright, Princess. Still cynical in most ways, but it sounded like he complimented me.
Maybe one of those subconsciouses we defeated made him more honest.
Which might mean that Sir Mao's heart could be open now.
No, it's too hard to tell. We've already had our hopes shattered too many times by speculating.
What's a man who's gonna become a hero being so negative for? Let's go check it out.
Miss Beryl's right. If there's a remote chance, we shouldn't miss it.
But it's only a remote chance…

So, after completing Howl of Agony, we've gained access to Mao's ultimate skill, Vasa Aergun. It's a lot like Rozalin's Rose Liberation from Disgaea 2, in more ways than one. The major difference is that it affects an 'x' shaped area instead of a cross. It hits really hard and we'll be using it a lot for the rest of the game.

Next Time on Disgaea 3: Of Demons and Heroes