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Part 31: An Eye For an Eye

Last time on Disgaea 3 we learned that Aurum is the Senior Class Leader and author of our problems. Today Mao decides to do something about it.

Drama- Episode 7 Intro

Totally blindsided! And to think that I've been looking up to that traitor as a role model?
He tricked us, and betrayed Mao! What a fearful honor student! He even puts demons to shame!
But I still don't understand why the seniors are brainwashing the freshmen into becoming delinquents.
It's best if we don't think about it in demon standards. The Super Hero is a human. And humans are complicated.
You're right. Thinking back on it, Mr. Geoffrey didn't really act like a demon.
Indeed. With his undemonlike spirited enthusiasm, he was trying to raise Mao to be a great demon… no, Overlord.
Raise a demon…? I've never heard of such a thing.
…It's a lie.
It's a lie! It's a lie! It has to be a lie! That can't be the real Super Hero!
Sir Aurum, the legendary hero of justice and courage, would never do such horrible things!

No, that would be you.
Almaz! Are you such a fool that you can only see the dishes that are laid out before you!?
…Oh! Mao!

(For me to be tricked!? Inconceivable! Right… he was like that then, too! Not just once… but twice!)
(He's an enemy I could never hate more! And to have him by my side that whole time and not know!? What a fool I am!)
(Dammit! I couldn't even see through his lie! He duped me! …What am I!?)
Heroes! Humans! They're all good-for-nothings!
You think he's a friend for one moment, and then he insults you beyond belief! How can I vent this humiliation!?
Hmph. That's right. I have one right here. A human and a fake hero!
Now, Mao…
I can't stand you! Go ahead and die!
Sir Mao! Stop it!
He's gonna kill me!
What!? He stopped?
Hmm? My arms… won't move… Why!?
…I see. That fake hero title must be getting in my way.

Mao… Did you stop on purpose?
Don't be stupid! It couldn't have been! Now that most of my subconsciouses are gone, I should have full control!
If there are any exceptions, then it's that fake hero title I got from you, liar!
…You don't know that. Maybe you just don't realize it, but your heart is actually…
Urrrgh! Shut up! Don't try to turn this into your own perverse sentimental story!
I got it! I'll prove to you how badly I hate humans right now with my own actions!
What are you-
"A demon must instill fear in as many humans as possible!"
Muh heh heh heh! I've decided! To get even for all that time he's played me for a fool…
I will destroy… the human world!!
What!? Destroy the human world!?

I understand how you might feel, but that won't make you feel any better.
You're right! That's not enough! Hehehe, let's see. I can round up all the humans for a grand experiment!
Get me and I'll give it back a million fold! An eye for an eye, experiment for experiment! That's the demon's way!
Are you sure you don't just wanna do experiments…?
Just you wait, humans! I'll show you how fearful my vengeance can be!

Was it because of the gratuitous release of potential, without consulting the recipe?
At this rate, our precious dish will turn out repugnant!
Could this have been a part of his plan, as well?
Urrrrgghh! How could I let this happen?

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