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Part 36: Contempt

Last time on Disgaea 3 we resolved to defeat the Super Hero. Today we learn he's kind of an asshole.

Seriously at least watch the intro, you really miss out on how damn crazy Aurum is if you aren't listening to his rants.

Drama- Super Hero's Requiem Intro

What a drastic change since the brief time I was away. What's with this dazzling cleanliness?
Oh my, even the corners… *touch * See, not a single speck of dust!
I've never seen floors polished this clean! It even sparkles!
This is just amazing. Kyoko, Asuka, take pictures.
As expected of the Super Hero, I guess. At least this cleanliness is something we should strive for.
But should you really look up to someone who is squatting in someone else's home…?
…Looks like Mao's guess was right on. Here's our greeting.

…Why are you here?
You were supposed to head to the human world.
So it was his plan to tempt Mao to destroy the human world…
The only target I have my sights set on is you, Super Hero!
Hmm… It doesn't look like you've awakened either. The plan failed. I thought it would be the final touch…
Super Hero Aurum, sir! Why did you do this?
Hm? …I thought you died?
How did you know about that? Unless… Of course! It was you.
That curse should've been perfect… Don't tell me you've regained your title of hero?
Mao! You are such a fool! You opened up your heart!?
Don't be stupid! Why is everyone accusing me of that!? It's impossible to open my heart!!
But the fake hero is alive, and that is proof! A demon opened his heart!? You've submitted to friendship, too!?
Demons must relish solitude. Loneliness is what develops evil power! Why can't you do anything right!?
Super Hero… sir?

Hey! What are you mumbling about? I was hoping to settle this today…
One who has opened his heart has no right to rule. You're far from what I expect of an ideal Overlord.
Why won't you become cruel, cold-blooded, and powerfully evil? An Overlord like your father!
…Huh! Dad!? What do you know about him?
…It seems I raised you wrong. I should've raised the Diez Gentlemen. They'd have been far better than you.
200 years… What a waste of time. I thought I saw your potential… But you're a complete failure.
No matter how strong you get, a demon who's awakened to friendship has no right to be an Overlord.
Stop saying such rude things to me! I didn't awaken to friendship! These guys are my servants!
*sigh * You don't even meet the criteria to die by my hands. You're a complete and utter disappointment.
How dare you say that to me!?

That one time? Wonderful power?
Damn you! Are you running again!?
Your evil is beneath my notice.
I'm sure my stupid demon underlings would be happy to take out my garbage. And by that, I mean you. Hahaha. Burn!
Please wait! Are you really the Super Hero? …Sir Aurum?
Tell me, imposter, do you know what a hero requires most to remain a hero?
Do you mean the basics? That would be courage, of course! And a heart full of love and justice!
Hmph, how lame…
Lame!? But that's-
If you don't know the answer to the simplest hero trivia question, how can you ever hope to be a hero?
Well, what is it then?

Wait! You're not getting away from me this time!
Mao! We've got enemies! Looks like we're surrounded!
If we want to fight the Super Hero, we're going to have to annihilate these guys first! Shall we?
You should know the answer! I only have one goal in mind! To beat down that bastard!

Map- Super Hero's Requiem

Have you been wishing the game would throw harder maps at you? Well wishes are horses in Chapter 8, because every map has the potential to absolutely wreck you. In this map we're up against what looks like an insurmountable horde, which should clue you in that this is a Magichange map. Skull Dragons will Magichange with Berserkers, Mystic Beasts with Beast Masters, and Reapers with Shamans. The Berserkers are the biggest threat, because they'll be taking half damage from physical attacks and have crazy attack stats. If you're not high enough level to just power through them, you can take advantage of how the game selects targets to buy you time. The game will often bypass a chance to attack a 'strong' character in order to close on a 'weak' character even if it means they don't get to attack. It will also take several turns for them to get their act together and start advancing on you, giving you the opportunity to hit them hard and fast with as much Fire magic as you can (Berserkers being terribly weak to Fire attacks). The Beast Masters are less threatening but still can dish out some serious damage if you don't hit them hard and fast. The Shamans are pretty pitiful fortunately, as long as you have any real characters left when you get to them you should have no problems.

Drama- Super Hero's Requiem Outro

Enter the Vato Brothers!

Hmph! The Trio de Losers…
If I'm gonna die, you're coming with me! I will allow myself to blow you up with this Prinny Bomb!
This is for the peace of the academy! And for our dear Super Hero!
Oh no! They're going to blow us all up!
They're that deeply brainwashed!? How can we hope to stop them now!?
Heh, we all risk our lives, but dying like this just ain't cool! What should we do, Mao?
We can take them out, but that won't leave us time to disarm the bomb…
Dieeee! For the Super Hero!

Mao! You took the bomb all by yourself…?
What a reckless act. One wrong step and you would've been blown to bits.
Hmph, just as I calculated. Nothing is impossible, now that I have my potential powers.
Hehe, so they are your precious servants after all. What a great boss.
Um, Boss…
Man, you beat me to it. I'm supposed to point out all the delinquent stuff that he does.
Don't get any wrong ideas. My servants' stuff is my stuff. My stuff is also my stuff.
I only saved them because their lives belong to me. …Isn't that what a boss is for?
I couldn't have put it better myself. You freshmen, don't fall back on your brainwashing! Steel your hearts!
Eat up! Today's Mao Heart Special Day! It is indeed a hearty meal!
If you don't understand the seasoning, you don't deserve to eat! You can starve for the rest of your life, boom!

It's hot! The depth of my heart is burning, homes! Just one bite and a surge of warmth explodes!
We knew someone with a heart this big, so what were we doing!?
Boss! We gotta apologize to you! We didn't even think about what you thought about us, ese…
Hmph, you're finally braindirtied. You better be worth all this trouble.

Where were they all hidden until now? That's the strangest part about them.
Getting through this is gonna be tough.
Boss, leave them to us. Go after that other guy, homes!
Those are seniors. You won't even be able to buy us any time.
Don't sell us short, Boss. Our family has endured a lot of hardships.
Hmm, well you seem confident. Who are you going to bring to fight for you this time?
The joke's on you, ese! We'll show you our true powers!

Leave this part to us, Boss. Yiihaa!
Whoa, wait a minute. Don't tell me these are all your siblings.
You got it! These're all my tios, tias, nephews and cousins, weddo. Yer looking at all 200 thousand of the Vato Bros.
200 thousand…? Heh heh, if you can't get good help, get more help…
Indeed, numbers are power. Human wave tactics to this extent can only be called amazing.
Go on, Boss! Get outta here, ese.
Alright, I leave it to you! …I see you guys in a new light.
Check it, Boss said, "Like, I leave these punks to you, ese." And he was all like, talking to us!
Nah, nah, he was like, "I'm gonna like, leave these punks to you, homes." Man, I feel a million times braver!
Yeah, whatever! Those seniors are nothing compared to us! Now let's show 'em Vato Bros. pride! Si se puede!

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