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Part 37: Today's Ten Gents: Space Detective Prinny Mask

's Ten Gents: Space Detective Prinny Mask

Last time on Disgaea 3 we rescued the Vato Brothers. Today, we face off against a deadly Diez Gentleman!

Drama- Super Hero's Apostle Intro

This isn't the work of mere delinquents. Isn't that right, Diez Gentleman?
What!? The Diez Gentlemen?

You obviously look suspicious. Should I bother asking your name?
Among the Diez Gentlemen, I am known as the Space Detective, Prinny Mask.
Space detective!? Then you must be a real hero!
Sadly, I am not. Though I do wish and pray to become a space detective every day.
Might I add, my costume was handmade by me, and modeled after my image of what a true space detective should be.
That's quite an honest confession. Does that mean you're a delinquent?
So are you the one who did this to my home?
You are very astute. Yes, it is I who lived in the Prinny statue and reformed the school by night.
A Prinny once saw me, and for whatever reason called me Prinny Mask. So, reluctantly, I now go by that name.
Actually, I am just an overly powerful and antisocial man!
You said you reformed the school? Were those the Super Hero's orders?

By doing so, he gave me a reason to live. Even if it turns out he's not the Super Hero, I'd give my life for him.
This man has not been brainwashed.
Unfortunately, because he is a member of the Diez Gentlemen, we'll have to wipe his smug face off with the floor.
He does look rather confident for not being a real space detective. Just in case, let's all gang up on him together!
Princess… That just makes us sound like the bad guys.
You're wrong. In all of history, only those who lost are bad guys. For whoever wins are the ones who were right.
Let us begin, Prinny Mask! When I'm through with you, you'll only have to figure out the detective part.

Map- Super Hero's Apostle

This map is a son of a bitch, plain and simple. Space Detective Prinny Mask waits on a set of Enemy Turbo x3 tiles with four Holy Dragons. Both bridges to his island are blocked by No Entry panels. The block that provides No Entry for one side is on the opposite side, meaning you need to coordinate efforts to attack the middle. The block that provides the Enemy Turbo effect is way in the back and only easily accessible from the island in the middle. The rest of the opposition consists of 4 Magic Knights, 2 Prinnies, and 2 Cheerleaders for each side. What we're going to do is send off Mao, Beryl, and Sapphire on one side and everyone else on the other. We're going to do our best to solo Mao's side because Beryl is mission critical. With her Law By Range evility she can easily reach the Enemy Turbo block and end the threat of the Holy Dragons' Ice spells. We then take control of the other side and storm the center. The Holy Dragons are incredibly fragile and very weak to fire, so they should die pretty fast. Prinny Mask is an interesting opponent. He's armed with a Shovel, a special spear that you can only get by stealing from him. He can't be lifted, so don't even try. He can take a lot of punishment, but then again you should be able to dish out a lot yourself so as long as you're reasonably high level this shouldn't be a real problem. This was the trickiest of the remaining maps, the rest are all going to be about raw asskicking power.

This scene coming up is one of my absolute favorites.

Drama- Super Hero's Apostle Outro

I don't think there's any way to interpret that where you don't sound like the villain.
Argh, I didn't expect you to overpower me so quickly. Was that why I became so antisocial in the first place?

There's another Diez Gentleman!?
????: Hmhmhm. Now that I'm here, your victory streak just ran out.

How can so many ladies be gentlemen?

Chewie? Is that you? What happened!?
Be careful, Boss…! She's not… alone!
Aww, I was gonna surprise them! Why'd you have to spoil my fun?
Wait a minute! I thought all of the Diez Gentlemen were supposed to be on field trips or something…
Hehe, it's a Diez Gentlemen Party. Sounds fun! I'll take you all on!

I finally found you, my mortal enemy! How 'bout you return my lunch money now?
Lunch money? Who are you?
I am Diez Gentleman Shyrone the Transfer! In search of my lunch money, I transfer aimlessly and blame anyone!
That's pretty unfair, but at least you're aware that you're making random accusations.

Gorillian…? Why do all of you Diez Gentlemen have such weird names?
…Um, not that I care, but you're a little on fire.
Jutsu is effort! Jutsu is guts! Even in fire or water! There is nothing one cannot do!
What a forced jutsu… I'm sure Master would approve.
Indeed. I feel the same way. There is nothing in this world you cannot do. When your fire is weak, go high heat!
So a total of 3 Diez Gentlemen, huh? This might be a little tough.
Muhahaha! Getting scared, Beryl?
Hah! No way! I'm just enjoying this thrill. Is it just me, or are you shaking?
Hahaha, I'm just excited! I bet their bodies can withstand all kinds of experiments!
You silly nutbags. Do you really think you can fight all of us at once and win?
…You kids are gonna die.
????: Excuse me, young lady. It would be of grave inconvenience if I let them die.

Master Big Star!
Though our visions may differ, our enemy remains the same. What do you say we bury the hatchet, Overlord's son?
…Hmph, I'm not going to stop you.
Haha, it seems you've changed. It looks to me as if you've finally become aware of your duty as a leader.
I can tell by the sparkle in your eyes. A light twinkling as if from a precious gem. You've gained some good friends.

Salvatore the Magnificent! That makes 4 Diez Gentlemen!
I have a declaration to make! I hereby secede from the Diez Gentlemen, as of this moment!
What did you say!? You can't be serious!
I speak in all seriousness! You are the ones who are insane! What demon obeys orders from a hero!?
Have you forgotten!? A demon is one who lives carefree to their heart's content! What did you do with your demon pride!?
Hyahya… Well said.
I didn't expect an ordinary chef would bring me to my senses. For that, I thank you.
So what now!? You were attracted by his strength and swore loyalty to him alone!
It was a mistake! A true demon challenges such strengths! I… will defeat the Super Hero!
I didn't expect a Diez Gentleman to join our ranks! This is getting interesting!
Oh yeah, what part? Damn these people just popping out of nowhere! When will we get to fight!?
Don't you want to see all the introductions first?
Do you want to be fixed up? I'll make you fire missiles from your boobs!
I'm glad we got more allies! I mean, the Sophomore Class Leader and a Diez Gentleman's not too shabby!

…Who the hell are you?
I am the School Board President! I brought the PTA along, as well!
Why are you people getting involved in this?
It's an educator's job to guide their delinquents! It's only normal!

You know… even though it's the last episode and all, it's not like you can just come out whenever you feel like it.
Let me tell you, Gold Knuckle did some soul searching after our fight, and saw that all the money's in turning face.
Ain't that the truth? How zen…
That's not zen at all!
Okay, it's getting way too crowded in here! I need to report this to Sir Super Hero!
The Diez Gentlemen… ran away?
…Okay, so moving on. Most likely, our next fight will be the final battle.
System Message: Master Big Star has joined your group!
Salvatore has joined your group!
There's way too many of you!!!

So now we've got Master Big Star and Salvatore to help out. They come at level 65, which is a good level to be helpful right out of the gate. And what's more… hold on! A pirate transmission! This is it, ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present the final Today's Ten Gents short!

If you go look back, when we met Beyond X in the Item World Innocent Town she asked if we "like girls who cosplay" and now you get why that's funny.

Next Time on Disgaea 3: Super Showdown