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Part 39: Absence of Justice

Last time on Disgaea 3 we battled Aurum and the Diez Gentlemen. Today, we face our final battle. Don't cry!

Drama- Last Battle Intro

Hahaha, you think you have me cornered? If you haven't noticed the change here, then you are a fool after all…
Mao, hold on a sec. It's strange. This feeling is…
Oh hoh hoh? It seems the false hero is smarter. Or is it just that he's a coward?
Watch closely! This is my true form!! Super! Trans! Form! Haaaaahhhhh!!

Wuussssaappiinniinngg!? It's a m, m, monster, ese!
Is that the Super Hero's true form?
Ohh…! How hideous! What a monstrous form!
To have let such a thing be in control of the academy, how horrifying…
Hmm, when it comes to inedible ingredients like this, the only thing to do is get rid of it!
What part of this is a hero? It's almost like an evil god…

After purifying their evil powers, I wore their blood and flesh to gain more for myself.
This body itself tells the stories of my history of battle. So how is it? Don't you think it's dignified and beautiful?
Honestly, I'm about to puke. It's hideous!
After all that talk about being conscious of what the public thought, that image is brutal…
No taste for beauty, or common sense. I don't think anyone wants to be saved by a thing like you.
Hmm. To be honest, it's lame.
Damn you… Being a hero isn't about looks. What's important is power! Strength!
No! What's important is the heart! The love it takes to save someone! The courage to stand against an enemy!
That's right. The Super Hero Aurum that we knew is gone from this world. We'll leave the legends as legends.
Yeah. Whatever stands before us isn't the Super Hero. It's an evil that endangers both our worlds!
Let's do this, everyone! This is the final battle! There's nothing to fear! Believe in me…!

Map- Last Battle

This is it, the final showdown. We're up against level 90 Evil God Aurum and four level 80 Majins. The Majins are actually pretty fragile compared to the Diez Gentlemen from the last map, and should be killed on your first turn. If you can't manage to wipe them out, you're in deep trouble. There's not much point focusing much effort on Aurum the first turn anyway, as his evility works against you. His Evility makes him immune to physical on odd turns and magic on even turns. He's got a huge pool of health, powerful Star spells, and Demon Slayer, a brutal 3x3 move that can waste people in a single hit easily. Keep your characters spread out, have a good mix of physical and magic attacks, and pour the gas on Aurum. This is easily achievable with pretty reasonable levels.

Drama- Last Battle Outro

But why? This body had the blood and flesh of evil gods and Overlords. There was no losing factor…
You don't even know the reason why you lost? Then that makes you a hopeless fool.
Super Hero. You've been abandoned by the last one who admired and believed in you.
Since then, you completely lost your right to be a hero, and turned to evil.
Because you were so desperate to stay a hero, you ignored being a hero. What an ironic punishment.
…Sir Aurum. Why did this happen?

I wasn't allowed… to die. Stronger, stronger, stronger. Demanding to be the strongest…
Even if I died, I was forced to come back to life. "Aww, how could you die?" Did I not even have the right to die?
I just wanted to live as a hero, and die as a hero…
That's why I searched for the Overlord everyone acknowledged as the strongest, and sought for a place to die.
Sir Aurum…
But after I defeated the strongest Overlord, an immense sense of emptiness came over me.
I no longer had any enemies… I realized there was no way to prove myself a hero.
And then, I became extremely afraid… That I'd be forgotten by everyone…
And that's when you saw the pure evil inside me.
Yes. After seeing your hidden powers, I realized I still had a reason to exist. How very happy I was…
Hahaha, though, that ended a dream…
*sigh * Why do villains have to rant about their own feelings at the end?
Come on, tolerate me at least for the end. It's a privilege for the defeated.
…Hmph, done with your prayers?

Ahh! No, there's just one thing.
Mao, Almaz. I'm sorry the Super Hero you guys admired had to end like this. Please forgive me…
…What!? I didn't admire you!
You're not that good at hiding it…
Goodbye, true heroes. I'm proud to have fought you in the end, and now I will fall to hell…
Mao… Finish me off. My little friend…
…Friend, huh? Alright then, it's your final wish. I'll hear you out.
Come… Prepare!
(Now finally…)

You thought I would allow a normal ending like that?
I will keep you alive. I've decided to keep you as my guinea pig for my evil research!
*huff * *huff * Especially with that final form. You're a rare subject. It'll be worth my time to fix you up.
Let's see, rockets in your knees, missiles for fingers, and shoot laser beams from your eyes.
What? You're okay with an ending like that? Where's your happily ever after?
Muhahahahahahaha! Have you forgotten!? I am a demon! Your common sense doesn't work on me! To my lab!

I guess they reached an agreement. Thought it seems Sir Mao is still a little crazy.
At least you avenged your dad, Mao.
Yeah… Now I just need to beat Dad and let him rest in peace. Let's head there!
I'm coming, Dad!

Hm? That seems a little strange.
He's already passing on… it seems. Does this mean…?
Indeed. Mao did a splendid job cooking up the Super Hero. He's gained friends, and fully understands his heart.
I'm sure the Overlord will rest in peace now. The spell that bound his soul here has disappeared, boom.
I see… So he didn't have a grudge with Mao.
I bet he was just worried about you and that's why he couldn't pass on.
Impossible! Dad had to have hated me!
I doubt it. I'm sure he's been watching over you even after he died. …The whole time.
Hmph, whatever… Just because Dad can't talk doesn't mean you can interpret for him.

Dad!? Is that really you!?
I'm relieved… I can… go now…
That's a kind voice… See?
Grh… Dad!
…Maybe we should get out of here.
Hehe. The rest is for family only. I saw nothing, heard nothing.
I know, you now know…
You've gained many precious things… From many of your friends…
You'll be fine… You can do it… I leave the Netherworld, and Evil Academy… to you…
The next Overlord… is you, Mao…
I will… become the Overlord!

Now get ready for the credits, featuring my favorite NIS ending song, A Song For You!

Credits Featuring A Song For You

Is it just me, or did we leave someone out?


Afterwards, Salvatore the Magnificent soon came to challenge Mao to a serious duel, but it ended in a draw.
Master Big Star tried to render a decision, but they both insisted that they won and were quite upset with the results.
Mr. Champloo cooked a feast so large, no one could finish it. He then disappeared before anyone noticed.
I wonder who he was anyway…
The great Super Hero Aurum was taken prisoner in Mao's room, as dictated.
I'm sure he's living a comfortless life. I kinda wonder what sorta experiments he has to undergo, but I'm too scared to ask.
Mao soon reigned supreme over Evil Academy as Overlord.
He seemed kinda proud about being respected by the students who had awakened from their brainwashing. Seeing this, Beryl seemed proud for some reason, too.
After seeing Mao take the throne as Overlord, the princess and I said goodbye to the Netherworld…
Upon returning to the human world, we were surprised to find---------

So that's it. I'm kinda tearing up now. No more Disgaea 3…

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