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Part 40: Theft

Today I'll show you the intro to the original postgame scenario. We're not actually going to be playing its maps first, though, because if we do that will make Raspberyl's chapters substantially harder.

Drama- Postgame Intro

…It's been a few months now. Right after the wedding banquet with the whole kingdom, we stepped foot, once again, inside the honeymoon destination picked out by the Princess.
---The Nether Institute, Evil Academy. Possibly because they're demons, or maybe because it had only been a few months, but no one acknowledged our return nor absence, and sure enough, they were Mao's slaves.
Well, Master Big Star and Salvatore the Magnificent weren't there, but that only seemed natural.
I had a really bad feeling. The kinda feeling that tells you your honeymoon's over before it really began, and you're gonna end up roaming the Netherworld forever.
My foresight at times like this is uncannily accurate…
And then- As expected, I proved myself right.

…What's wrong, Lord Mao? What are you looking for?
That important thing, of course! Damn it… Where did it go!?
How are you supposed to find anything in this mess? You should keep things organized, like I do.
Rrrh… you delinquent! It's more convenient to leave things out so you can grab them easier.
Sir Mao, do you have any idea where you saw it last?
If I knew that, I wouldn't still be looking for it now…
I think I might know where it is, boom!
Master!? I thought you disappeared somewhere?
I come and go as I please. If you keep worrying about where I am, you'll never cook a good roast.
You said you have an idea of where it is, right? So where is it? And how do you know?
Why are you asking me? You should go look for it yourself.

Boss! Didja hear about it!? There's been quite a few cases of theft on campus lately, ese!
My lunch money was stolen too, homes!
I think someone hid my shoes or something too, wedo…
I don't like the sound of this at all.
Why are you so concerned now? People steal things every day at this school. Though it still bugs me.
And no one does anything about it? Well, I guess this is the Netherworld…
…For all of these to happen so often and in such a short proximity, it's likely that it's the same culprit…
I might find some clues about the suspect who stole "that" too. I better look into this…
You're really gonna look into this, ese?

I'll find the suspect and make him regret ever deciding to lay his hands on "that"!
But Sir Mao, what is "that"?
…You don't need to know!
Hmm, "that" sounds suspicious.
I'll be sure to smoke out this criminal! In the name of Overlord Mao! Muhahaha!