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Part 41: Evil Academy- Freshman Class Yearbook!

As characters join and I recruit generics I'm going to give a brief yearbook blurb on them. I'll expand the blurbs on story characters as we go. Before we start, I'll give an overview of character stats and weapon options:

HP: When all of a character's hit points are depleted, they are KO'd and cannot be used any further. Equipped Muscles increase this stat.
SP: Using skills and spells depletes SP. Equipped Orbs increase this stat.
ATK: Most close combat weapons use this stat to determine how much damage they do with regular attacks and skills. Equipped Belts increase this stat.
DEF: This stat is used to defend against physical based attacks.
INT: Most magical attacks use this stat to determine how much damage they do.
RES: This stat is used to defend against magical attacks and also to determine how effective your healing spells are. Equipped Orbs increase this stat.
HIT: This stat is used to determine how accurate your attacks are. Equipped Glasses increase this stat.
SPD: This stat is used to determine how hard you are to hit. Equipped Shoes incease this stat.

Swords: Swords are ATK based and have a standard range of 1. Swords are resoundingly average in power and usefulness. They're never a bad option but also nowhere near as powerful as in previous games.
Fists: Fists are based on both ATK and SPD and have a range of 1. This makes Fist users hard to hit in combat but also means they'll in general do less damage. In addition, Fist skills tend to move those struck, which can be very handy. Fists also provide a lot of counters to those using them.
Axes: Axes are based on ATK and have a range of 1. Axes are the hardest hitting melee weapons, but as a cost will lower your SPD. They're very good overall.
Spears: Spears are based on ATK and have a range of 2. Spears have a long reach and also provide defensive bonuses. Spear skills often move the user, and can be area of effect.
Bows: Bows are based on ATK and HIT and have a range of 4. Bows sometimes leave treasure chests after they kill a target, which can be handy. Bows in the hands of Archers are extremely powerful.
Guns: Guns are based on HIT and SPD and have a range of 5. Guns are now no longer based on just HIT but HIT and SPD. They still can only shoot in a straight line, as in Disgaea 2. Guns don't hit quite as hard as they did in Disgaea 2, but the SPD increases they provide make Gun users very hardy and Guns one of the best weapons in Disgaea 3.
Staves: Staves are based on ATK and have a range of 1. Staves have no skills but instead provide INT. If a character has Staves as a favored weapon they get + 1 range to magic while one is equipped.
Monster Weapons: Monster Weapons come in either Physical, which provide Attack, or Magical, which provide ATK, INT, and give the monster the same range boost a Staff provides. The range of monster attacks varies from monster to monster now.

Nether Institute, Evil Academy Freshman Class Yearbook:


Son of the Academy's Dean, with a 1.8 million Evil Quotient. He hopes to become a hero in order to defeat his father, the Overlord. Skilled in both close combat and Ice magic. Voiced by Vic Mignogna


Almaz von Almandine Adamant, formerly a human hero, now a Demon-in-training. For a hero, he wasn't really that impressive. Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch


A.k.a. Beryl, the number one Delinquent at Evil Academy. Has never missed a single class, and is therefore feared by student and teacher alike. Voiced by Laura Bailey

Kyoko Needleworker:

A kunoichi who works for Raspberyl. Is notorious among her peers for her delinquent ways. Voiced by Lara Jill Miller

Asuka Cranekick:

A ronin who works for Raspberyl. Her favorite passtime is folding curse-cranes. Seriously nobody seems to know who voices her and that includes me.


Believed to be a descendant of fallen angels. Skilled in healing magic but also surprisingly capable with a bow.


His name means "Breeze" in some faraway place. Skilled in powerful but expensive wind magics.


His parents named him after the protagonist in a roleplaying game, which led him to master his fists to avoid bullies. Highly skilled Fist user.


A shadowy healer who prefers to stand back and support his allies. In a pinch he also possesses some skill with spears.


With a name like this, Hellies really had no choice but to go into fire magic as a profession.


Once broke ten bricks with a single strike. Is also a master of fists, and doesn't get along with Leonheart because she hated that game.


A former lumberjack who turned to violence after the destruction of his beloved forest at his own hands. Is a master of Axes.


A refugee from a strange and horrible world where all fashion accessories are belt and zipper based. Has strong defenses.


Eurydice doesn't think of herself as a cold person. Those on the other end of her magic disagree.

Superfly: Old Photo Shown

Ever since visiting a convention center on the human world of Earth Superfly has attacked anyone who describer her as 'furry'. Specializes in hitting things really hard and counterattacks.


In his previous life Surec was a banker on some backwater planet. Ironically he was slain by the anthropomorphized incarnation of a toxic mortgage loan. Specializes in exploding violently when treated harshly.

Carmen Sandiego:

Place of Origin: Earth
Notable Thefts: The Great Wall of China
Other Nefarious Deeds: Forcing children to learn Geography, Having her own PBS show.


Place of Origin: Swyss
Greatest Feat of Archery: Marking the landing site for the first moon expedition with a beacon arrow
Other Notable Deeds: Carves her own arrows from near anything, pulls longbows with up to 160 lbs, convenient quiver hairdo, hitting heart and head in one shot, teaching her husband William how to shoot at apples, guaranteed no friendly fire (satisfaction or money back).


Place of Origin: The island of Aeaea.
Monsters Tamed: Lions, wolves, some notable swine.
Favored Training Technique: Likes to lure unsuspecting men to dinner and turn them into beasts, enslaving them to her will for all eternity.

Character Recruitment:

The Freshman Class is currently Closed for recruitment. However we are always on the lookout for students with interesting skills, and as positions open up we will consider all highly qualified candidates.