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Part 15: Oh, this was a GREAT plan, Laharl. Really.

Chapter 12: Oh, this was a GREAT plan, Laharl. Really.

Last time on Disgaea, Laharl came up with an idea that was a bit too successful. Today we'll follow the first half of his journey to the Heart of Evil.

Map 1: Calamity Woods

"The more the merrier," they say.
Flonne, when it comes to sayings, you're all thumbs.
...You're not much better.
Anyways, what are we going to do about these guys?
There's not even room to walk.
It looks like we'll have to take them on one by one.
Oh, great... I can't wait to see what's after this.

One by one you say, Etna? We'll see about that.

Yeah, that's why Laharl's the Overlord. 'Cause he's an asskicker. This is his level 20 special, and it kicks quite a lot of ass. It doesn't require the open space behind that Winged Slayer does, which is nice. The stuff here is only level 12 and trivially weak honestly. Very easy map.

Map 2: Ritual Site

She does not appear to be an ordinary swordswoman. How exciting!
My name is Sardia the Demonslayer. My sword hath slayeth over 2000 demons...
...Or, was it under 2000?
Which is it!?
When I swingeth my sword, the earth shall be torn asunder...
Amazing! The earth splits open!?
Make up your mind, dammit!
What dost thou thinketh?
How should I know!?
Trying to make a fool out of me? I'll make you moan in pain!!
Prince, did you mean to say, "scream in pain"?

So, Sardia, despite being a bullshitter, is actually reasonably tough. She's level 24 with good equipment, and is therefore stronger than any of the bosses in the previous chapters. She's all alone, though. Lure her out and combo the hell out of her. She'll kill a few people most likely, but the game AI preferentially targets weaker characters first, so use that fact to your advantage.

Map 3: Witches' Den

We thought we might as well give it a shot, dood.
What!? You're not allowed to pull off a coup d'etat without me!
I'm the one who's supposed to kill the Prince!
Etna, it might not be such a good idea to announce that in front of the person in question.
We know a head-on attack is suicide, dood.
Hm? You have a plan, then?
That's right, dood!!
Alright! Let's go, doods!!

Kill 'em.

And here comes the fun. You know how I said Prinnies explode when you throw them? Yeah, let's see that in action.

Not only do they explode when you throw them, but the explosion chains to other Prinnies in the radius. Yeah, it sucks to be a Prinny. Oh, another thing to note that makes this map even easier: Prinnies are, um, not terribly good. The higher ranks at higher levels can be decent (especially with their Pringer Beams) but Pvt. Prinnies at low levels are pretty damn awful. Even if you couldn't just beat the map by hurling all the Prinnies it'd still be a joke.

Map 4: Writhing Shadow

Oh shit.

Who are you?
Me!? I am the Overlord of an alternate Netherworld!
An alternate Netherworld?
That's right! I tried taking over this world before, but Krichevskoy got in the way!
Now that he's dead, I'll claim it for my own!
You are just one of the Overlords that I will crush on my way to becoming the "Supreme Overlord"!
Puny boy! What you see before you represents only a fraction of my power!
Well, that's really hard to tell, since I can only see part of you.
Yep. You're just too big.
...Fine! If it's size you're concerned about, I can make adjustments...
But, even so, a horrible death still awaits you!
Feel my wrath!

How do you like it? There are 10 Overlords now. You're speechless, aren't you!?
Don't worry! Splitting into 10 means that his love is divided 10 ways!
We cannot possibly lose to someone like that!
Ohhh, Flonne's burning with determination! You like this stuff, don't you?

Okay. Okay. Calm down a minute. His love is divided by ten. He can't be THAT tough.

...Well shit.

...Oh for Christ's sake. Yeah, two Fiery Roars and my whole party evaporated pretty much. That... didn't go so well. Turns out he's got PLENTY of love even divided by ten.

Ummmm... We're demons, not heroes.
Mwahahahahaha!! Even if my power is divided, an Overlord is still an Overlord.
It wouldn't matter how many puny boys like you there were, I'd crush them all!
I thought the son of Krichevskoy would be a lot tougher, but I guess I was wrong!!

Well, looks like we're doomed. I guess we had a good run.

Next time on Let's Play Disgaea: Unexpected appearances, cameos, and the cockroach that just won't die: Finishing up Episode 6.