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Part 27: Hey Boo Boo! Let's go get us some picanic bas-kets!

Chapter 22: Hey Boo Boo! Let's go get us some picanic bas-kets!

Last time on Disgaea, we decided to go on a picnic lalala! Today, we run into the Netherworld's best Yogi Bear impersonator.

But first, we have two little things to see. And this time Etna's room is actually telling us something we're NOT about to find out in the Episode.

Another fragment of my memory returned...
It's a memory of when...
...the King died...
Publicly, it was reported that the King died by choking on a black pretzel, but that's not the truth...
I believed that story, too, until my memory returned...
The King's death was...
That's right... The King left to half an invasion from the alternate Netherworld...
...When he came back, he had lost almost all of his power...
I was willing to save him in exchange for my life... The way the Queen saved the Prince...
But, the King wouldn't allow it... He told me to live...
...I can't remember the rest...
But, I made an important promise...
Something really important...

So, King Krichevskoy didn't die choking on a black pretzel, he died as a result of a battle with the Overlord of another Netherworld. Say, haven't we been hearing rumors about the strongest Overlord of all, the Lord of Terror, ruler of the Netherworld that Alternate Overlord came from?  Yeah, Overlord Baal the Tyrant, Lord of Terror, the Supreme Overlord, is actually responsible for King Krichevskoy's death. However, Krichevskoy sealed him away with his power, ending his ambition to take over the Netherworld, which kinda makes Krichevskoy pretty badass if you know how powerful Baal is. 

Now let's get hassled by the Dimensional Gatekeeper.

Picnic at the "Sea of Gehenna", Prince? You are still quite childish. *chuckle*
N,No, I'm not! I'm going to investigate the area...
Picnic, picnic, La la, la la, laaaaa.
So... You ARE going on a picnic.

Map 1: Fervent Melody

Are you still carrying on about that? You need to be more insightful, Kurtis.
It doesn't really matter to me whether he wins or loses.
His mission ended as soon as he opened a route to the Netherworld. Slaying the Overlord was just a pretext.
Hmph. They're nothing but pawns to you, huh...
What an ugly way of saying it, Kurtis. I prefer to call them the "heroes who sacrificed their lives for the earth".
(Hmph... Gordon wouldn't die so easily.
Only I, Kurtis, can defeat him!
I bet he beat the Overlord already and is enjoying a picnic right now, going lalala).

...Is this guy really a hero?
I'm not really one to say, but... I always thought a hero was a bit more dignified.
This guy's just a fool.
No, a true hero hides his real identity from the world, pretending to be quiet or weak.
Then, when someone needs to be saved, he appears admirably to uphold justice.
That's right, isn't it?
Well, I guess...
You sure? He looks like he doesn't have a care in the world...
(Alright, they're falling for my plan.
Now, all I have to do is just play along until I can make a run for it!)

Then, please take better care of yourself.
????: I would like to, but I cannot leave them on their own.
...My power is not limitless. Please do not forget that.
????: ......

So, there's six gargoyles on this map. The two banks of the river are covered in No Lifting and Invulnerability. The bridges are not, though. Lure the gargoyles or move them with fist skills to get them onto the vulnerable squares then ace 'em.

By the way, Kurtis is awesome, and wow, what a surprise, General Carter is evil. I have nothing to say about that discussion with the Seraph because it means nothing until you've finished the game then means everything.

Map 2: Wasteland of Woe

Come on! Let's sing!
I'm not a kid! I'm 1313 years old. And mentally, I'm much more mature than you, too.
Mature? I think you two are about the same. ...For your information, I'm 1470.
I'm, ummm... fairly young.
Young? How old is young?
Young is... young.
You're an angel, aren't you? Tell the truth.
One thousand... five hundred nine.
What!? You're older than me!?
Haaahahahaha!! You old hag!

Hmph. That's why humans act so foolishly. They judge solely on looks.
Ooh, you talk big. Then you shouldn't mind my body, right?
Uh... W, Well...
I'm getting hungry. Let's eat.
*chuckle* Changing the subject, huh? I'll let it slide this time.
Here's the picnic basket...


Hye, Mid-Boss! Give us back our food!!
Non non non non non... I cannot oblige.
For moi, a widower, this handmade lunch is like an oasis in a desert...
I cannot give it back.
You return after all this time, and for a stupid reason like this?
Mr. Mid-Boss, you don't have anyone to make lunch for you? Poor thing...
Stop pitying moi! That sends a sharp pain to my heart!
Hold it right there!
Mid-Boss, was it? That picnic basket it mine! Give it back, now!
Hmmm... You are a human, are you not?
That's right! They call me Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth!!
And why is the Defender of Earth picnicking with demons?
Sh, Shut up! I'm not here because I want to be!
Very well. I shall test your resolve, o Defender of Earth...
Now! Can you retrieve the basket from moi!? Haaahahahaha!!
Hey, you! Wait!!
It's so pathetic that we put up with that idiot...

Mid-Boss just Yogi'd us. That constitutes a new low.

This map's harder than the last one. The imps have this nasty sleep attack called Demon's Breath to watch out for, and the Dragons hit pretty hard. If you want dragons, by the way, this is a good place to farm Dragons and Fafnirs to lower the mana cost.

Next time on Let's Play Disgaea: We kick the everliving shit out of Mid-Boss... Again.