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Part 30: The First Defender.

Chapter 25: The First Defender.

Last time on Disgaea, we got a challenge from a Defender of Earth. Today, we track him down in the Forest of the Dead.

Prince, I hear that a hero challenged you do a duel.
That's right, I'm on my way to beat him right now.
The "Forest of the Dead:, right? I will open the gate right now.
Hmhmhm... I can't wait to see who this "hero" is.

Map 1: Ghostly Whisper

Who's this Kurtis?
Kurtis is the other Defender of Earth.
The OTHER Defender of Earth? There's more than one of 'em?
No, the true Defender of Earth is Gordon.
Kurtis calls himself the Defender of Earth and tries to steal work from under us.
But, as much as I hate to admit it, he has managed to save the earth on a few occasions.
That's why you could say that there are 2 Defenders of Earth right now.
Hmmmm. Sounds complicated.
It worked out fine in the end, since one has become the Slayer of the Netherworld.
"Worked out fine"!? This is NOT fine!!
I work for the earth, not the Netherworld!!


So, this Defender of Earth has an odd definition of 'testing our strength'. His definition of 'testing' means 'greatly increasing' it seems. This is the best leveling map until Episode 14, bar none. This is where we'll be training for the brutality to come in later Episodes.

Map 2: Rising Fear

Take thisssssssss!!

You're not Kurtis!! Who are you!?
Are you aware of who you're dealing with!? I am Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth!
Wait, Gordon!
What? The Defender of Earth?
What would the Defender of Earth be doing here in the company of the Overlord?
Uh, well... It's a complex situation...
He's my vassal. He lost to me in battle, so I made him my slave.
His new name is Slayer of the Netherworld.
What was that!? The Defender of Earth is now the Overlord's vassal!?
How shameful... How disgraceful... The Defender of Earth has sunk so low...
Hey! You haven't heard the whole story!
Besides, you haven't even introduced yourself yet!

The original... Defender of Earth...?
That ol' man? Sounds fishy to me.
No, it may be true. My father used to tell me about him.
Hundreds of years ago, the first Defender of Earth left for the Netherworld to vanquish the Overlord, and never returned...
But, how is he still alive? Compared to the typical human life span, he should have passed away a long time ago.
That's probably his soul.
He probably couldn't rest in peace until he defeated the Overlord, so his soul remained behind.

He's starting to sound like you, Prince...
I'm so touched!
The idea of him still struggling to fulfill his duty, transcending time! A true Defender of Earth!!
I'm proud to follow in his footsteps!!
But, I don't think an old man like that could defeat the Prince even in a thousand years.
Yeah... I see your point.
But, we have to help him! We can't just leave him like this!
...Hey, Love Freak. You're not trying to force your beliefs on me again, are you?
Next time we run into him, let's lose on purpose.
That way, he'll finally be satisfied and his spirit will ascend to heaven.
Don't be ridiculous! I have a duty to fulfill, too! I can't lose on purpose!
Why? Is it that big a deal?
Are you so selfish that you can't even save a poor hero's soul?
Shut up! This is between me and him! So, stay out of it!!
...We're going in after him!

So, Flonne doesn't understand ANYTHING, as we'll see next update. This map has one major annoyance, three Skulls with one shot each of an Omega spell. Those hurt, really bad. Once they've blown their load, though, the map's not that bad. Just run out and combo everything down, as per usual. The crazy geo effects don't start until next map.

Next time on Let's Play Disgaea: The soul of a Defender burns brightly! Battle in the Forest of the Dead!