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Part 34: Showdown in the Stellar Graveyard- Defender vs Defender!

Chapter 29: Showdown in the Stellar Graveyard- Defender vs Defender!

Last time on Disgaea, we had our first run ins with the EDF and Kurtis, the nefarious alternate Defender. Today, we throw down in the Stellar Graveyard.

Map 3: Star Cluster

*grunt* Ingenious, if I do say so myself...
All that remains is that spineless Seraph. Once I get rid of him, I will be the one and only!!
Humans! Demons! Angels! I will be the god of all!!

...I felt an evil presence.
Was it General Carter? Or maybe Kurtis?
No... It wasn't human. Something more terrifying...
It's hard to believe there's something more evil than me...
You sure you're not imagining things?
...Maybe it's just me.

Oh god this map. Let's take a peek.

There's also Enemy Boost +50% on the green. The damn Ally Damage panel does damage even if you're Invincible. You need to tower throw down the map to deal with it as soon as possible. When getting rid of the Geo Symbols, remember that you can destroy them by throwing them into enemies of vice versa. Don't break any of the symbols on the green, or you'll annoy yourself by turning the whole map red and quite possibly invincible. Throw the Enemy Boost symbol onto an enemy in the red, like so-

Map 4: Sidereal Rift

Sidereal Rift

I wonder who's fault that is.
Don't look at me like that!
You should apologize.
Y, Yeah.
Ummmmm, Jennifer... Well, you see...
...It's all my fault.
I could have stopped them, but I didn't...
I knew what was happening, but I kept denying it...
If only... If only I was stronger...
W,What do you mean, Jennifer? What are you talking about?

You, too. Getting this close without me noticing.
It's an honor to hear such praise from you. My purpose was to settle things with Gordon, but now you've caught my attention.
Heheh... And what have you got in mind?
Hmph... You ask the obvious.
Mano-a-mano! We shall speak with our fists!

God Kurtis is so awesome.

If you've been skipping the actual gameplay portions of the videos, I suggest watching this one, because I use a lot of what are pretty important things to know in Disgaea on some of the harder fights, like move cancellation. Oh, and my shiny new Omega Spells, Nightsever, and Divine Ray. Plus, you get to see this-

Which is Kurtis' ultimate.

I'm ready to get serious, but I don't want to injure the VIP.
What? Who's he talking about?
H,Has he fallen in love with me? How sweet.
Where'd you get that idea?
What the!? Why is the ground shaking!?
Ahhhhh! That's...!!
The Space Battleship Gargantua!!

We will now begin a full-scale attack with over 2 million battleships.
But, before that...!
Your father awaits you, Jennifer. Come with me.
Father...? I thought her parents passed away when she was a child...

...I'm sorry, Gordon.
What Kurtis said is true. I was adopted by General Carter and raised as his child.
He was a kind man. I always believed that he loved me...
But, that couldn't have been further from the truth...
He raised me only so he could use me...
If you're going to complain about your father, tell him yourself...
My orders are simply to bring you back alive.
He wants to use me again...?
...Hahah... It doesn't matter anymore...
Wait! Jennifer, don't go!
You're the assistant of Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth, remember!?
Have you forgotten our sworn duty!?
Um, didn't you dismiss her?
Shut up! Don't dig up the past! I retracted that!!
Jennifer! It doesn't matter if you're Carter's daughter or not!

Enough talk.
Gordon, Overlord...
I'd like to settle this once and for all. If you want Jennifer back, then find a way aboard the Gargantua.
Until then... See ya.


No episode preview, it just goes right into Part 2.

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