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Part 36: Netherworld Wars: The Overlord Strikes Back.

Chapter 31: Netherworld Wars: The Overlord Strikes Back.

Last time on Disgaea, we prepared to board the Space Battleship Gargantua. Today, we'll attack it dead on!

I have added the "Gargantua" to the list of available destinations.
It is exceptionally hard to connect a gate to moving objects, but I was able to do so, thanks to Thursday.
Human technology is incredible.
But of course. Haha!
...You shut up.

Map 1: Point Alpha-III

Map 13-1

Don't fret for even a moment. Our armada is 2 million ships strong.
B, But, our defensive fleet is being obliterated!
What!? What are the enemy's numbers!?
J, Just one, sir!!
The 126th Brigade has been annihilated! All soldiers have retreated!!
The S.S. Olympus is taking ground! Admiral Jackson and his crew have abandoned ship!
The 782nd Brigade is out of commission! The 15th and 981st Brigades have requested emergency assistance!
Ugh...!! This is a nightmare!!
Our armada is being wiped out by a single demon!? Impossible!!
I heard nothing of this kind of strength!!

And now for a dramatic artist's rendition of what this looked like (thanks to Vprisoner)

You really pay attention to the details, giving them time to escape before destroying their ships.
*giggle* See? He's not devoid of love.
S,Shut up! I just don't want to stink up the Netherworld with human corpses!
I'm not...
Everybody, look out!

You imbecile! Now is not the time to be impressed!
That's the Astro Cannon, the EDF's ultimate weapon.
Demon or angel, you won't escape a shot unscathed!
Hmph. Interesting.
Didn't you hear what Mr. Gordon said? Let's just avoid the cannon for now.
Whaaat!? That's no fun!
Listen up, everyone! We have to find the entrance so we can sneak aboard!!
Hang in there, Jennifer! I'll save you!!
No matter what lies ahead, Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth, will fight to the end!

The objective of this level is to WALK someone onto that yellow panel. Don't do what I did and throw someone on. That won't work, as you see in the video. The cannons are annoyingly tough and not really worth killing.

Map 2: Main Corridor 1

Map 13-2

Are you awake?
Were you having a nightmare? You were tossing and turning.
...It doesn't matter. You won't have to worry abut having those dreams anymore.
K,Kurtis! That thing in your hand...!
You guessed it. Very good, Professor.
You must know what it does, then.
Stop it, Kurtis! You call yourself human!?
Do I? I lost 70% of my body, and something even more dear to me in an incident...
Maybe I lost my sense of humanity at that time, too...
It's time to sleep. Sweet dreams...

It's coming from that way.
Let's go!
*muffled breathing*
More humans... *sigh* They just don't learn, do they?
Everyone, be careful!

That's right! Kurtis is a brilliant scientist, rivaling even Jennifer!!
But, he's been conducting fearful research, all in the name of humanity!
!!! Could that scream be...!?

Hey! Stop imagining weird things!
We have to save Jennifer!!

There's absolutely nothing to this map. If you got this far the couple of EDF guys with no Geo Effects to worry about are trivial. I clear the map part of this in about 2 minutes I think.

Map 3: Main Corridor 2

Map 13-3

From Carter!?
Okay, Thursday. Open a communication channel.
Muhahahaha!! You're being a sore loser, Gordon.
Of course! I can't let a villain like you win, for the sake of Earth!
I swear by the name "Defender of Earth", Carter, I will defeat you!!
...You just don't get it, do you? This invasion IS for the sake of Earth.
As you know, the earth is confronting a serious crisis.
The boom in population, the rise in crime, the shortage of natural resources... The human race can't survive much longer.
It would require an astronomical budget merely to find a new home for the people of Earth.
That's why simply taking over the Netherworld is such a simple and economical solution!
Hmmm... Your efforts are admirable. You'd make a great demon.
But, there wouldn't be a crisis in the first place if you humans weren't so stupid.

Ugh...! You foul-mouthed little runt...!
I have something to add to that! General Carter, I am beyond angry!
Give me back my Jennifer, Chrome-dome!!
Why you...! If you can't play nice...
...then neither will I! I'll crush you for the sake of earth's future! Prepare yourselves!

More EDF, and a bit harder than the last ones. But trust me, this level will feel like a refreshing walk in the spring rains with your grandmother after the one coming up. If you don't absolutely obliterate the EDF on this level then don't even bother going on to the next one, just go back and level up. Then, level up some more, because the next level is actually the Boss of this Episode.

Next time on Let's Play Disgaea: Gordon and Kurtis: The True Defender's Burning Spirit!