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Part 38: Showdown! Carter's Gambit! The 38th Defender is Born!

Chapter 33: Showdown! Carter's Gambit! The 38th Defender is Born!

Last time on Disgaea, we defeated Kurtis. Today, we track the nefarious General Carter down to his last stand!

Map 5: Bridge


...That's not what I expected.
...Me neither.
Hey! You call THIS a modification!?
Muhahahaha!! So, you found out about it, eh?
That's right! I have installed a neural override device!
Neural... override?
Exactly! Jennifer is now my puppet!
Jennifer! Go defeat Gordon!
Hahahahaha!! This must be a joke!
I, the Defender of Earth, could never lose to such a delicate creature!

Geez, you're weak...
Gordon... Maybe you're not cut out to be a hero.
Muhahahaha!! What do you think of that!?
Jennifer is a master of the ancient martial art, Kung Fu!
What!? I never knew that!!
You never asked.
That explains it. So, what am I supposed to do?
No way can I use my full fighting potential against Jennifer!
You'd lose anyways, man.
How about we just blow up the entire ship?
Oh no you don't! I already claimed this ship!
I, I see... Well, so much for that idea...
Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth, facing his greatest challenge ever...!!

Hmph... Your voice woke my heart up to the ideals I forgot long ago.
Stand aside...! Let me show you MY defender spirit!
Jennifer! Kill that traitor first!

Gordon...! You called me a comrade...!
I... I looked up to you...
That's why I became a scientist in the first place... Funny, isn't it?
How did things end up like this? If only I had realized sooner...
No... It's enough that I realized it in the end. I bet they're smiling down on me from heaven...
Jennifer! Stop wasting your time with that miserable traitor!
Curse you all!! I'll just blow you all up and Jennifer, too!
In case of an event like this, I planted a bomb inside the neural override device!
Muhahahaha!! Now, die!
I made that device! And I know its weakness!
Jennifer! I can't let you die here!

Yeah...! Yeah! Of course you could be!!
What am I saying... You ARE a true Defender of Earth!!
Heh... Thanks, Gordon...
I won't forget the defender spirit... you showed... me...

...Kurtis. You will be known as the 38th Defender of Earth.
...Heed my words, Death. I command you in the name of King Laharl.
Lead the soul of Kurtis, Defender of Earth, to his family's side...

...Don't say a word. As the Overlord of the Netherworld, I was just paying homage to a true hero.
That's all...
Yes... I understand.
Carter! I'll never forgive you!!
Wait, Gordon!
Jennifer! You're back to normal!?
Yes... I was conscious the entire time I was being controlled...
Because of me, Kurtis...
He did what he thought was right. I'm sure he has no regrets...
And now, his spirit will burn brightly in your heart.
Yeah... You're right.
Jennifer, you are no longer my assistant.
Fight alongside me as an equal... a Defender of Earth!!
...Thank you, Gordon.
I understand. Let's forget about the past, and concentrate on the present.
W,Wait, Jennifer. I'm your father! Have you forgotten everything that I've done for you!?
No, I haven't... If you hadn't taken me in back then, I might not be here today...
I loved you, and believed in you...
But, we were never a true family to begin with...
You raised me only so you could manipulate me!
I'll never call you "Father" again! Prepare yourself, Carter!
Tch...! You ungrateful little...!

A Celestial Host!? Why...!? Why are angels helping HIM...!?
Apparently, someone's been pulling strings from behind the scenes.
Celestia's involved, huh? It just keeps getting better, Prince.
It can't be... Is this the will of the Seraph...?

And here's the last map of the Episode. It's a joke compared to Kurtis last map. It's also the first of many maps where we're fighting Angels. Angels are a class that's pretty much decent at everything. They're what Magic Knights in D1 want to be when they grow up. They have offensive spells up to Giga, heals, and Espoir. They're A rank in almost every weapon too, and have all around good stats, as you can see below.

The angels here have spears and bows. They're not really a problem if you got this far.

W, Who are you!?
No matter how advanced your technology is, it is impossible to infiltrate the Netherworld without help.
Now, answer. Who is behind this?
I, I can't...
...If you do not say, I will kill you.
*gulp* It, It's a man with white wings!
I'm innocent! I, I just wanted to save the earth!
...I see.
Foolish human. You cannot save the earth.
How do you intend to save all of mankind when you cannot even save your daughter?
You have sacrificed the lives of others to satisfy your own ego.
Until you realize that... you will be plagued by nightmares.
We will be watching you.
(Oh... Why am I so awesome?)

No, not just for humanity! For every living creature!!
I will, too, Kurtis... You saved my life. I shall repay by dedicating it to world peace...
...and to preventing others from becoming victims like you and your family.
...I'm going back to Celestia.
I must return to find out the Seraph's true intentions!

And this is it: Etna's final episode preview!

Final Episode Preview!

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