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Part 42: When All Hope is Lost: A Hero's Blazing Heart!

Chapter 37: When All Hope is Lost: A Hero's Blazing Heart!

Last time on Disgaea we battled our way across Celestia. Today, we get a little help from an unexpected source!

Map 5: Divine Prison

Divine Prison

Evil born from the darkness of chaos! Abide by the pact, and annihilate my foes!
Demon summoning...!?
How can this be? Making a pact with demons is strictly forbidden by our law!

Watch out! These aren't ordinary demons!
Scan them, Thursday!
I have enlisted these greater demons for an occasion such as this!
They were eager to sign the contract when I told them that they could have the Netherworld in exchange for your deaths.
See, Prince? How many times have I told you to be a better role model for your subjects?
Shut up! Now's not the time!!
*grunt* Enjoy fighting your own kind! Muhahahaha!
Dammit! Even I can't take care of this many greater demons...!
What's the plan? Should we retreat?
You think they'll let us retreat?
But, what else can we do!?

Who is this!?
Look! Over there!

...Hey, who the heck is that?
I dunno.
I don't think I've seen that Prinny before.
Hey! Don't you recognize me!?
These eyes full of hope and resolution!!
The spirit that burns within me!!
And this bold and valiant stature!!

...You mean, THAT Kurtis?
That's right! Kurtis, Defender of Earth!
But, I thought you were with your family in heaven!
Heh... That's what I had hoped for, but I committed too many sins in my lifetime.
I was given a different form to make up for what I did...
I have returned to atone for my sins! And to help my precious friends!
Don't laugh!! It's not like I had a choice!!
I, I'm sorry. It, It's just that you're so darn cute...
I rushed here, thinking you guys needed me, and this is what I get? ...Maybe I shouldn't have bothered to come.
No, Kurtis. I am grateful that you're here. Your words have rekindled the flame in each of our hearts!
Right, everyone?
Well, he went through all of that just for us. We can't give up now, can we?
Of course not. As King of the Netherworld, I will show these demons who's in charge!

The power of our friendship is increasing! I think we can do it!
Uh... Am I supposed to find that reassuring?
There is nothing to worry about! Friendship power beats anything!

This map can be a real bear. There's 5 level 75 demons each with around 4.5k health to burn down. You just need to be able to apply pure, raw power and blast them to bits. Give it everything you've got, and don't let them get you surrounded. Healing is very, very helpful, as it will increasingly become in these later maps.

I, I only suggested a temporary, strategic retreat! That's totally different from running away!
Now, now. Let's just say that the power of our friendship brought us victory.
This conversation's going nowhere. Let's move on.
Right. We still have that villain to defeat!
What's up ahead, Flonne?
Let's see... We are about to enter the Seraphic Sanctuary.
Besides Master Lamington, only sentries and high-ranking angels are allowed inside.
Hm... Sounds interesting.
Please, stay alert. There's no telling what Master Vulcanus might do at this point.
There's no need to be concerned. Who do you think I am?
I am Laharl, the Overlord!

Map 6: Inner Sanctum

Inner Sanctum

Who are they!?
These are the angelic sentries... They will guard the Seraph at any cost.
They are protected by a special force field, which is impervious to all forms of attack.
That can't be...! It must have a weakness!
Analyze the force field, Thursday!
What!? That's not fair!!
Hmph... It doesn't matter if there's a weakness or not. All we gotta do is blast them away with our power.
Etna! We'll show these angels what we think of their force fields!!
Okay, Prince!

That had no effect!? Impossible!
Hahahahaha! Seems like it's a little too much for you two! Now, it's our turn!!
Jennifer! Thursday! Let's show them how it's done!
Okay, Gordon!
Ultimate defender formation: Space Triangle!!

Our formation attack isn't powerful enough, either...!?
Are they truly invincible1?
It's not time to give up yet! Don't forget that you have ME on your side!
Let's combine our defender spirits together!
True ultimate defender formation: Plasma Quartet!!

You've gotta be kidding me...! It didn't even make a scratch!
No! Attacking separately won't do any good!
We must ALL unite our hearts!!
Unite our hearts...?
That's right! Whether we're angels, demons, or humans, we all share the same feelings!!
and if we focus those feelings together, we can accomplish anything!!
...How can you say something like that with a straight face?
Alright, alright. So the point is, we all attack at the same time, right?
Then, let's do it. On the count of three...
One, two, three!

Now! Let our love and friendship unite!!

Yes! We've destroyed the force field!
We did it!
...Hey, Flonne. Did I hear something about love and friendship just now?
Yes, you did. So, what about it?
Whaddya mean, "what about it"? I keep telling you that I don't feel stuff like that!
*giggle* Think whatever you want, Laharl.
What did you say!?
Uh, Prince... Now that their force fields are down, isn't this our chance?
Yeah... but...
...We'll continue this discussion later! Don't forget!
Okay, okay.
(*sigh* He hasn't gotten any less stubborn, that's for sure... Oh well...)

This map is a huge joke after the last one. It's three level 75 Angels with less health and attack than any of the level 75 demons from the last one. They're utterly trivial if you've gotten to this map.

Next time on Let's Play Disgaea: Vulcanus, the Peacebringer! You won't want to miss it!