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by Feinne

Part 43: Vulcanus, the Peacebringer.

Chapter 38: Vulcanus, the Peacebringer.
Last time on Disgaea, we were reunited with Kurtis, the 38th Defender of Earth. Today, we battle the evil Archangel Vulcanus!

Map 7: Hall of Justice

Hall of Justice

But now that you've defeated greater demons, as well as angelic sentries... I must recognize your strength.
What's going on? He got so serious all of a sudden. Did he hit his head or something?
Beats me. These angels... You never know what they're thinkin'.
Um... Were you referring to me, too?
Of course I was<3
SILENCE! Where are your manners!?
Don't you wish to know my true purpose!?
Your purpose...? Hmph! I bet it's just some selfish fantasy!
No, if he thought it was necessary to involve the earth and humankind, then it must be something really important!
You are correct! My goal is noble, indeed!

Gee, I'm disappointed. Like Kurtis said, you're just fulfilling a selfish fantasy.
No! It is not for my own benefit!
Peace can only be established in the universe under the watchful eye of an omnipotent ruler!!
Master Vulcanus... That is your goal...?
But, peace is not something that can be achieved by the will of one individual...
It is only possible when everybody joins hands and works together.
You are too naive, Flonne! Such a pacifistic approach is doomed to fail because of these deceitful demons and foolish humans!
That's not true! Demons and humans are capable of...
Silence! What do you know about them!?
...I am all too aware! Their cruelty... Their vileness in their hearts...!!
Master Vulcanus...
He's not gonna listen to you, Flonne.
Well, maybe he'll be more submissive with a little physical persuasion.
Uh... Prince, I hope you didn't mean it THAT way...

And here he is, folks, in all his glory:

Vulcanus is significantly stronger than any enemy faced up to this point. He's got loads of health and a tremendous posse of Angels varying from very weak near the Base Panel to quite powerful by where he's standing. They're easy to take on piecemeal, though. Take out Vulcanus' Angels then kick his mustachioed ass.

Have you still not realized it, Master Vulcanus?
You wanted to being peace to the universe, regardless of the means...
Even if you had succeeded, could you call it true peace?
Please consider us as an example, Master Vulcanus.
We have worked together to come this far, with our hearts united as one.
Can this not be considered the first step towards peace?
...Ha! Enough of your idealistic rambling!
You thought your misguided words could convince me to repent!?
My beliefs cannot be shaken so easily!
The game's not over yet! I'll just convince the Seraph to finish the job for me! You and he can kill each other!!

He intends to start a fight between us and the Seraph.
He'll probably make us look like the bad guys and tell the Seraph some horrible lie.
How does he come up with all these dirty tricks? It's really too bad that he's an angel.
Well, it looks like a battle with the Seraph is inevitable.
Are you ready for it, Flonne?
I don't know exactly what will happen, but I must tell Master Lamington everything that's on my mind.
I know he'll understand!
...I see.
Then, tell him straight to his face!
I will!

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