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Part 45: Rise and Fall of the Warrior Maiden.

Chapter 40: Rise and Fall of the Warrior Maiden.

Last time on Disgaea we saw the Good Ending. Today, I'll tell you all about power leveling for post game content and show you the Netherworld Way of beating the first of the post game bosses! (The Netherworld Way is to cheat your ass off, in case you've not been paying attention)

So, I've been skirting around some game mechanics. Our discussion on power leveling will begin, therefore, with a short explanation of the Item World and some more on the Dark Assembly.

I probably mentioned before the general existence of the Item World. It's a random dungeon in each and every item. The maps and enemies are completely random. In the Item World you can find all of the best items in the game. Furthermore, each Item World floor you complete increases the level of your item by one, which increases all of the stats that it has. Items have a Rarity bit, which varies from 0-255. 0-7 is Legendary, 8-31 is Rare, and everything else is Normal. Legendary and Rare items get significant stat boosts. Furthermore, they have more floors in their Item Worlds, giving them more potential power. Normals have 30 floors, Rares have 60, and Legendaries 100. Rare and Legendary items also have more spaces for Specialists.

Specialists are friendly beings that live in the Item World. They give stats and other special effects to items they live in. Tracking them down and defeating them in the Item World doubles their power and allows you to move them to other items. You can also combine specialists together.

There is one specialist in particular that we want most of all for the post game: The statistician. What does he do? Increases your exp gain by 1% per level up to 300 on the character is what he does. Statisticians are absolutely key to leveling characters up.

So, let's say you track down enough statisticians to create a level 300 one and put it on your character. Where are the best places to level? Well, the early post game is dominated by 14-1. You will gain a level per kill for quite some time there. But your sights need to be set higher, much higher. Get your Atk somewhere in the 7k range, so that with five Bravehearts (mages and skulls both get this crucial spell at relatively low levels) you will have around 14k Atk. You will also need to unlock the Cave of Ordeals in the Dark Assembly. You will almost certainly have to persuade by force to open it.

So, knowing that you'll have to persuade by force, you can game things in your favor. Every time you enter and leave the selection screen it will generate a new mix of senators for your Dark Assembly. You want the mix that has the lowest influence possible. The influence of senators is equal to their level, so a low influence assembly is a low level one. If you're around level 150 or so, you probably don't even need to bother throwing nay senators into high level yea senators. Just kill them. Kill them all and let Baal sort them out.

Once you're in the Cave of Ordeals, make a beeline for the third map. You should have no problem soloing the first two with Laharl if you are in the low to mid 100s, but you shouldn't have to because the first two Ordeals aren't really harder than Episode 14. The Third Ordeal is where you want to be. It consists of a 3x3 square of Galactic Demons on Exp +50% panels. Braveheart Laharl up five times (to +100% attack) and throw anything else you've got on them before using a Winged Slayer (the skill from Swords mastery 10) to clear the Galactic Demons. You should kill them all in one hit. If you cannot kill them all in one hit, go back to 14-1 or upgrade your weapon until you can. Once your unbuffed attack gets to where it is buffed, you won't even need Bravehearts.

Once the gain from Cave of Ordeals 3 begins to slow, there's another trick you can pull. Go back to the Assembly and pass Stronger Enemies bills. This will increase the levels of the monsters in Cave of Ordeals 3, letting you get much higher off of it long run. Just make sure you revert to regular enemies before you do the real extra stages, you do NOT want 2+x strength Priere, Marjoly, or Baal on your ass.

Once you're around level 1000, go get high enough rank to open up the Alternate Netherworld bill. You might need to promote again to actually get enough influence there to pass it, though. You will absolutely HAVE to force this one. The Assembly HATE the endgame map bills. The first three maps in the Alternate Netherworld are utter child's play. Laharl at 1000 can easily solo all of them (with the caveat that you will need people to throw him around for the first one, because it consists of a few islands separated from each other). The next one, though, can be tricky. It's a level 900 Azhi Dahaka and two level 800 Tiamats. If you have Laharl with Omega Heal, though, you should be able to deal with them.

This brings us to the first of the three real post game levels:

Alternate Netherworld 5: Warrior Maiden

So, when you're watching the video version of Warrior Maiden, you might notice about halfway in there's a wipe. That's me editing about fifteen minutes of casting Dimension Slash over and over again out.

Not long after our trip to Celestia, Laharl began working hard to become the strongest Overlord he could be. He spent many days training in a cave renowned for having seen the rise of heroes and overlords alike. At the time I didn't understand why, but I now realize he had taken his father's parting words to heart. He was dedicated to becoming the strongest Overlord of all.
I think you're giving him way too much credit, Flonne. With the threats from Earth and Celestia neutralized, the Prince realized that his only real competitors were other Overlords, most of whom would be a hell of a lot stronger than anything we'd faced up to then.
Who's telling this story, Etna?
I'm just saying...
Anyway, after so many long hours spent training, Laharl decided to journey into a mysterious Alternate Netherworld. The monsters there were far more powerful than those in our Netherworld.
They were no match for the Overlord, though! Aaaahahahaha!
If you're going to interrupt like that, you tell the story Laharl.
Very well. We were taking a leisurely stroll through this Alternate Netherworld when we came upon a mysterious portal guarded by beings so fierce that only an amazing Overlord such as myself could have hoped to prevail against them. Naturally, I destroyed them. It was then that I encountered my first real Overlord level opponent. For a girl she was pretty powerful, I guess, but naturally I was much stronger.
Wait, didn't we defeat her in the most pathetic way possible?
Yeah, what was it you called it? "Beating her the Netherworld Way."
Hey, that was an entirely legitimate means to victory!
Point taken. It's still lame as hell, though.
If you could throw you'd have done the same thing.
So, anyways, how did they beat me? On paper I should have cleaned this little jerk's clock six ways to Sunday.

But, he had a little trick up his sleeve. He managed to get me and my comrades stuck on islands from which we couldn't attack. It was pretty weaksauce.

Once we were stuck, he just chipped away at us. I'd say it was pathetic, but I can't really talk because as cheap as it was it worked.

So, how did I beat Priere? Well, if you didn't watch the video, I'll summarize the strategy. You lure her and her two minions in on turn one. Then, you tower throw them onto the floating islands on the side of the map. You can then braveheart Laharl up and Dimension Slash them down. It's easy to argue this is the 'cheap' way of beating Priere, because it is.

We're in the Netherworld, folks. Life's not fair. Take whatever advantages you can get. Priere's got ridiculously good base stats and some top shelf equipment, so any fight with her is inherently not fair. Furthermore, when we beat her she joins us, and having a level 2000 Overlord on our side is more than a little helpful in the Item World.

You will need somewhere in the 30-40k attack range buffed to really do this. Her defense is pretty solid.

Miss Priere, how did you end up in the Netherworld?
That's a pretty long story.
Well, we've got a while before Disgaea 2 starts, so we're all ears.
How shall I begin... Long ago, on a world far, far away...

Next time on Let's Play Disgaea: More post game, however much I manage to get done by that point!

And yes, this DOES mean I'm manning up and doing La Pucelle, in case you're wondering.