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Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

by Feinne

Part 46: The Beauty of Evil.

Chapter 41: The Beauty of Evil.

Last time on Disgaea we battled the Warrior Maiden, Overlord Priere. Today, we face the penultimate battle with the most malevolent witch in the universe!

A woman!?
Don't let your guard down. She's strong.
Using all that makeup to hide her wrinkles! Defying gravity with that push-up bra! Wearing such a skimpy outfit at her age!
It can't be... The most malevolent witch in the entire galaxy...
...If that's true, then this is a golden opportunity.
We'll see which one of us deserves to be called the most malevolent!

Okay, this map turned out to be much harder than I remembered. The only real threat on it is Marjoly. Her two level 1800 cleric buddies mostly heal and buff each other the entire fight, sometimes stopping to throw an Omega spell around. Marjoly, on the other hand, hits for 70k+ with her Tera spells. And when I was doing this yesterday, she was alive long enough for that to be a problem.

Today is not yesterday.

I leveled my rare Lucifer Force up to 60, which gave Priere about 130k unbuffed attack. At 265k, she Dragon's Rages Marjoly for about 120k and does about 75k on noncritical Attacks. You can take advantage of Marjoly's relatively low attack strength compared to her Tera spells by trying to provoke large counter chains with her, as you'll see in the video.

Here's some shots of Priere's Requiem Aeternam miracle attack. Once you've seen some La Pucelle it'll make a whole lot of sense.

There's not really a 'cute' strategy for this one, though. Pure, raw power is the way to go.

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