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Part 47: Lord of Terror

Chapter 42: Lord of Terror

Last time on Disgaea we battled the most malevolent witch in the universe. Today, we battle the strongest overlord of all!

In the Netherworld, they tell legends of the all powerful Supreme Overlord. His name is Baal, Lord of Terror...

(Image is the video link)

And here he is: Baal, the Legendary Lord of Terror.

You're not reading those stats wrong, he's just that powerful. Sword Rain and Gran Sword are insanely powerful attacks that do about 250k damage to whatever they hit. Our first order of business is to steal the unique items Baal carries, the Nemesis monster weapon and Super Robo Suit. This will at least sort of help cut his stats down to size.

How does one steal those items? I'm glad you asked. The easiest way to do so is to capture a few level ~4500 Surts or Efreets from the Patriarch's Seal right before Baal. Combine monsters or use Stronger Enemies bills to generate these. Surts are better because they have much more health, but I got lazy and got an Efreet for my second one because they're easier to capture.

So how do you beat Baal? Well, unless you're really, really powerful you won't be able to just slug it out with the big man. I'm seriously lagging behind in weapons, though, because I can't get a legendary Lucifer Force or Cosmic Blade to generate to save my life. Max Braveheart on all your main attackers is a must. You never, ever want to just Attack Baal, because his counters will rape you. You can disable Baal for a turn by picking him up and holding him. All he can do on his turn is squash the person holding him for 1.5 million damage. This gives you a few turns during which Baal is pretty much on ice. If he's still alive, though, you'll need to be careful. Try to have people end their turns as far away from each other as possible, his Sword Rain and Gran Sword are more likely to be used if people are bunched up. You will want somewhere in the 200k attack range buffed on anyone who you want to seriously be able to dent Baal. Level 4000 on Laharl is probably a good idea, and you might want to have transmigrated a few times just to be safe.

Eventually, the Lord of Terror goes down in flames...

So what do we get for all our trouble? Well, Nemesis and Super Robo Suit are both incredible items. Nemesis is, if properly raised to level 100, actually slightly more powerful than the Nemesis Mk II. Super Robo Suit is the best all around item in the game, combining the power of 'treasure' type items with shoes.

Laharl also changes titles from Demon Prince to Tyrant.

Once you're Tyrant, you are basically guaranteed of passing anything you want in the Dark Assembly, because they're friggin' terrified of you. By that point it's not that necessary, but whatever. It's still nice.

And that's the final battle of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. It's not the final chapter, though, because there's still one more small thing to check out...

Oh, and there will be absolutely no prize but feeling like a bad ass on the internet to the first person who can name all four of the pieces of music I play on there. Two of them might sound superficially the same, but they're really not. For those I want to know which game's version they are.