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Part 5: Aside: A mystery worthy of Hercule Poirot

Aside: A mystery worthy of Hercule Poirot

Previously on Disgaea, a cuter more angelic version of Solid Snake infiltrated our castle like a master thief intent on assassinating King Krichevskoy. Who's already dead. Upon being discovered, she booked it out of the castle.

This looks like a job for the Netherworld's greatest detective, Dark Secretary Pleinair!

Perhaps we should question the eyewitnesses. Surely the Royal Vassals saw something useful.

It's a bit noisy. Is there some sort of party? Pardy hardy!
...Why are all my vassals like this?
Ever take a look in the mirror?

Have you saved yet?
Huh? Come to think of it...
Prince, have we saved yet?

Prince, weren't you assassinated?
Stop killing me in your head!

I heard about the assassin.
Congratulations! Assassination attempts mean that you're a full-fledged demon.
...Am I supposed to be happy?

Prince, have you visited the Dark Assembly?
You need to milk the system for all its worth to have an edge in battle.
Now is not the time...

If you're looking for the assassin, I saw her walk by here.
I think she used the Dimensional Gate to escape.
...If you saw all this, why didn't you chase after her?
That would require effort on my part.

Well, they were no help at all. Hmm, perhaps the hidden cameras picked up something of note.

Entry 2: Feelings of Guilt
A certain demon stole my memories... There's something he wants me to do in exchange...
I'd do just about anything to get my memories back...
But, would the King forgive me...?
That's my only fear...

Nope, nothing important, just Etna contemplating her complicity in a plot to overthrow Prince Laharl. Hmm, what was it that zombie said again? Perhaps we should question the Dimensional Gatekeeper!

Ah, Prince. An unfamiliar girl was just here to use the Dimensional Gate.
Where'd she go!?
She wanted to go someplace where nobody could find her, so I sent her to the "Frozen River".
...Um, doesn't revealing that information defeat the entire purpose of her escaping?

Another case closed thanks to the Netherworld's greatest detective, Dark Secretary Pleinair!

What was that? Did you say something?

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