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Part 6: The most considerate assassin I've seen this week.

Chapter 4: The most considerate assassin I've seen this week.

Last time on Let's Play Disgaea, with the help of the Netherworld's Greatest Detective we discovered the dread lair of Celestia's most lethal assassin: The Frozen River. Sounds pleasant, right? Let's go track her down.

Map 1: Forsaken Land

No drama in this one, so let's just get it rolling. This map introduces zombies. They're reasonably resilient melee monsters with some annoying attacks. Their lowest level one is a single target damage and poison. Poison in this does a % of your health every turn, very nasty.

This map is set up with enemies on two levels. We have to throw someone to get to the archers and cleric.

The real story of this map isn't that, though. It's the little thief that could.

In a very seriously stunning display of competence, Schildkrote the thief managed to ninja two killing blows, each of which gave him an entire level's worth of Exp. Clearly he's got the favor of the gods or something.

That said, this is not a hard map by any stretch of the imagination. It's far easier than Mid-Boss just was, so if you got to this map you should have no trouble clearing it.

Let's move on to the second map.

Map 2: Icy Breath

Incoming drama sequence!

What!? She's the assassin?
I was expecting someone a little more... menacing. Oh, well.
Just shut up and capture her.
Prinny Squad: Aye aye, dood.
Prima Pretty Prippanica!
Mighty warriors, protect me!

Prince, she must be from Celestia.
Makes no difference to me.
Angel or god, anyone who opposes me will suffer a terrifying death.
Hmhmhm...! Say your prayers!
Please don't push yourselves too hard. You guys can run if it gets dangerous.
Don't let her escape!
We'll teach her a lesson!


Reveal yourself!
...Oh, it is you. Please do not startle me like that.
So... how are things progressing?
????: Well, I cannot say they have gone perfectly, but there is nothing to be concerned about.
I see... Forgive me for putting such a heavy burden on you.
????: Please... It was my idea to begin with.
By the way, how is the girl doing? Has she managed to meet Laharl safely?
I would not use the word, "safely", but she is managing in her own way.
????: You have a lot of faith in her.
Yes... Just as you have faith in him.

And now we get to fight more zombies. An important thing to note about the Frozen River maps: Every single generic monster on these maps is resistant to ice and weak against fire. Blazing Knuckle is pretty much a rapetrain in this place. There're a lot of zombies on this map, so we'll be using it to level up quite a lot early on.

Map 3: Eternal Winter

Another short drama sequence commences.

I have no other choice. I'll have to use a sleep spell. Nighty-night!
Oh, no you don't!

I think we all know how this is going to end...

Uh... sorry Prince.
Ugh...! My hair...!
Now you've gone and done it! I had my hair just how I wanted it! This is unforgivable!

This map introduces one of my least favorite monster types: Gremlins. Do you hear that, Gremlins? FUCK YOU.

These little bastards have high move and Hell Pepper, which is crazy powerful at this point in the game. It hits the square in front of them and either side for pretty decent damage and poisons. It sucks, really hard. There're also some zombies, which are comparatively no threat at all. We won't be replaying this one for Exp because I HATE GREMLINS. They managed to off a couple people, which was annoying and cost me money. They died and I didn't, though, so I call it a victory for me.

The next map is going to be the last of the Episode, so it's time to get a bit of grinding in. The roster, as it stands before the final fight, is:

We've also unlocked the next version of the cleric:

Well, I guess it's time to go inflict some violence on a cute little angel.

Map 4: White Death

I'm proud to say I'm the most persistent demon in all the Netherworld!
Is that so? Wow... that's really something.
...Are you trying to make a fool of me?
No, I think that's the way she is.
*giggle* Now it's my turn to show off a little.
But, I'll have to use the item the Seraph gave me, so I can only do it once.
Are you ready? Here I go!
Prince... I think we're playing by her rules...

...Prince, we have to fight THIS?
We don't have much choice, do we?

So, yeah. Flonne summons a friggin' dragon. Flonne herself is pretty much no threat at all. She's a caster whose only current skill is Power of Love, which heals all adjacent tiles. The dragon, however, is dynamite.

Oh, and to make matters worse, we also have to fight a crapton of gremlins. The way I deal with this is to send Laharl, who can take quite a lot of hits, out to draw gremlins in. Then I wipe them out in an orgy of gore and zerg the dragon and Flonne. It's not pretty, but it works.

And now it's time for an incredibly long drama scene.

I don't know who hired you, but I'll make you regret the day you tried to assassinate the great Laharl!
Uh... Excuse me, but...
Why would I want to assassinate you?
I am Angel Trainee Flonne.
I am here by order of the Seraph to assassinate the Overlord, King Krichevskoy.
...You're here to kill my old man?
Your old man...?
That means... you're the King's son?
Doesn't anyone in Celestia read the newspaper?
You came all the way from Celestia for nothing.
My old man died 2 years ago.
*sniff* ...I'm sorry...

You'll never see him again...
When I think about that, it makes me sad...
Are you crazy?
You came here to assassinate him, right? Why should you be sad?
Are you not sad?
Me? I don't have that emotion.
That's not true.
When you lose someone or something important to you, you cry, don't you? Your heart aches, doesn't it?
Hmph... I don't understand a word you're saying.
How come?
"How come?" Because I'm a demon, of course!
Demons don't know sadness?
E, Exactly! I've never experienced such an emotion in my entire life!
If that's true, does that mean demons don't know love, either?
Sadness is only possible because of love.
You're right. Demons have no love, either!
That's just... too sad...
(She sounds just like my mother.
How stupid! Love...?)

(I don't believe... I'll never believe in love!!)
(If demons really don't know love, then it's my duty as a Celestian to explore the matter.
I was ordered to assassinate the Overlord, but this must be a sign from the heavens.
It has to be!
Whether demons are pure evil or not... If they really don't feel love... I will bear witness to the truth!)
What's love good for!? I don't need it...
Demons like me don't need that kind of crap!
If that is true, then demons are a real threat to Celestia.
Since I can't complete my mission, I have decided that my new goal is to learn the true nature of demons.
I must know for certain whether or not demons are capable of love.
And if necessary...
I will carry out my original mission with a new target!

Prince, what are you doing recruiting an assassin... and an angel at that...?
(...But, this might avert his attention from me.
*giggle* Perfect timing.)

And with that, Episode 2 is over.

Next time on Let's Play Disgaea: Stealing is wrong, kids! Plus, extra special bonus: How to make Flonne not suck! You won't want to miss it!