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Original Thread: One Thousand Years of Misrule - a Paradox mega-campaign



You asked for it, So here it is. My attempt at doing a Paradox games Mega-campaign – that is, Crusader Kings II, Europa Universals IV, then most likely Victoria II and then we'll see.

So what makes this different to all the other Paradox LP's out there?

Nothing. Just my own style and quirks. I will be following some ground rules – I shall be roleplaying each king depending on their stat's – so If I get a paranoid lunatic, then heads will roll, while a pacifist will see a time of building.
I'll be playing the base game, so I can make use of the CKII-EUIV converter. I won't be using the Sunset invasion, as I don't own it and it can be a quick end if your in the wrong place.


Nope, there will be no parties or things like that, at least, not until the government changes – I may introduce them later, but for now it will be just me, running whatever we select into the ground.

Who shall we be playing?

This is where you will have an imput – while we could take over a know dynasty, there seem to be no fun in that – we should start this with our own man!

First up we should pick some territory – This is what Europe looks like in 867AD, the Old Gods starting period.

Click here for the full 1754x1754 image

We can Replace any King, Duke or Count. Wiping them from the Greyverse and replacing them with our chosen man and his offspring.

Then we can move on to this sheet.

This is the ruler designer, we can give our man his stats, culture and most importantly his name.

I'm going to beg off as lazy here, as going through all the nations and stat combinations would take forever, and not help people who have not played the game – therefore, I shall leave the suggestions to those who have played the game.
Playing as a count will be more challenging than a king, but its up to people to set me their own challenge.

Please submit your suggestion in the following format.


Name and lands of character

A short bio of the character (He is a reckless and gluttonous man)

Picture(s) of all three pages of the character generator, if you want a certain look or coat of arms. Or just the stats if you don't care about the others.

When you put in a contender, please put his name in bold in one of the columns. Then if you wish to vote for that character, put your user
name below it – You can change your vote and vote for your own guy, but this method stops me having the trawl the thread for votes, and stops it being cluttered up.

Please remember, we will be stuck with the family name for a long time.

The Family Tree

As our character will come into the world with just his name, I shall attempt to keep a family tree of the dynasty. I will not track incoming people beyond the country of origin and their status (princess of France for example.), and I will most likely not follow all the daughters who get married out. but it should create an interesting document, even if its only possible to do the main trunk.

MAWAH HA HA HA - yeah, with the ogoonu, this was a stupid, stupod idea.

We are playing as Ghana!

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Europa Universalis IV

Victoria II

Distant Worlds
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