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Part 3: 887-900, Ogoona Lust.

We reaffirm the betrothal of the Chieftess of Bolgatanga and Kabayo our heir.

Kabayo needs lands, and as Dongu can rule all he has at this time, expansion is the only option!

Trying to dispel the images of cowardice, Dongu leads from the front, but is injured during the battle. We do slay the Mayor of Fatta however.

The battle is won, but the wound quickly becomes infected.

Adja comes of age tries to change the terms of the marriage. Dongu is only interested in the land, so declines.

Dongu wins the war but loses his life. The Mansa did great things for his country, but will be ill remembered by history.

Seventeen year old Kabayo takes control of the country and the lands are split between him and his many siblings. He marries Adja in a non-matrilinial marriage, and takes the gold.

The untested new king is not well liked by his council, and is forced to make his mother his spymaster!

Titles and gold are handed out to prevent a civil war, but Kabayo soon takes sick. Thankfully he recovers a month later.

Once better, the new Mansa was right back into action. Although he needed some lessons in subtly. His wife was soon pregnant however.

Needing to distract people from his not-so-private life, Kabayo declares war on his neighbour for the Takruri's most valuable province.

While his troops engaged there enemy. Djenly warns her son of a plot to seduce him. Kabayo's response is “get me more plots like that!”

Kabayo's son is born, and he names him after his father - “So history can have at least one great Dongu”

The war is won soon after, and while ransoming back the children of some lords captured Kabayo is told that another prisoner had escaped! This was M'Bali, imprisoned years ago for the crime of getting married for love!

Horrified that the couple had been forgotten, Kabayo quickly releases his wife as well, after only eight years in prison.

Gao declares war on Ghana once more. This shall be the new Mansa's first real challenge.

The Sanhaja join the war on the Gaon side, and a massive Gaon army begins to march on us.

The battle is a large one, there is not much difference in the commanders, so it comes down to numbers.

When another thousand Sanhajarans arrive, Kabayo continues to fight, he may not be able to win the battle, but he can prove himself to his vassals.

The result is a forgone conclusion however.

The war drags on, as it takes the Gaon's two years to take the holdings they need, but the province of Bobo is lost.

Kabayo decides that Gao must be destroyed. He also celebrates the birth of his first daughter, who he names after his mother.

The Mansa begins to try and improve his stewardship.

The Mead Fountain would be the connection between the Mansa and the common man.

There you can get the best salted turnips in the realm!

You can also pass the time listen to the best castrated eunuch singer.

Well, reportedly the best. It seems his skills have been overrated. This European entertainment is not for good Ghanan men, and Kabayo is in the lead to beat the man to death.

At least the turnips went down well. With some mead to wash them down at least.

Kabayo learns his lessons, then passes off the inn to a lesser man.

Other noble pastimes soon fill his head.

Another daughter is born to Kabayo.

To celebrate, War is declared on one of the small neighbours. Although Gao is the main threat, they have to many men when the alliance with Sanhaja is considered, so Ghana must wait for the death of the Sanhaja High chief and the end of this alliance.

During this war, Kabayo hones his military skills.

Once again, the Takrur decide they want to stop Ghanan expansion.

not that they can do much as in mid 896 the war ends and the Mansa's lands expand once more! No that chief Salaman is happy about this, but what can he do?

Kabayo's mother dies a natural death – in the bed of her current eighteen year old lover.

Kabayo honours her the only way he knows how.

Takrur has annoyed the Ogoona's for to long, and Kabayo begins their dismantlement.

using only his personal troops, and lead by men from his own court. The Mansa goes to war.

This battle ends the war. With the High chief in his dungeons, resistance collapses.

Something goes wrong, the land is not given to Kabayo, but to Salaman! Creating an independent nation on Ghana's border!

At least Duru has not seen the likeness of his ruler in his new born son!

As a new century begins, it is time to explore the rest of Europe.

North Africa is diminated by several large countries, chief amongst them are the Umayyads. Only the very north is controlled by Christians, with Castille and West Francia the largest in a fragmented Iberian peninsula.

The Middle East sees some large and numerous small countries, no real superpower is developing here.

The Romans are still doing well, and Italy is controlled mainly by the Lombards. Bulgaria and Georgia are also major players here.

The Eastern European nations are more a few large players like Perm, Kiev and Khazaria, and lots of smaller tribes.

Central Europe has seen the break up of East Francia, and has lots of very similar sized countries.

West Francia is the big boy in Europe after the Romans, and could expand rapidly.

In the British isles, the Vikings are overwhelming the Anglo-saxons, Scotland is holding its own and no one has made a move in Ireland.

Finally we call in on Scandinavia, and Ostlandet, Svipjob and the Kakisalmians hold large amounts of poor land.

Well, that brings you up to date. Next time, we continue our tale of lust.