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Part 4: 900-919, Fractured states

Two years pass quietly, and Kabayo decides to finally hem Gao in by taking Taghaza.

Meanwhile, a third daughter is born to the Mansa.

Sheikh Ali quickly recognises Kabayo's right to rule.

This means Ghanan territory now butts up against that of the Umayyad's, but this was always going to happen at some point.

Even as he gets older, Kabayo has not learned to be more subtle about his extra-marital affairs.

The ageing High Chief Massi-Ize the Great of Gao dies. Under Gavalkind, he splits his lands between his sons, and Gao dissolves overnight. Susu and Kumbee-Tenga now share borders with Ghana, and alone they are much less powerful than the unified state of their father.

They are still allied to each other, so not that weak yet, but Kabayo begins to cement his own alliances, using his unmarried sisters.

He also betroths his youngest daughter to the Susu chief, trying to form an alliance there.

Meanwhile, the scandals from the Ogoona histories continue.

At this point, Kabayo was heard to shout “There is a crown on the door woman!”

Kabayo is fickle with his lovers though.

A revolt begins, as Sheik Ali makes wild accusations of his Mansa. The fact that High Priest Igoumou, who has forever bristled under the rule of the Ogoona, also rises up at the same time points the finger quiet eloquently.

It always seems that an Ogoona child is born after every war declaration.

Prince Dongu also comes of age at this time, he has been trained by the Ghanan Marshal, and is a tough soldier, this has left him envious, deceitful and wroth however.

Its not all good new however, as Ina dies a young child.

Igoumou is captured quickly. He is executed for his crimes, but this causes Bamako to go indipendant with a new high preist.

Ali is captured soon afterwards.

Learning from past mistakes, Kabayo banishes him from his realm, ceasing all of his assets and land.

We also get news that the Muslims are fracturing.

The period of peace is used to improve the capital.

We also finalize some alliances.

A second son is born to Kabayo.

This is quickly followed by a grandson.

Kabayo continues his infidelity.

This causes problems nine months later.

Kabayo is not going to recognise the child however.

Although he's also not going to break off the relationship.

We can finally bring Bamako back into the kingdom!

While Kabayo tries to do this with his own troops, most of the splintered Gaon powers decide to step in. this forces him to raise his vassal troops.

Another bastard is born and denounced.

The Gaon's are not here to defend Bamako, but to take it for themselves, Kabayo marshal’s his forces, raises 1,000 mercenaries and takes the the field of battle, unfortunately he is wounded during the fighting.

The battle is lost, and soon after it is heard that the Mansa's steward has been murdered by peasants!

The battle is lost, and Gao expands, but the Mansa's wounds heal into a very impressive scar.

Kabayo's hedonistic lifestyle is now well known.

For a moment, he lets this get away from him, before snapping himself out of it.

The Umayyad Emerate declares war upon Ghana.

Kabayo is forced to bring in the Gaon forces to help him.

The Umayyad's were suddenly plunged into a civil war, but they called upon the people of Atlas to help them. More Africans joined their brothers though, so the sides were fairly balanced.

With the Umayyad troops north, Kabayo settles down to the daily routines of a siege.

Its a shame about the shoddy construction.

Dongu II takes the throne of his father. Did he have anything to do with the suspicious death of his father? Or did he scorn one lover to many?

The Wrathful, Deceitful envious but temperate new Mansa had already lost two children. For now, he must win the war.

In October the Umayyad civil war ends.

Four months later, another civil war kicks off, this is helping Dongu and his allies greatly!

This brings a lot more Muslim forces into the region – more for the Ghanan lead forces to destroy!

A second bloody battle is won, and the Ghanan forces capture the Umayyad prince, but another large army is coming in.

While Dongu awaits the attack, he gets news that his wife has given birth to a daughter!

The battle becomes six thousand against three, and the Ghanan forces lose, but Dongu has done enough to secure a white peace and prevent damage to his lands.

Dongu has a son now, who he names after his father.

He also completes an upgrade to the Milita training ground in the capital and begins work on larger stables – with the succession laws as they are, spending money outside the capital is a waste, as it will be passed on to any second sons.

He also attempts to bring Cayor back into the realm.

The war is quickly won, and as 919 comes to an end, Djenly is born to the Ogoonas.