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Part 5: 920-939, The Day the Earth Shook.

Dongu's wife, Tekhaye dies in childbirth. The child does not survive either.

Having a living heir, he betroths himself to a one year old for an alliance and then betroths his son to the heir of Kumbee-Tenga. All he needs do now is hope that the chief as no surviving sons.

Someone tries to tell Dongu of a plot on his life, but he refuses to believe any of his subjects could mean him any harm.

Meanwhile, death continues to stalk his children.

It is once more time to expand Ghana, and reduce the annoying Takuruis. Small tribes with no alliances have no place in Africa!

The war lasts three months and has a single possible outcome.

The tradition of attacking weakened enemies continues, as the last of the Takuri land is absorbed by the Sanhanja.

Needing more men, Dongu begins the process of making Ghana more of a kingdom than a loose collection of tribes. He asks his lords to institute low crown authority.

After that, he is informed that his Son has a weak claim for Susu, the cousins of the current 13-year old High Chief do no like him much and are allied to Ghana as well, in fact, Susu is currently at war with Kumbee-Tenga!

War is declared, for his Son would surely be a better ruler, especially as he would have Dongu as a regent!
Two quick battles later and it is just the sieges to go.

Kabayo is installed as rightful ruler of Gao.

Sandaki, the Mansa's spymaster comes to his lord, apparently the chief of the Niani wishes him dead. She refuses to end the plot, so Dongu orders her arrested.

The Mansa's wrath comes to the fore, he shall prove to his enemies what happens to those who plot to take his life. He banishes Ina and ceases her lands and gold.

That money is then spent on building the great Dongu keep in Al-Ghaba.

Something terrible is happening in Ghana. It seems that an earthquake has hit the capital.

Of course the brave Dongu will investigate this threat to his realm. The smell is terrible, but Dongu gets closer and closer to the hole.

This a hole into the very pits of hell! Dongu almost falls in, before ordering his men to seal the hole!

The sacred cattle are rounded up and hearded into the hole, trying to sate the gods and ancestors with their blood.

This is not cheap, as each of the cattle comes from the Mansa's own heard, and will need to be replaced or Dongu will lose status.

This does not work.

Stones are piled into the hole next.

The screams affect the peasants, but they keep working.

Finally, the work is done. Dongu learned much from battling demons, and is now more respected by his peers.

Dongu remarries, this time to the sister of the Goan chief.

The dowry is immediately spent on making Dongu's keep even bigger!

He may have a sixteen year old wife, but that can't stop the Mansa's eyes (and hands) from wandering.

Gao and Kumbee-Tenga are at war with each other. So Dongu decides to claim Gao for his wife. Maybe she can make a better ruler!

Days later, Dongu's mother dies, and leaves him the province of Bologatanga! This gives him nine hundred more men to bring into the war!

Then, during the battle, the curse of the Dongu name strikes again!

Thankfully, this time the Ghanan force is the larger, and the battle ends with the capture of chief Benign and the end of the war!

The once mighty Gao is now a splintered mess.

Waalo, on the coast, is the last independent realm in the area.

Dongu declares war on them. They fight back the best they can, but only by avoiding the Mansa's troops.

Bannu is soon forced to reorganise his new ruler.

Dongu now has a new son, this one is the heir to Gao.

Of course, he is not the only child born to the Mansa of Ghana. This bastard is denounced of course.

After a few years of peace, it is time for Dongu to press his daughters claim on Kumbee-Tenga.

Jeno enters the watr on the Kumbee-Tenga side, but not with enough troops to make a difference.

With all the forces of Ghana brought to bare, this is not a long war.

Loraie is happy with her new lands. Dongu is happy with his new vassal.

Lorane celibrates a little to hard, but Dongu cannot be mad, it is a Ogoona family trait.

A third son is given to the Mansa.

The years of peace pass by quickly, and the troops of Ghana are replenished.
The foes to the east are a shadow of their former selves.

Goa's heir is the son of Dongu, so this will be his soon enough. This leaves only Jeno to conquer. Then the expansion north can begin.

This will not be easy.