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Part 9: 1000-1019, Kabayo the Great.

Kabayo uses the turn of the millennium to try once more to impose crown authority on Ghana. He wants to move them away from being a loose collection of tribes into a real country.

He then has to deal with the results of his celebrations. Although its not much of a problem as Bisi dies during childbirth.

Another civil war breaks the Umayyads for a time.

Another Ogoonu joins the ranks. Unfortunately the boy dies a month later.

The Umayyad civil war has lead to Ha'ilid breaking away. This is Kabayo's chance to advance north.

Kabayo becomes more and more paranoid, his cravenness expands into a fear of poison.

it takes a year to march the troops up north, but once they are there they defeat the Ha'ilid troops and force them to retreat into a second army.

The Mansa also continues the Ogoonu tradition when it comes to assassination attempts – giving the land to the the victim.

He also makes sure everyone knows of the history of the Ogoonu.

The war ends, and we now have a border on Marrakich, one of the holy sites for the Saheilen religion. It is also a massively rich province.

We then see something unique in the history of Ghana – someone turns down the advances of an Ogoonu!

Kabayo is keeping a closer eye on things than he once was, and is now aware that his funds seem to be down.

Bisi is able to convince the Mansa that it is just a clerical error.

The Umayyad's reform. This is not a good thing for Ghana, but they seem to do this kind of thing every few years.

This one comes out of nowhere. Mecca declares itself part of Ghana, and he Abbasid sultan rightfully declares this stupid.

Kabayo agrees, and surrenders the territory without a fight.

He the passes a law increasing the taxes from cities.

The Mansa's wife dies.

So he gets himself a younger, lustful and unrelated one.

Kabayo then begins work on expanding the Great Dongu Keep.

The conquest of El Aailn begins. The Franks and their hideous banner have no place here.

The Franks charge into Ghanian lands. The battle begins and Kabayo is immediately wounded.

The battle is won, and during the chase Richard is captured. This brings an end to resistance, and the count is forced to swear fealty to Kabayo.

Kayabo's wound becomes infected. Thankfully this only lasts a little while.

Soon after he is blessed with another son.

The wound heals after this, leaving the Mansa scarred.

The ruler of Idjil dies, and he leaves his land to the Sheikh of Snassen. He is a vassal of Hemen, and this land will need to be reclaimed.

This is a golden period for the people of Ghana.

Kabayo celebrates twenty years on the throne, people now refer to him as “The Great”

He then has to deal with a problem of another of those upstart armies attacking his ally in Canarias.

I should say the small problem.

There is then the problem that the line of succession of El Aaiun passes to the Duke of Burgandy! Kabayo moves quickly to prevent this from happening.

Edues agrees to having his title revoked, having no allies. Kabayo keeps it and hands Niono over to one of his many nephews.

Next up is reclaiming Idjil, which has changed hands already.

Kabayo is also able to convert Boujdour to the worship of the Serpent in the Well.

He also begins improving the warrior lodge. As you can see, the capital is now as well upgraded as current technology can master.

Most of the Aghlabid lands are far to the north, so the retinue of Ghanan troops must make some long marches through the desert.

As we bring this update to a close, I give you Ghanan troops seeing the Mediterranean for the first, but not last, time.