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by Grey Hunter

Part 15: 1120-1139, The Sahlien Reformation.

The new keep allows Zenku to plow his money into a new series of construction projects.

He also clears out the thieves who were left in Hanyan by the previous occupants.

The first of what is sure to be Zenku's many children is born.

Things are not all good however, as someone plants evidence in High Priest Dankaran's keep that Zenku plans to banish him. He raises his four thousand men and declares war.

The Mansa raises his troops from the capital and the troops from two of the surrounding vassals and goes to explain the misunderstanding to Dankaran.

Zenku leads his men on a charge that shall be remembered in history, smashing the high priests forces and creating a tale that shall be told for centuries to come.

The Quadrid's don't hear this story, and decide that this is a good time to try and retake Marrakech.

The retinue and other northern forces defeat one army, but as it retreats, the main Muslim force is landed by boat, giving them no time to withdraw.

The rebellion in the south is put down, as the high priest is a valued vassal and was lead astray, he is released from prison.

Soon after, a son is born to Zenku.

The Mansa meanwhile draws the Quadrid army deep into the desert where he has laid a trap.

The battle is a brutal one, but ends in Ghanan victory and the capture of the Emir of Qutid.

The army is hunted down and defeated in three more battles, thus ending the war.

Zenku notiaces that the Sultan of Algiers has been captured as part of a christian holy war against Aquitaine. This is the time to try and take the Atlas Mountains!

outnumbered four to one, the Muslim forces cannot stand against the massed Ghanan army lead by three seventeen statted generals. Two high ranking Aglabids are captured.

They hit another army of ten thousand, and once again Zenku leads from the front to bring about a heroic victory.

Army after army is hunted down and smashed. Vikings arrive to raid the coast and things are looking bad for Sultan Asru.

In the front line of every one of these battle is Zenku. With every battle his fame grows.

Surrender is soon the only option – how can anyone stand against one such as Zenku?

With the conquest of the Atlas mountains, The last holy site of the Sahelian faith is part of Ghana!

This sparks a new wave of faith in the Snake in the Well, and the reformation of the religion takes place.

Dankaran is named the high priest, and having patched up his differences with Mansa Zenku, is now ready to lead Ghana on to a brave new era.

The child Sheikh of the Atlas Mountains is removed from office. Only an Ogoonu is holy enough to rule one of the holy provinces.

Dankaran wastes no time, he calls the first Well Snake Holy War. Zenku also has to cope with the fact that factions are forming in his government.

Another Ogoonu enters the world.

The Mansa also gains a nickname. It seems that many are not happy with the changes to their faith.

The holy war is not going well, Dankaran dies and is replaced.

Zenku decides it is time for him to step in.

Abi-Bakr, the would be traitor escapes from jail.

We put our men together to hit the enemy, we also have news that many in the general population are converting to Saheilan.

There are numerous battles, as the Muslims have two major powers defending. But the massed Ghanan army is able to keep bringing them to battle alone.

As always, Zenku is at the front of the battle.

Victory is always Ghanan.

With their armies defeated for now, the Ghanan forces split up and begin to conquer Morroco.

Another army marches south towards our forces, and Zenku welcomes Kukuray into the world.

We catch and beat that army, then chase it down and destroy it.

We continue the process of forcing people who do not believe in the Serpent in the Well down the Well. This seems to work well.

The peasants don't like this and rise up.

There are better times for six thousand men to rise up in arms against their rightful Mansa.

Zenku is forced to march his main army south the deal with them.

They are defeated in time to see another massive Aghlabid army marching south.

Zenku masses his forces, but just as the two armies clash, another five thousand Muslim reinforcements land by sea and turn the tide.

He tries to hold the force together, but only ends up being captured.

With Zenku in a dungion somewhere, it falls to Grand Vizer Biyu to raise fresh troops. Attrition has reduced the enemy army, but they have undone most of the good done in the previous few years.

Although the battle is won, the idea of years more war is to much for Igoumou, and he calls for a ceasefire.

This means that Zenku is released from prison. He is none the worse for his experience, the guards having been scared of him. His string of victories has left him with a massive amount of prestige.

Mamoudou comes of age. He is already lusty and quickly married off.

The last few years of this update pass quietly, with the only thing of note happening being the reports of the Ogoonu's favourite type of plot being hatched.

Although the Mansa needs no plot. Aoua is a cousin related through Zakoi, but then again, most of his court are related to him.

Ghana prevails.

Ogoonu count, 650 total, 165 alive.