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by Grey Hunter

Part 19: 1200-1219, Fadazu the Fat.

A new century, the same old revolts. The old Sahelians are not going down quietly.

Even with twelve thousand men, the revolt only lasts three months.

After the war, hunting!

And feasting! It is good to be and Ogoonu!

Fadazu's only daughter and heir dies.

The Mansa wonders why he has only had one child with his wife, but things have come to light to explain things. Not only does his wife hate him, but she loves women as well!

It takes a lot of money to arrange the divorce, but the Mansa of Ghana can afford it.

Hello lusty new young wife.

Another minor Ogoonu is planning a rebellion.

The things you must do for the sake of the kingdom.

This begins to take a toll on Fadazu.

We also continue to convert those in our lands to the true religion.

The truce with the Qadirids finally comes to an end, and with the Aghalbids and their child ruler in a war of their own, now is the time to strike for Marrakesh and pretty boarders! If we don't attack, then the Qadirids will undoubtedly try and retake Ifni.

As the two forces mass, Fadazu is blessed with a son.

We are reinforced and the enemy loses men crossing the desert, when the two sides clash we have numbers and the superior generals.

Victory is ours, with a near four to one advantage in casualties.

We chase them down and annihilate the army.

We reclaim Tafialet and then march on. Fadazu proves to be a ferocious commander.

With his army shattered, Sultan Hilal is forced to surrender Marrakech and its surroundings.

The cities and temples go to as many Ogoonu's as possible, but the Mansa keeps the three provinces proper.

A year later, it is time for the Canarias to join Ghana. The last invasion had been a fiasco, Fadazu feels he can do much better.

This time, troops are able to move across the sea in greater numbers. Fadazu leads the way.

While he is fighting the campaign, he learns from the locals.

He also proves himself to the world.

He hears of the birth of his second son while cleaning up on the island.

Victory is ours, and a new title is added to Fadazu's pile.

The second Kingdom of Jerusalem is formed.

Fadazu looks to his sons education himself.

Marrackesh and its surrounds begin to pay taxes. The Mansa's monthly income goes up from 23 gold to 33 gold a month. This is ten gold a month less in the enemies coffers.

Hargani's education continues to go well.

There may be peace in Ghana, but the arrival of the Great Khan means others may soon be feeling the sting of war.

The Qadirid's fall into yet another civil war. It may soon be time for the next holy war.

The Qadirid's fall and the Zeydid's rise. Just in time for Fadazu to claim Fez.

With things going so well, the Mansa begins to calm down a little.

The war begins proper.

The first battle is lost, and Mansa Fasazu captured, but there is a second army of equal size coming in.

its not enough to stop Sultan Abdul-Rahman from forcing a surrender. As well as the shame, this also costs Ghana nearly a thousand gold pieces, putting her 700 in debt!

The Vikings return. They quickly flee as out troops march on them.

Time to celebrate!

The debt is paid off, and Hargani continues to become the perfect Ogoonu.

Ghana has even prettier boarders now.

Finally, I forgot a very important thing at the end of the last update – the Ogoonu count!