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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 20: 1220-1239, The First Sultana.

Another Ogoonu son is born. This shall keep the Nepotists happy.

The Qadirid's are back, and once more at war. Using this distraction the 2nd Holy war for Fez beings.

The war beings with a brutal battle with both sides feeding men in as fast as they arrive. We win, but as soon as we do another larger Qaridid force arrives.

The courtly faction decide this is the perfect time to pig out.

The Vikings also decide that a warzone is the best place to raid. The bearded fools.

They win a few battles, but then have to pull their main army back to save their capital. This is the same time our main forces arrive.

They return, and we crush them, Fadazu learning from his experience.

The war drags on, more Muslim troops arrive and both sides take heavy losses. Soon only a token force for both sides remains.

There is, of course, the inevitable wave of mercenaries.

Then the next wave of troops comes in. smashing our forces.

Even more enemy troops arrive as the Aglabids enter the war. It is time to concede defeat.

This is still an expensive choice.

The war debt is all but repaid, but Fadazu is losing focus in his old age.

More and more people learn to love the snake.

Most of the country is now reformed snake lovers.

At 59, and after nearly forty years on the throne, Fadazu still has it.

The number of snake-worshippers continues to increase.

Fadazu finally dies after a long and glorious reign.

Hargani I is a young man with three daughters. He is gregarious, diligent, humble, greedy and lustful.

After such a long reign, many of the factions are wanting to push their own agendas.

Hargani begins working on improving these relations.

There are no rebellions yet, and the religious faction should be happy with this.

Some Norseman thinks he can take on Ghana?

Hargani also keeps up the pleasing feasts.

Time has come once again to try and defeat the Qadirids. His father could not take Fez, can Hargani?

As he marches his men north, his grand Vizer, who is spreading discontent, informs him that the Portucals are doing a good job of smashing the enemy army!

The Ghanans start a mass of sieges, while the Muslims try and defeat their Christian enemies.

This seems like a very bad time to start a war, with the Ghanan forces armed and concentrated.

The Qadirids finally send a force south, but we are easily able to form our forces and attack them.

We defeat them and with that bring the war to an end. Once more ever city and temple is given over to an Ogoonu.

With the Muslims dealt with, its time to take out those pesky Christian invasion.

Hargani leads from the front of course.

This works well, until the Norse land another large army, although the Ghanan forces are winning the battle, Hargani is knocked into a coma.

The war is won, but the Mansa is lost.

After four hundred years, the first Sultana is crowned leader of Ghana. Still only fourteen years old, she is physically strong, a trait inherited from her mother. She is also temperate, wrathful, ambitious, proud and of course lustful.

Her first decision is how to deal with the please for clemency from the man who killed her father.

For now, Ghana waits for her to become an adult.