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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 24: 1300-1319, A succession of viscous wars.

The Pretty boarders faction demand war. Let us see how long they can last without the Qadirids to protect them.

As we scatter the enemies armies, Nafissia has been indiscreet. Which of course is normal for an Ogoonu!

the Aarifid's join the war and send in a large army, but it cannot match the forces we have in the region.

We defeat them in a bloody battle, just before they can land reinforcements.

We soon win the war.

Marco Polo brings back a story of far away lands, and the idea that Europe and North Africa is not the entirety of the world is planted firmly in the minds of the people.

The Black Death arrives on trade ships from Europe. While it will be impossible to keep a track of the death count. The Ogoonu count is currently 222. We can at least keep track of the toll on the important people.

One year later the worst of the disease has passed, and the count stands at 200. from this, we can estimate that at least ten percent of the population has died.

The Old Saheilans still think they can halt the reformation.

The fools. Their leader, Gain, is soon captured and executed.

It is time to test the Aarifids mettle. Can the fruit of their loins compare with that of the Ogoonu?

We move quickly and catch one of their armies before it can properly form up. Death follows.

We then somehow manage to defeat another army several thousand stronger than our own. But there is another 15,000 man army coming, and w are forced to withdraw.

They follow of course, and we beat them again. This army is lead by Heroes!

Knowing his country is in good hands, and having served as Mansa for thirty five years, Bongo the Wise leaves this world for the next.

Samsou-Beri II is middle aged already, and a good tactician, he is strong, gregarious, lustful proud and deceitful. He also has gonorrhoea, a result of being a Ogoonu with cheap tastes.

This change of leadership comes just as we defeat yet another larger army. The main body of our forces is still on its way.

The Abbasids join the war and land fresh troops, but Samsou-Beri is not worried, and continues working on his duelling skills.

He also learns much of the art of war.

The Andalusians decide that they are not happy with the lands given to them by Bongo. They declare war.

A couple of rapid assaults allows the Mansa to bring the Tunis war to an end, it is now time to move to engage the traitorous Andaulsians!

With nine thousands mercenaries in tow, our force engages the entire enemy army. Both side committing all of their forces to one great battle.

The battle of Ceuta is brutal, with over thirty thousand falling, most of them our foes!

There is little else they can do but give Samsou-beri a whole pile of cash and their humble apologies.

There is peace and quiet for several years, while we convert the new additions.

Well, I say peace, the lesser lords are always fighting amongst themselves to redestribute the land of the country.

As if to break up the boredom, some peasants rise up, but their army is smaller than Samsou-Beri's retinue.

It is not a long war, and afterwards the Mansa decides to move the capital once more from Constantine to the much richer Tunis. This is also the time that his eldest daughter dies in childbirth.

Samsou-Beri continues to feast and entertain, as well as improve the nation. The monthly income is now nearly forty gold a month. The tour of the Mansa's bedchamber is now famous.

The nobles want the taxes reduced, but Samsou-Beri explains he needs the money to make more money, and to expand Ghana.

Chief Bakr of Gao has a problem with this, and raises troops.

We have the numerical advantage, but once more it is hard to stamp out all the enemy armies.

While it is going to be hard for the rebels to win, its also going to be hard for the Mansa to win quickly. This is going to be a long war. For every piece of land we take, the enemy takes another in some far flung part of the country.

Ghana is in flames.