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Part 25: 1320-1339, Sultana Nana of Ghana & the founding of the Ghanan Empire.

Samsou-Beri continues to fight the civil war, and continues to get better while doing so.

Unfortunately he is slain soon after.

Sultana Nana of Ghana takes the throne, attractive, gluttonous, greedy, arbitrary and honest.

She comes of age two months later, a fortune builder.

The peasants rise up again, but they have little chance in this time of war. They do not last long.

The civil war drags on, neither side is able to gain a clear advantage.

Nana orders the assassination of the Rebel leader, his replacement begins to at least think about peace. While a white peace is not a crushing victory, it is enough for Nana, the civil war grinds to an end.

The only change in borders is the defection of Cebta to Andalusia.

Nana wishes to create an empire, But first she creates the Kingdoms of Morroco and Algiers, they don't show on the map for some technical reason beyond Nana's ken, but she knows she is Mansa!

She settle for creation of a few chiefdoms. This is good for the prestige of the nation.

Annoyingly, some people are not having problems creating empires.

Tunis finally converts.

This is when Andalusia calls for aid in their war against Aragon. Nana agrees to help her cousin.

Her help is not needed, as the war is over before her troops can get there!

Vexed in this, it is time to take some more Muslim lands.

The Jalilids storm one of our castles before we hit them with the first of our armies.

The enemy are defeated in a series of rapid battles, and soon the warscore is at 57% in our favour.

The Andalucians arrive, and the war is over quickly.

This allows the Sultanate of Africa to be added to the pile of Ogoonu titles.

There are a couple of inheritance issues. The first is that Fatta Ogoonu is apparently going to leave all his lands to Maghan I of Andalucia. As he is a vassal of Demba Ogoonu, Nana is unable to do anything but hope the man has a son. He is only 27, so there is plenty of time.

The second one relates to her husbands tastes. While she does not mind that he prefers men, she would prefer that he give her at least one son. 400 gold gets a divorce and Nana remarries a minor nobleman.

To celebrate the beginning of a new decade, and in acknowledgement of the size and splendour of Ghana. Nana proclaims an Empire.

She then celebrates Ogoonu style.

She also uses this as an opportunity to restructure the realm.

A few months later the the first Emperor is born.

Another person plots to attack Ghana, it is a shame that Empress Nana of Ghana (not as funny) picks such poor assassins.

Their retaliation is more effective.

A second son is born to Nana.

Something goes wrong, and Nana becomes the second leader to die in childbirth. The child does not survive.
To make matters worse, this is when Halil decides to attack.

Abi-Bakr is to young to say anything about except he is an attractive baby. The thirty thousand men are more of an immediate worry.

With a child on the throne, the crown authority does not last long.

We smash into the Muslim invaders. We do not know what they hope to do, the population here is now firmly Saheilan. They do not last land against the might of our armies.

The time has come to extinguish the last bit of Muslim territory between the Ghanan Empire and the Abbasids.

Meanwhile, the new Emperor is working hard at ruling the realm.

The war goes very well until the Abbasids send in their army, this tilts the balance of power back towards our enemies.

With tens of thousands of new troops flowing into the region, Regent Bonga is forced to concede a white peace while there going is still good.

Things may have gone better if the chiefs could focus on something more than their petty struggles, but this is Ghana.

This is a setback, but of course, Ghana prevails.