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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 26: 1340-1359, The Ill-ruler.

The young Emperor is learning some more stealthy skills.

Little happens over the next few years, and Abi-Bakr is judged a little harshly for this.

The vassals continue to entertain themselves with little wars however.

Someone asked if the Karlings are still around – and yes they are, as Emperors of Britannia!

Some Jews flee south, and they are welcomed, it is assumed they will drop their silly beliefs for those of the Well Snake soon enough.

Hammamet in Tunis now boasts them, there was already a small community in Sossou.

The last of the Old Sahelians are converted, now all of Ghana can look forward to a rule under one religion. Well, as soon as the Shia's in the north are converted anyway!

Some minor Abbasid nobleman is hiring men, he seems to have got himself some good bodyguards at least!

Abi-Bakr comes of age.

He quickly marries, and is known to be an attractive, if shy man. He is also diligent, arbitrary and greedy.

He then celebrates his coming of age with a grand tournament.

No-one is reported injured and Birama is crowned champion.

Everyone is happy with this, and the Emperor's popularity soars.

He next turns to keeping the pretty boarders faction happy, and attacks his ally to reclaim Cebta.

Of course, this is when the Abbasid decides to attack. We'll deal with him later.

The main forces of both sides clash.

We win of course, but not before we have lose half of our army.

The Muslim invader assaults and takes one of our holdings in Tunis, I hire ten thousand mercenaries to bolster our forces and attack them.

They are quickly destroyed and this threat ended.

Soon after, Sultana Miriam is also forced to surrender.

The Emperor feasts, continuing the time honoured tradition.

A child ascends the Abbasid throne, and a civil war erupts.

Abi-Bakr uses this as a chance to strike at the Saids. Without their protectors, the war is a slow one – ships are used to bring in more men quickly and we are soon doing well.

This is not a long war.

After redistributing titles, the Emperor gets back to what is important.

A son is born, and legitimized, giving Abi-Bakr an heir.

Kilia takes this as an hint.

Yama has her child, but it seems that the most feared has finally happened.

With so many related people in the Empire, this was bound to happen at some point. A quick divorce and a remarriage is arranged.

Yama is not long for this world.

The laws of the Empire are strengthened.

Another bastard is born and legitimized.

There seems to be something of a curse on Abi-Bakrs children, as this one soon dies as well.

He is quickly replaced.

With new lands to assimilate, time passes normally.

Although a little more desecration would have been nice.

He does have a son who is not a legalized bastard however.

In fact the only thing of interest in this period is the increasing number of Ogoonu.

A number that is going higher and higher with each passing year! The black death may have been a setback, but nothing can stop the Ogoonu!

Ghana. The quest to rule all of Africa is going well!