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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 27: 1360-1379, Ghana ever expanding.

Abi-Bakr and his mistress have another child.

His wife continues to play catch up in the contest.

She is always nine months behind however. The Emperor does not mind, he loves playing this game.

He does so like to live dangerously.

Adja pulls something special out of the bag to catch up.

I know you have all lost count by now, so here is an update. Abi-bakr is 32, and still in the prime of his reproductive life. He has had eleven children, nine of which are still alive. One was born to Kalia, and died of deformities, and the score is now running at six to Mistress Idju and five to Empress Adja.

The Vikings still think that they can raid Ghana? The fools. They flee before our troops can reach them.


Abi-bakr decides its time to listen to the clamour of the noblemen. They want an expedition into Sicily? Well, the Emperor has a lot of children who are all going to be asking for land of their own soon!

Troops are quickly landed to mess up the Christian's petty little war.

More men arrive, and the Christian nations learn why Ghana is feared. This is their first proper contact with the Empire, and they are to learn why they should fear us!

There is nothing they can do but surrender.

Although all under-age, each of his sons gets a piece of land. The last is given to a spare Ogoonu. In fact, it is around this time that a nickname for the Africans begins to circulate around Europe. While visiting the newly conquered lands, it seems that every important person the Christian emissaries were introduced to was called Ogoonu, so the nickname “Goon” was born.

The locals do not care for their new snake worshipping masters.

Its a shame for them that the Imperial Army is sitting just across the gulf.

Andalusia calls for help. They are being attacked by a Christian privateer. Ghana will of course assist.

By sitting back and watching. Why send troops when the Ogoonu offshoots are more than capable of dealing with this one their own.

The Abbasids slide into a civil war. We declare a holy war to try and take more of Africa.

With their armies distracted else ware, we begin to take Alexandria.

Then the civil war ends, almost immediately more and more enemy forces begin to arrive. It is now a race against time to consolidate the victories before the Abbasids can mass their forces.

We begin assaulting cities, and just as an army of 16,000 men arrives we win the war.

The new lands are given to the spare Ogoonu from across the realm, but Quattara broke away. A De jure claim is issued.

Meanwhile, the boy Caliph of the Abbasids tries to convert good Sahelians away from the Snake in the Well! Sending an Emir was a mistake however, as it just means another 145 gold into our pockets.

The Pretty boarders faction is appeased once more.

Ghana is rich, the Emperors own lands and ducal tithes provide him with nearly fifty gold a month. But some of his lower vassals are just a little to greedy. Sakoura pays the price for stealing from the Emperor.

There are also reports of another Empire forming. The Croations have been big for centuries, so this is no surprise.

Time to fight back and add another kingdom to the Empire! Abi Bakr is now King of Ghana, Morroco, Algirs and Egypt!

The first white men convert to Snake Worshipping.

This of course starts another rebellion.

Once again the Imperial Army is dispatched to deal with this issue.

Sometimes courtiers tell you the silliest things. Of course Algiers is part of the Ghanan Empire!

We now have almost three quarters of North Africa under our control. Only the Logistics of shipping the troops to the front before the Abbasid masses arrive will prevent further expansion.