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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 31: A Brave New

Ghana, the changing style of map reflects a new style of country. The Empire is strong, but no longer relies on levies – the Imperial Army is now a standing force of 45,000 men.

Firhun II continues to rule, with Umar his son ready to take over. A host of advisor’s are ready to help guide the Empire. Dongu Bongo's parents seem to have had a problem in picking which monarch to name their son after.

The country produces an excess of 11 Goons (The new national currency) a month.

8.7% of this comes from trade, we have a number of trade nodes in the empire.

Technology wise, we are considered part of the Eastern group, which makes research 20% more expensive.

We currently are trying to change more people in the newly conquered lands to our own ways.

We are also spreading the Snake to all who will listen.

Diplomatically, we have alliances with Andalusia and Sicily, and a marriage to Andalusia. We are also getting rid of the more troublesome members of our population – mostly the Egyptians and other Muslim conquests. There is always a market for slaves it seems, and if they won't worship the snake, then we must remove them from the holy land.

It is now a good time to explore the new Europe. Iberia is the same as it has always been, a number of squabbling Christian realms and an Andalusia which refuses to expand the lands given to them by our ancestors.

Western Europe is dominated by France and Italy – Italy being the renamed Lombardy.

The British Empire has fragmented on the main land, but do they still have the power to rebuild with their European Lands.

Central and northern Europe is in the power of several large countries – Denmark expanded rapidly, and Kiev and Croatia are large powers.

Although nothing can match the Muslim Golden Horde.

The Romans continue to hang on, although they have lost some important lands to Athens.

Our enemies the Abbasids continue to look huge as well.

But the new thinking is this, what about the rest of the world? We have spent hundreds of years fighting over what we know, what about the unknown? It is time to expand.

There is a whole unknown world out there.