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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 34: 1480-1499, The Reconquest.

We start the war. Our entire army marches forwards to try and decapitate the enemy.

We chase their army to Aswan before engaging.

It is a long battle, but our numbers pay off, and we smash the enemy, butchering most of their cavalry and huge numbers of their infantry.

We also see some victories at sea.

Another major victory is scored at Alexandria, with another 25,000 Abbasids killed.

A second battle in Alexandria has the same result. The new spitting snakes are proving their worth, raining death from afar.

Of course all this war preparation has a few problems.

Although we continue to do research.

Umar passes on, and his son Maghan takes the throne. He already has an heir, but is useless in anything but diplomacy. At least his son seems to be more balanced.

We repair the stability damage and focus on charging the enemy.

After four long years of war, the Abbasids finally get the hint and cede Egypt back to us.

The nation is whole once more, but at great cost. Once all the mercenaries have been sent home, only 7,000 of the 54,000 soldiers who went to war remain.

After the war we make many effort to bring our stability to maximum, people must know that the Empire is eternal. We then set about rebuilding the army.
Meanwhile, Andalucia expands once more.

We also learn that Sierra Leone is self sufficient, and now a province proper. We send our settlers to Konian.

The next few years are spent in peace, rebuilding the army and constructing temples and armouries across the nation. Every other month we can order a new construction, our wealth is so great.

With our manpower reserves still low, we have to contend with a lack of salt.

Thankfully, this is a good year for snake worshipping, and the population boom it brings with it.

The Andalucians are making up for lost time, and call us into another expansionist war. We agree, but send no troops. Our main function is to keep others from coming to the aid of our cousins.

We do get a ship from it when an enemy fleet is caught in our seas when war is declared.

With this success, we decide to make our participation in this war a naval one, and send the fleet out to hunt. This is then curtailed when Byzantium enters the war against the Andalucians and sends out their mighty fleet. Ours retreats to Tunis.

Meanwhile, we begin to expand our court system.

Our new colony begins to produce ivory,

The Romans are making the war for Valencia painful for our allies. I shall not send in men, partly because they rule the waves, and partly as we are still replacing losses from our own last war! They surrender soon after this.

After ten years, we finally replace all of the losses from the reconquest of Egypt. We celebrate by bringing in conscription.

The Natives get upperty in Konian, they like their elephants apparently.

It is time to expand once more. We march into Benin to bring them civilization.

They only have 1000 soldiers, it is a quick war and we reach another coast.

Things are nice and quiet. Ghanan Ivory is taking the world by storm.

A new century dawns. In Ghana, docks have been built in all the coastal provinces except the newly acquired.

Western Europe and Iberia are not much changed.

Lancaster is slowly reclaiming Britain.

Denmark rules northern Europe.

Finland and Norway are trying to hold them back from Scandinavia.

Central Europe is split between the Croatian Empire and the Kingdom of Kiev.

The Golden Horde is Eastern Europe.

Rome is smaller, but powerful, and the Abbasids remain the Abbasids.

Just as Ghana Remains Ghana.