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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 35: 1500-1519, The Abbyssinian Expansion.

Maghun puts down those who speak against him. Of course he is an expansionist! He is an Ogoonu!

Although maybe this was a bad idea, as someone gets their own back for a lost relative. Of course, when Empress Sidibe takes the throne, she already has an heir.

Sidibe's first proclamation is that all farmers should wield the scythe.

This is a start of a period of rapid technological growth, as the Empress then gives Patronage to an astronomer. This proves to her people she is not just a war leader like her father.

Although she then gets caught in bed with the husband of a noblewoman,

Sidibe begins to expand the fleet. Four more carracks are ordered.

It is the Ghanan infantry that is world renowned however.

We also notice that Portugal is the major power in Ibera. They have made vassals of the other nations there.

We make another major advancement, and the Arquebus makes its way onto the field.

With this new technology, The Emperess decided it is time to hit the Abyssinians hard. Manpower has recovered, and we have enough money to hold if the Abbasids come in as well.

We quickly catch and destroy the only army of theirs we see.

While we fight, the tribesmen of the Sudan band together to form a new nation! Right along our border as well!

Our military advisor, Yahya Biyu, is building some of the finest fortifications known to man, and we make sure to broadcast this.

The Abyssinians put together another army for us to destroy.

We win the siege of Gondor, erm Gonder.

Not being interested in a long war, we take the peace for the two provinces we have claims on.

Our second colony brings in the natives.

And we find yet another good use for our excess sons – we send them to other countries as Ambassadors!

Another way is to recruit them as mercenaries. We improve our firepower and learn to pay these men less.

A period of peace and prosperity falls over Ghana. This is not the same across the known world however, as the Roman Empire begins a war with the Croatian Empire. A war they seem set to win.

Soon after Konain becomes a full member of Ghana, and we send the excess Ogoonu's to the Grain coast.

We then take offence to the Abyssinia’s looking at our trade routes funny.

We sweep our enemies before us and take glory in it.

Of course, we need more diplomats to tell everyone about this!

The Grain Coast natives seem much happier to work with us than previous natives – maybe it the army of 5,000 men watching our colony of 77 settlers.

The Abyssinians send a new army into our lands, we hunt it down and destroy it.

The war drags on and the enemy raise new armies – in a couple of nasty defeats both of our armies flee north. The enemy made a good defensive position in the mountains.

We replace our losses, hire some mercenaries and then march south. They cannot hold us off forever.

The enemy give in. we take a huge stretch of their lands and leave them a shattered nation.

We improve our technology once more.

This is followed by our adoption of economic ideas.

We have a huge number of funds left after the war, so a March is built near Cairo to protect against Abbasid aggression.

This is followed by the invention of the Star Fort.

The Grain Coast, unsurprisingly, begins to produce grain.

Ghana continues to look stronger and stronger.