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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 47: 1740-1759, Some long needed revenge.

Not much happens as we rebuild our manpower. We do improve our trading skills however.

The slow spread of discoveries also tells us that the last war allowed the Golden Horde to split the Abbasids in two!

We also sign an alliance with Kiev.

Meanwhile, Denmark is flexing its muscles – and is winning a war against both Novogrod and Croatia at the same time.

The Madagascar colonies become self sufficient.

We send people into the land below Abyssinia, but we cannot get to the last uncolonised (but colonizeable) part of Africa. Oh dear, we need to go to war with them again.

We hear they don't like it up em.

The Abbasids go to war with the Byzantines. Byzantium is (apparently) in a royal Union with Italy, so this is a major mistake.

We fabricate a claim on some land and join the war.

Of course, our Allies join us. This

They mass their forces on is and defeat and destroy on of our forces.

They move quickly, and take out the next army before we can get it out of there. We make them pay for it however.

They split their forces, and we get a victory. We now have a fifty thousand man advantage, BEFORE you take into account the Byzantine force. - Another 150,000 men!

The main Abbasid army is now massive, but surrounded by enemies – we settle in to besiege lands in Egypt.

Uzbek decides they want out of this war. The lose a little land to the Horde, but they are no longer allies to the hated Abbasids.

As we have claims on only one province, we end the war, the Golden Horde take a huge stretch of land.

Time for a quick tour of the world, Asia has opened up to us.

So, we have a large Ming, Uzbek cover a lot of ground, Japan has moved into Korea and Manchuria, and theres...... Wait.... What?

Portuguese Siberia? Plus the northern island of Japan! PORTUGAL!
Lets turn to South America, where things have not changed much – Brazil has really wasted that early advantage.

In North America, Norway continues to expand, but the Native Americans still survive in force.

Europe has been fairly static for a while now.

We work on replacing losses and punishing the peasents.

Ogaden is self sufficient, I will now prepare to smash the Abyssinians once more.

We are now eight years ahead in military tech, so I spend some point on picking up improved leader siege and this – which is very useful when you have a hundred thousand men under arms.

We go to war, and the destruction of their armies begins.

As the war goes well, we improve our forts and pay our advisor’s less.

The war is a long one, as we are taking a lot of territory with only a few troops, but its one that works for us – we also get a payout from a friendly Monopoly company.

We then take a huge swath of land from the Abyssinians.

Some of the money is spent on a Monument to the glories of the Ogoonu!

A war collage is also built.

The Golden Horde break their alliance with us. This may be a problem, but the Abbasids are not who they once were. I shall work to rebuild the trust between our two nations. (the Horde, not the Abbasids.)

Meanwhile, another Golden Age has started for Ghana.