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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 48: 1760-1779, Eastern Expansions

We improve our trading skills, and take a look at our options. We need to rebuild our alliance with the Horde, we have 123,000 men to the Abbaside 190,000, so even with better technology we need more manpower from somewhere.

We continue to improve our military units. This brings us to parity with the hated Abbasids. We are also equal to Norway and have better tech than Aragon!

People know there is little land left to settle, so they flock to the last colony in Africa.

We look to our next expansion. Kilwa broke their alliance with us, and they are a poorly equipped tribal nation ruled by despots with no allies.

We start the war and march troops into their lands. Their troops cannot stand before us.

Our scholars talk that all the Ogoonu's in the world could stand on the island of Zanzibar at the same time. We must take the island to test this theory.

Our troops begin to kick the heads of fallen Kilwa soldiers around, this soon leads to a formal game (with a proper ball) which spreads rapidly across the nation.

The Abbasid's old allies turn on them and give them a good drubbing in a war. This will reduce them further and give us more chances to do damage.

All of Kilwa is in our hands, now to see what we can keep.

We take most of the coast and Zanzibar. This cuts them in two and leaves them an isolated minor power.

We are ahead on tech once more, so I decide to finish off the defensive ideas to improve the army.

Ghana is once more expanding, and the people know it. We have had hard times in the last century, but now things are right once more.

While the Horde refuse to ally with us, we can still make use of the fact that they declare war upon the Abbasids.

We catch one of their forces, I am using our newly lowered attrition to form a huge army to smash whatever they send against us.

We destroy them. Three to one losses in our favour, and this is with their greatest General.

We improve our production lines – more goods can be made cheaper!

We improve the navy while taking land. I begin to hire mercenaries to take more land.

This is followed by a more important upgrade, but we cannot take advantage of it at the moment.

Then we receive news that the Horde has been beaten. The Abbasids take back a large amount of land, and we can only think that a huge army of angry Muslims is heading our way....

Emperor Biyu is a practical man, and he takes the land he can while he can. This will make the pretty borders faction happier, we have retaken a large chunk of our ancestral homeland and secured our borders.

It is his last act.

Another victory, this time we celebrate with a palace in a capital.

In the historical capital of Ghana, which is now the main base for the army, we also build a grain depot to better supply the troops. Then we upgrade the infantry once more.

Someone tries to imply the new Emperor is not a true Ogoonu. The Emperor points out that EVERYONE is a Ogoonu to some extent, plus his ancestor Zakoi I would not have cared a bit.

Of course, another victory will distract the people! We move to East Africa and our two favourite punching bags and future members of the Empire.

While the historians like to call it the Battle of Barwe, it was more of a mass surrender to our troops. If only there had not been that incident when the party in the armoury got a little out of hand....

The glory of having a well centralized government show through, meanwhile we begin to reduce their forces.

We reduce Kilwa to a rump state, easily digested in our next meal.

Two quick wars leave us dangerously overextended, but we are working on this already.

This quickly leads to inflation.

The rest of the term is used to begin to solve these problems, mean while, our eyes turn south to the cape and the holdings of Aragon.